September 25, 2009

Meaningful raya

I'm back at USM now..just arrived from Sungai Nibong few hours ago..
This post is about raya, you can see from the title. Unlike last year, this year I celebrated raya in Klang,with my cousin and her family..A meaningful one.

1st day of raya..Sedondon gitu..

18 Sept-Friday

I woke up early.Nadia sent me to Sungai Dua gate by her"ceria".My bus will depart at 8. So, I must be early. Nadia didn't sleep all night because she is afraid that she might overslept and miss her flight. Thanks god that she is free to help me on this. I sitting at the bus stop with another USM student..waiting for a bus. Luckily, a Milan bus arrived at the bus stop just when I was nearly giving up in the waiting. When I arrived at Sungai Nibong, it is still early and I being asked to ride on the 7.30a.m konsortium bus..Maybe they don't want me to wait too long, so shift me up to earlier bus.

I arrived at Puduraya early..before 1p.m.I waited for my sis and her friend there and then we went to Klang together.What a journey..

19 Sept-Saturday

We help in preparing and the cooking of buras.I didn't help much because there are too many hands!Hehehe..We also iron our baju kurung for raya after hearing the confirmation that tomorrow is the day.I followed my cousin to the bazar Aidilfitri at the town at night..What a huge crowd ..walking on the road, cars can't even pass by..

20 Sept-Sunday

We woke up early to go to Putrajaya.We going to perform the solat sunat aidilfitri there.

Suasana selepas solat raya

After that, we went to the prime minister open house by a Nadi Putra bus.We eat a lot..and get the chance to meet the prime minister in person.

The prime minister official house

Don't believe what you see, he's not belong to the band.

At night, we went to other relatives' house..I don't really know them well..But they all have very2 cute childrens.

At one of relative's house

21 Sept-Monday

I followed my cousin to go to her husband's relatives house in Shah Alam. is what I did.

At night, many other houses are visited..Nearby houses.I never thought that I have many relatives just around Klang and some of the houses are too near, you just can walk from my cousin's house to the place.

22 Sept-Tuesday

We went to Rawang to another cousin's house and two other relatives. A total of 3 houses.But we spent too much time there.I finally met my abg sepupu, I forgot when was the last time I seen him.He already has two kids!
His youngest kid,Alif

23 Sept-Wednesday

It's ladies' day out.Not really...Mimin is also with us. We went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi, not far from the place where my cousin live. McD, games..and that's all.Mimin spent more than RM20 just for the game machine at Jusco.We just wait for him to finish playing..

Mohd Azmin@Mimin

24 Sept-Thursday

Morning, just TV and sleeps..

Night, we walk to nearby Pasar Malam..Bought many kilos of tomato, chillis and vegetables..We cook right after arrived at home.A special one. I prepared extremely hot sambal! I missing this delicacy so much..Wouldn't it be nice if I have mortar and pestle at my room to make my own sambal. Note: not for compounding purpose.hehehe..

25 Sept-Friday@Reality

My cousin send us to the Klang Bus Station at 12pm.We took a bus to KL.We walk to Pudu.It's not really far.We have again McD as lunch before continuing the walking to Pudu..I waited for the Transnasional bus, luckily I am riding the same bus with Naja. He's also celebrating raya around there, at Subang to be precise, went back to USM early just like me...
We arrived at Sungai Nibong before 9..I shared a taxi with Naja and the Pakcik charged us RM12..huhuhuhu...It's better than having to pay it all by myself!

Solat,taking bath..and here am I, back to the reality..

My cousin supplied me with these...Almond London!

Other Pictures
My bro is working while everybody else is enjoying their raya.Mimin loves riding bike and don't want to let go..

Doraemon @ Jusco!!Eating my sis's head.wahahaha..

Me & my 2nd cousin from my mum's side

Just 3 of us,my youngest was staying at Putrajaya with another cousin.He's going back to sabah at 21sept(the next day)

September 3, 2009

The harsh weekend

Last Friday, after finished the Biochemistry lab at 11a.m or so, I went to attend the Green Lung meeting and it finished approximately at 3pm.I went back to my room, excitedly turned on my laptop.But unfortunately, something seems wrong. Noises came out from my laptop..Like something wrong inside..and it can't turn on!!!It really shocks me..In a nick of time, I get myself ready,I bring it to the PC shop at Sg. 2..

I called and smsed my bro and my bf, as two of them know a lot about computers.But they can't help much, just keep on asking me to bring it for repair.While my brother, asked me to open the laptop myself, to see what wrong inside..(I wish I know how to detect the problem).

After arrived at one of the PC shop, as soon as I turn on the laptop so that the technician can tell me what's wrong with my laptop, the PC shop owner who's just passing by said to me, "hard disk rosak"..waaaaaa!!! what about all my 2-years-data inside???huhuhuhuhu.... I asked for the price of the new hard disk, he told me RM180 for 160GB hard disk (just like my old one) including the service to format, but I can only get my laptop back at Wednesday..So, I just trying to find another shop that can repair my laptop ASAP.

I went to another shop not far from the previous one, the girl at the counter told me that they will charge RM50 for just formatting the laptop!!They sell Seagate 250GB internal hard disk for RM186.At the time, I can't even evaluate whether the price is reasonable or not, because I didn't know the current market price for internal hard disk..again..I turn it off..Wanna search for other offer..

I went to nearby ATM and withdraw RM200.I stop by to another PC shop near the ATM, they sell a 320GB of western digital internal hard disk for RM210.It sounds good to me.Then I just bought it with the same price,as the person-in-charge can't even cut off the price for me..They insert the new hard disk for me,and plugged in my old hard disk to their PC to see whether it is still functioning..It cannot be detected,and the sound came from my hard disk made the guy in the shop laughs..He said that it's too loud!Huh...I don't know...

With the blank hard disk drive, I went to see Opong to help me format the laptop..At least it is cheaper than RM50..Huhuhu...Anyway, thanks Opong..

The next day, before even getting my laptop back from service,my fish died....waaaaa!!!I just posted an entry about it..Haven't give it a name..Maybe because I took too much pictures of it..(orang tua dulu2 cakap, jangan tangkap gambar binatang,nanti cepat mati).Huhuhu...I think the C.O.D (cause of death) is related to the water..The excessive uneaten fish food dissolved in the water, increased the concentration of ammonia, cause my fish to suffer from toxicity..(the way a science student thinks,huhuhuhu...).The colour of the water is still okay..not dark or something..just a little bit clowdy..

I already bought two fishes yesterday..But not as cute as the previous one.Nevermind, as long as my aquarium is not empty..huhuhuhu...

That's all...Happy Ramadhan...