June 16, 2011

I wrote something

I'm trying to think of something to write..errr..........

During my secondary school year, I really loved to make mixed CDs and sometimes, I even brought them to school just to lend them to people. I "burned" a lot of CDs for my friends and the popular request last time was the compilation of Peterpan's music videos. The band was just huge. But now? I think the vocalist of the band still pretty much famous for some sorts of scandal so whatever. But in this post, that's not really my main idea to write, instead.errr..Just keep on reading okay!

Few days ago, I came across one of the CDs that I was so proud of. It was securely packaged in the plastic CD cover, located on the CD shelve. I listened to it in the car on my way to...somewhere..forgot already.

CD cap nenas :-p

Some of the songs in that CD includes:
1. One by one
2. Happy Together
3. Crash and Burn
4. One Slowdance
5. My Christmas List
6. Vacation

and some others..... All are Simple Plan's songs.

The CD has aged. Scratches are everywhere and the color has faded. I can't even listen to some songs. Noises came out from the CD player just like it is struggling real hard to get the CD played.

The moral values from my story is buy original! haha..

and I realized how much I loved Simple Plan and I still am...:-p

I got no idea on what to write actually.

Lunar eclipse happened last night. Mind my 2mp camera. At least you can see that the moon is not completely round right..hehehe.. The earth was in a line between sun and moon and the earth's shadow is being reflected on the moon surface. Moment later, the moon was completely covered by the shadow. At that moment, it was just beautiful because the moon is kind of reddish ---caused by the light reflected from the moon surface (as you knew, moon reflects sunlight) + shadow of earth on it's surface. :-D Definitely a great thing to watch.

June 3, 2011

Tuition Class

I'm currently teaching in a tuition center. My students are just a few. My pay? Definitely not much. I think the pay is nothing if I consider the cost of me going to the tuition center twice a week. It's not that far, just approximately three miles from my house. But, before or after my teaching, my dad always buys me foods -bakso-kuih-muih , drinks - Red bean shake, and stuff. Yeah, I should start taking into account all these expenses. What else can I say...I'm a spoiled brat!

Before I go to my first tuition class, I studied real hard because I don't know what chapter they are on at that time. I'm not provided with informations I needed. I went there, and I just realized that the teaching material should be provided by the tuition teachers themselves. My math work book definitely outdated--erkkk... Malay version yooo! I can't give them that for sure. So I end up teaching the previous chapter that they have learned from the previous teacher. Never mind, I just hope that it will do some good to them. At least, they will understand more, I hope. Before going to the second class, I went to a book store to buy a work book for the class.

Out of all my students, the one that stands out the most is a talkative naughty little boy. I just realized how immature boys are in that age. Urrggghhhh... It's just doesn't makes any sense at all to think that boys at that age already have a girlfriend! Are you kidding me? I think of myself when I was at that age. I considered myself as mature at that age, but actually I was not. I always too self-conscious, as I always think of myself as wise and definitely a grown up girl during my secondary school age. How funny! Too see the behaviors of my students has gave me the realization that I am also like them during that age and I just can't believe that!

One of the students always support the naughty boy above by the mean of....LAUGHING OUT LOUD. He laughs whenever the boy above teasing another boy (the boy that insists , he wants to become a woman). There's one girl at my class but she is rather passive. But she is smart.

The favorite student of mine definitely the handsome young man that always give me reason to continue smiling and giving my best to teach them. He always says something inspirational out of the chaos in the class. He used to say to me, " Cikgu, ajar kami sampai pandai ya cikgu.." and last night he said, " Nanti kalau aku sudah kerja, aku yang jaga adik-adikku." In my heart, I'm like, " sweet..". He said this after the naughty boy tease the other boy, saying that he should be a woman to buy his parents car and house in the future. Errkkk... If just you know by what means. Iskkk... I gave the boy (the bullied boy) a talk last night, hoping that he will made up his mind to make good decision. I think, what he is lack of is a man's influence in his life as his father has passed away. I said to him nicely that he should not think of being a woman as it is wrong. It's a sin to act like female when you are not.

So, the question for this post is, "How many student is in Ikin's tuition class?" I've mentioned all of them above. Hehehe..

It's interesting to teach in this class. I hope that this experience will give me more understanding towards life and people, as well as to support my trip to Singapore next month. Hehehe..:-D

June 1, 2011

All about Aida :-)

I was writing a blog post last night when I receive a rather sad news from someone. I would like to discuss it here with all of you but it's almost none of my business and I have no right to inform people about it without the person's consent.

So, here I am again, trying to write a rather good blog post specially for someone named Aida, or I would like to call her "budak" - You will definitely know the reason as soon as you met her. Hihihihi..

I was complaining to her last night about how boring this holiday is and I am so not in the mood to do anything including to update my blog. Don't know why.. Seems like this holidays is not the productive days for me.. Huh.. Or I can simply admit that I am a lazy person rather than blaming the holiday to be non-productive days. How would I change this? I wish I would know how. Back to the previous story, after all my sighing to her, she asked me to update my blog and suggested me to write about her. So, wallah... here I am!

Before I go on to talk about other things, so I think it's better for me to start writing about Aida now. :-D

Aida is my friend. Or I can say that one of few closest friends of mine. She also play the part as a step-daughter of mine in a structure, so-called "family" of ours, made up of few friends because they like to joke about me as being a mom and admitting themselves as my kids.. Urgghhhh... Hahaha..

"Family" picture

Another "family" photo - me and my "kids"

I think I became close to her when we are in the same class for our LSP300. I still remember how exciting the class was with all the funny seniors and a wonderfully kind teacher. How happy I was in that class! :-D.

The different thing about Aida is that I have never seen her in a bad mood, at least to me. She is always happy with the kid's kind of smile on her face that always automatically cheers me up when I meet her anywhere at anytime of the day. She always shouts out my name anywhere when she sees me, to give me her brightest smile. No, actually to show off her perfectly organized bright teeth. Haha..

She always laughs at the pants of my pyjama. Nothing wrong about it except for the printing of duck cartoon on it..Huh... But Aida, I think you should admit that, the pants is cute right? Don't be shy to admit that. I know it's cute. hahahaha..

She talked about her personal matter with me few times, but not much , it is rather the surface of the matter but I know that she is not comfortable to discuss more. At least I know something about her private life. Yeah! At least I know that she has fallen in love and proves that she has a heart for guys. Hahaha.. Just kidding. I don't know her attitude toward boys because I never heard her talking about liking any guys or become close to any guys. But now, I knew.

What I like the most is I can tell her things without the fear of her judgement. I can complain things to her and tell her the worst things of me and still, she is there and do not run away from me. Hahaha.. And still treating me the same way.

I know she is very smart but she is too humble to admit. She is motivated and hardworking, I can see her give her best in every single task given to her. I am very lazy but as soon as I paired-up to do a task with her, I feel motivated and will try to do my best. I think it will be nice if I am surrounded with a lot of people like her. I would definitely be a better me. :-D

She always tell me that she is not confident in what she did. But, you cannot see it because when she is doing her presentation, you cannot see a single doubt in her speech or in her acts. I'd like to see her to be confident and I hope one day she will always believes in herself and achieving the best from it. :-D

That's all. This post is all about Aida and I really enjoy writing about her. :-D