December 29, 2008

My day...

It has been a while since I published the last post..Now,I'm back in USM..No so much free time like I used to have when I was in Tawau..But I try my best to keep my blog updated..Hope so..Hope you guys enjoy reading it..

The things that hurt me the most or make me dissapointed the most if myself doing small mistakes that lead to big consenquences or when you really really have the power to change it because it is just a few second mistake..And in your heart,I just really hope that I can change it..That is what that hurt me the most..But instead of the mistake that I have done yesterday, I still enjoying my day with my friends beside me...

Two days ago...Saturday..I went out early with three of my friends hoping that we can be on top of Penang Hill to enjoy the scenary of Penang..After a long journey to the place, most of the train tickets to the top of the hill have sold out.The tickets left is on 6.30p.m. and after we left the counters for a few minutes,they started to sell 7.00p.m. ticket..It was at the noon..How can we wait until late afternoon to get into the train..!So we decided just to give it up..and just simply take some photos down the hill..

After taking enough photos, we went out from the place and my friend got a flyer of "Toy Museum".Without hesitation,we decided to go there by taxi..The entrance fee is RM10 and the place is not like what I have imagined..It was quite crowded and the floor is dirty.This place maybe was not clean for days..But still, we enjoy ourselves there..Taking many pictures and seeing small children that are so excited to see the collections of toys..We spend hours in the museum just to make sure that we have saw all the collections of toys without missing any..We took photos with toys that we are interested with..I have the chance to take photo with Wall E..

After that,we go back to the jetty,and have a ferry trip to Butterworth...Hihi...We take our meal there and also wandering around a big mall and buy something there..There is new year sale going on...But unfortunately,we don't have enough time to explore the place..We just go to few stores there and go home...Being on a ferry at night is really exciting..It was so cold and the wind blows...It is my favourite part of the day...Looking at the sea water and the sky...And also light form the main land and also the island..Light from the Penang Bridge..They fascinate me!

We arrived at our room at about 11.00p.m..It was late but we still really enjoying the day..I wonder when will I have the chance to do this type of exploration again...Busy days are ahead of me..There are 4 weeks time before the next holiday--Chinese holiday.Really looking forward for it..Hihi..

December 17, 2008

Me against my scar

Let start by telling you guys how I got the scar beside my mouth..The really obvious one..That many thinks that I got it since birth..Huhuhu...I'm not born with this defect okay!!

A little girl that just got home after school (kindergarden) was so excited to play with a friend,Siti Fatimah..(my childhood friend..Do you all know her?She's an athlete back in secondary school).The girl changed her kindergarden uniform into a more suitable outfit to go out and play at that noon,just around the area of her house.After playing for a while..Her father yelled at her..Tell her to go back home..Then, to avoid her father from getting mad..She just follows the order..After her father fell asleep,her friend kept calling her..Then, she decided to just sneak out from her house..and continue playing with her friend.They together found a ribbon..A nice colored..Excited with the little "toy",she ran along a road with her friend running behind her....Running forward but with her looking at the back..The little girl is really happy to see the piece of ribbon.The shape and flow when the wind blowed at the toy really fascinates her..She really loves to see gymnast's action with a ribbon..She's pretending like she's doing the action..(hahaha..)

Then...disaster strikes..A bicycle going towards her..She saw it,but..when she tried to avoid it by moving to the right,the bicycle also moved at the same direction..Then,when she moves to the left,so do the bicycle..The bicycle came closer and closer..And finally..she couldn't avoid it anymore..The bicycle hit her..The "something that we press in order to makes the brake work" hit her..right beside her mouth..The things is made from metal and kinda sharp almost penetrate her face and go into her oral cavity..But luckily..It is not as serious as that.The set of white colored outfit that she wears turned to red..Bloods flow all over her body..And she cried loudly..Her father hear her crying noise, immediately go out to see her..And from his face, the little girl knows that her father was shocked and angry..not to the boy who's riding the bike..But to her..herself..

The little girl then taken to the hospital..Her injury was given some stitches..(I already forgot how many stitches..hehe)..But after the incident..At the same day,the little girl still want to play with her friend with all the bandages on her face..But her mother say no...The little girl is me..Hehehehe..Surprised??hehehehe..

Now..I want to talk about my efforts to make this scar that I got to be unseen and invisible..When I was still a child..I don't really care about it..But when I turned older..When I know the importance of appearance..I started to do something to fix this..First thing that I tried,is by put "serbuk kayu manis" on it..This is after my brother told me that, his friend's scar on his face was disappear after the "kayu manis treat".I put this things for so many days and it doesn't works..Then my mom suggest that,the "serbuk kayu manis" should be mixed with water,based on logic for it to work on skin..According to her, it will enable the nutrients in the "kayu manis" to interact with skin..Huhuhuhu..but it is just like hell to me..the "kayu manis+water" make my scar feel hot @"pedas"..It's so painful..My mother put it on my scar when I falled to sleep,but I still can feel the pain during my sleep..Huhuhu..I wouldn't try it again..So painful..

The second method that I tried is using the "pati" form aloevera@"lidah buaya"(not lidah biawak<-- my brother like to say this..hehehe)..I used it many times but not continuously..But it also doesn't work..Nothing happen..The scar just remains the usual..obvious..S, I just give up using it..

Two days ago..I went to a pharmacy with my sister..Asked about the suitable medication to treat scar..Then,she suggest me a medicine..Some kind of "ubat sapu".The price is RM38.I'm still thinking till now..Should I try it??huhuhu...Will it really work?Or will it disappoint me just like the other two methods? What do you guys say?Give me some suggestions..

December 13, 2008

Shan Shui!!

Today is the day where we planned to have a secondary school gathering at Shan Shui Golf Club & Resort..There is a swimming pool that we used to swim there once just a day after the final paper of our SPM in 2006..It used to be so fun..But this time..I don't have the chance to swim...due to...ehem2..So, most of the time at Shan Shui today..I just wandering beside the pool..Taking the pictures of everyone that swim in the pool..

At the morning, we first meet in front of the Bangunan Mara.We go to our destination by bus around 11.00a.m..It is quite a long journey to Shan Shui..taking about 20 minutes..Along the way, the bus was so noisy with everyone talking to each other..A sign that everyone is having good mood in my opinion..In the bus, a friend also bring along Kuih Raya for us to eat in the bus..Hehehe...But my brother is just sitting by himself, with earphone at his ear..Enjoying the music perhaps..

After arrive at Shan Shui..We first have our meal..We eat and talk.Liza and the gang gathered..So as usual, the world just seem like waiting the time to explode with all their laughters..Hehehe..We sit together then talk about out secondary school teachers and all the funny things that happened..Some of us just mimic the way that our teachers talk.The favorite teacher to talk about is our beloved Miss Lai Mun Tshin..Our add math's teacher..The things that came out from her mouth sometimes will be very funny without her realizing it.Yet,she is a very good and responsible teacher..My all time favorite teacher..

I'm so jealous to see my friends swim..with everybody laughing and screaming happily.Jumping here and there..Playing ball..railway..hehehe...Finally,after taking many photos around the resort with Liza and friends..We depart at 5.40p.m...Everyone is having a wonderful time today..After arrived at Bangunan Mara,we all separated and proceed to our own destination--HOME!

My brother is having a great time

December 10, 2008

My married bestfriend..

I used to call her "saudara",as she has almost the same name with mine..She is Nurul Asyikin also called Syikin by her friends and family..When I was studying in Matriculation,somebody told me that she has married with a guy arranged by her family..First, I just seems to not believe it..After asking more,then I knew that my friend wouldn't lie to me.I'm shocked and yet a little bit sad because she's my bestfriend but then,she has married without even telling me..But I'm sure there must be a reason for that..Maybe she is too shy to tell us or just kind of busy with her married life now..I can't even contact her mobile phone.Maybe she has changed her number.Just now..I went to my friend's house for a "raya treat".Then, her cousin came, and this give me an opportunity to ask more about my married bestfriend.My friend's cousin just finished her STPM so she have more information about the news.We that not studying in school,just got the news for those who still studying in SMK Tawau.She told me that my married friend has delivered a baby three months ago..Means now,she already have a baby which is three-months-old.Wahhh...Suddenly,I realized that we are not kids anymore..At this age, we can be someone's wife and even someone's mother..hehehehe..But I'm not into that in these few years time..There are still many things to achieve..I hope that my this married bestfriend will live happily with her husband and child..I really miss the time when we used to study together in SMK Tawau....Take care my friend..


My married friend is at the right..I still remember the time when I snap this picture at the school field

December 2, 2008

A nightmare...Oppss..Afternoon mare maybe..hehehe..

I just have an afternoon mare..hehehe..It's really bad.In that dream,I was sitting an important examination like SPM,but I don't really remember what it is. The day suppose to be my final paper for the exam, I will seat for my Physics Test. The setting of the exam is somewhere in Sarawak(I wonder why it must be in Sarawak).The location of the examination is in a building near a hospital.I still got the picture of it in my head.
The person in that dream that also attend the test is Steven,my course mate in USM..I know why he's included in my dream..When I think about academic,I'm surely will think about him.
I forget to look for my seat number in the list outside the examination hall..I'm late.After 8, I need to go out to the examination hall just to look for the list of seat number. I'm so worry..Then something happen!The exam supposed to be at 8 was postponed to an unknown time but at the same day.So, the rest of the the candidates just remain at their desk,waiting for the exam to start..
While waiting for the exam to start, I wander outside the exam building.I also do not know why..I'm playing with two kids..Then, two men scolded me for doing so..They then ask me to go inside their car..In that dream, I think that I know them. Then, we when to fill the petrol at the gas station nearby. The price of petrol increased thrice.
I watched news at TV, the news about the same matter is broadcast worldwide.Then...the world started to be unorganized..It's kind of scary..And believe it or not,that is the reason why the Physics Test that I supposed to sit has been postponed..I forgot what happened next..That is all that I can remember. What a weird dream..

December 1, 2008

I feel sad when I think about it..

If you really care about someone,would you dare to throw those harsh,mean and inappropriate words to her?I'm so disappointed..People that you really care about,your best friend, can do this to you..The things that disappointed me the most is, I didn't do anything wrong. The only reason that he scolded me is just that he is not in the good mood.Waaa...I just feel like crying.How can this happen? Maybe some people will just say that using those harsh words has become their habits or so whatever..But I still can't accept it..Please everyone..We as the civilized people,why don't we just use those appropriate word that have been invented.If you really feel that angry, why don't you try your just hold it,express it through a more appropriate manner.Although I know it is easier to said than done..But, it is far better than hurting somebody's feeling. Lastly, "Budi bahasa budaya kita", "The strongest man is the man who can hold his temper".Show your care and love to someone, by using nice and pleasing words while communicating with your love ones.

November 30, 2008

Attending A Wedding Celebration

I went to attend a wedding last night.My mom forced me to,actually..hehehe..It's just a typical local people wedding celebration.It was fun and exciting.So many people came to there to share their happiness with the bride and groom.The celebration was just held in on a large space of land in Tanah Merah. Many large canopies was set up .It provide quite a wide space for the celebration.

On the &quot;pelamin&quot;

The bride and groom


My mom!

The things that interest me the most is the participation of kids in order to make the celebration to run smoothly without any problems..They take responsibility to collect the used plates and utensils at the celebration area, where guests are serve with many foods. I used to go to many wedding ceremony and this is the first time where the kids that served as "dirty/used dishes" collectors really did their job well.Last time, at other wedding celebration, I saw the kids being scolded by the elderly that ask them to collect the dishes although they have been told to do so earlier.

Hardworking boys

The kids are doing their job


They are cute,yet hardworking..

Lastly, I go to meet with the bride and groom..I got a "bunga telur".A really nice one with a orange-colored flower.Nice!hehehe...

Somebody's wedding

Ready to meet the married couple.So many people line up

Bunga Telur

The bunga telur,with no telur already.hehehe..

November 28, 2008

Wandering around the town..

Today, I'm really enjoying my day..wandering around my hometown..Hihihihi...Gwen drives us to many places..There's only ten ringgit in my pocket this morning.I borrowed it from my sister.So,the first mission of the day is to find an ATM machine.I need it urgently because I'm broke.Hahaha..We passed through so many banks but unfortunately..There's so many people queue up to use the machines..and also,the parking area near the banks were full..Wasting about an hour just to find an available ATM machine..Finally,we manage to find parking area but it's quite far away from the bank that we want to go - CIMB Bank. We just realized that today is 28th.The end of the month,where government workers will get their salaries..No wonder so many people using ATM machines in all the banks..

Nisa my bestfriend..

My bestfriend,Nisa!

We then go to Giant supermarket that just opened here in Tawau.4 miles from the town area.While waiting for our turn to buy the KFC meal in the supermarket,we notice a sign board outside -- ATM MACHINE.huhuhu...The three of us shocked and kept quiet for a while.We don't really expect that there will be ATM machine in the new Giant..We just finished up our meal..go inside the supermarket..then perform my solat after that..

Membeli coklat..

Chocolates sold in Giant.Nyam2..

Then,we back to the town area..To eat ABC!!

Gwen&amp;Nisa mkn abc..


The last interesting activity that we did is sitting at the seaside (with only stone and no sandy beach).Eating junk foods and listening to songs..Doing that for about half an hour..Then we get bored,and finally we decided to go home...It's really a happy day for me..


Tawau seaside known as "highway"

November 26, 2008

10 days at home..What do I spend my time for??

First....I slept a lot for these ten days time..late sleeper and for sure,I woke up late almost everyday in these ten days..Besides,I also take my time to sleep in the afternoon.and it is not simply an "afternoon nap" but it is more than a nap.hehehe..Second...I spend my time a lot..In front of the PC.FS,FB,Tagged..mailing..and the priority of all....IMing with yahoo messenger..I slept late because of this IM things.Especially when I got a good companion to chat with..It pissed my bro off..then he tried to block my view from the pc monitor..Actually he want to use the internet but I am taking too much time using the PC.Thirdly..I eat a dad seems to spend money just in order to provide me with food that I wanted to eat..hehehehe..

My bro trying to block my view..

My bro trying to block my view

My favourite biscuits..

My favourite biscuit

DVD to be watched this holiday

DVD to be watched this holiday

I give this to my bro..


16/11 I'm come back here,in my lovely hometown..Tawau..really looking forward for this..It is quite a long journey home from Penang..But I'm with my three friends and a senior that I just met,have the same flight from Penang to KK..Some funny things happen among us when we are together..Nasma,is eventually my third cousin.I knew it just now..hehehe..Just seem unbelievable..We have quite an exciting journey home,back here in Sabah..Finally,I'm here..spending my holiday..I hope that my days ahead will filled with more fun that the ten days passed..With the presence of my sister, I'm sure the holiday WILL BE an interesting one.I'm glad that she's finally home..

Funny picture of Nasma's cat..I really laughed a lot after seeing this.

Pic of Nasma's cat

Me and Nasma at the Penang Airport

Me and Nasma at Penang Airport

On the way from the airport to my house

On the way from the airport to my house

I miss this bike's owner.

I miss this bike's owner

New Blog's Template

I've just updated my blog's template..I take quite a long time for it..Struggling to find the suitable one,the one that I like,download it..extract it from the zip file..upload it..and change the setting as told in the attached "read me.txt",then I need to add back some widgets that I deleted before...Before this,I thought that changing the template of the blog just simply like changing the friendster layout..and eventually,it is not true!!Haha..but anyway..I kind of love this template..It change the mood of this page compared with the template before..Don't you think so?

November 25, 2008

Sacrifice??What it really means to you?

Sunday afternoon..I walk along the street in Penang alone.Just few days after raya.I'm on my way back to the Police Headquarter in Penang.My friend works there..Seeing some beggars lying beside the streets..Then..A group of foreigners that I believe stay in this country to work and enjoying their weekend day's off at the time..What really inspire me is that, although they are just workers from the industrial area..with small salary I guess..But they are the one who give some penny to the beggars..Malaysian just walk through the road and simply pretending to not notice the beggars' existence. May their good deeds will be repay by Allah..

Staying far away from home just for one purpose - To find some money and send it to their family. Change the ringgit currency into other currency especially Indonesia's rupiah is a great deal..Their family really can live comfortably in their hometown with that. What the foreigners did I think was a really blissful things..what do you think??

My passion in writing..

Hello..Me..just call me Adrenaline..I start to notice that I really love to write when I attend English Tuition Class organized by my beloved Form 3 English teacher--Teacher Murni.. I really like to write essays especially those related with opinions and thoughts. And guess what? I got full mark in my an English writing test while I was in form 4.I still think that that is unbelievable..I'm still doing many grammatical error till now..But I'm improving myself.. Anyway..Thanks Mdm Nini for the marks..It really give me the spirit to learn more about writing skills..

Formerly, I used this blog to express my feelings,disagreement and problems. Because at the time, I can't really manage my own emotion well. But now, I think I'm matured enough to hold & solve the problems by myself.Just need to keep it to myself and solve it.And I don't need to write about it anymore....Now,I think I want to write more about my point of view of life...How I look at life in various aspects and by different perspectives. What I feel about everything that happens around thoughts..and what I feel about the road ahead of me (my future).. Just leave your comments if you have some..Thanks for viewing my blog!