March 21, 2010


One of my follower of this blog asked me personally about my plan to change the blog url. I decided not to because I appreciate my followers now, although they are not much(I don't expose my blog url to public), but at least the followers that I have now are always loyal reading my blog.Especially you!hehe...

Last week, I went to two dinners at two different hotel. It was fun! I eat a lot. I think, I need to be careful about my weight from now on..huhu

So, here are some pictures of Taekwondo Night..

Our table.It is in the middle

Posing at the lift

Pictures of Post-chinese New Year Celebration at Gurney Hotel, you can see it in my fb profile.Many of my friend tagged me in their photos.Hehe..Just want to upload one pic of this event.

KML Bersatu. We are the future Pharmacists!

I just intended to show pictures in this post.hehehe...

March 18, 2010

Malam Anugerah PERSIS 2010

I'm the project leader for this event. For all Sabahan in USM, You are invited for this award night+dinner. You only have to pay for RM15 for this buffet dinner per person. It cost us RM30 for each you know. Luckily we have some sponsor and extra saving in our society account..

The poster above is designed by Najamuddin. Credit to him.(actually, I intended to ask someone else to design it at the first place)

But, everything changed....

March 17, 2010

My first ever vehicle

This is my first ever vehicle (bicycle is not counted). Hehehe...Still holding the L licence. The guard has really did a good job in threatening me to put the L sticker. I have sooo much things to write in this blog. Just waiting for the free time. I will publish it tomorrow if I have the opportunity to. :-D

March 11, 2010

I'm in between stage 3 and 4

This post will only comprises of my opinions and not facts.

Stage one: You will suffer from extreme loneliness, feel want to cry every time you see something that made you remind of him. You always want to be alone, you will cry in your sleep and you will wake up the next morning feeling helpless.

Stage two: No more crying. You started to hate him. You are emotionally unstable, you hate to hear anything about him or hate seeing things reminded you to him. Basically, you just feel like throwing him with stones. You started to spend more time with your friends and simple being outgoing.

Stage three : You started to feel comfortable being single. You started to be convince that you have made a correct decision. But, you still think of him every time people talk about their gf or bf or when you see couple dating. At this stage, you still want to know what he is up to. Deep in your heart, you still care:-)

Stage four : You still be reminded to him when people ask about him. But most of the time, you feel like nothing had ever happened, forgetting that you used to have a bf and forgetting the fact that you had broke up with someone. You think more of other people than him. At this sta, you are in the safe zone. You have successfully gone through the difficult stages after breaking up! Bravo!!

I just want to show you guys that I'm happy. Can you see it from my smile? :-p

My experience

Love is really something magical for me, on how it can really affects my daily life. How it can affects my behavior, turning me from bad to nice, increase my confidence and etc.

Let me tell you about my experience in matriculation year, that was the time when I was seriously fallen in love. It is just like some kind of hypnosis changing my life as I known before. World feels like such a wonderful place. No more boring life as I used to gone through, although I'm doing the same thing over and over again. My love one's face (at that time) cheer up my day, his smile blew me away and I lead the rest of the day with smile on my face thinking about him. I think about him all the time, hope to see him everywhere I go, I want to tell all my friends that I'm with him and I cried a lot while thinking that matriculation is ending and I'm not going to be near to him anymore..(so stupid)

Everything changed right after the matriculation year ended. He is in Sarawak & I'm in Sabah. For my friend from peninsular,no, people don't drive from Sabah to Sarawak, and again no, it is not near,it may takes more than 24hours or so. So, as a conclusion, we can't meet.

I don't know why and how, we just keep on having disagreements when we are far away. My friend said that, our "base" has not "mature" yet when we finally has to be far apart. Just two months into a relationship and then we have to be far away from each other.It is not ideal. Just imagine, like you used to meet everyday and he lived less than 1km from you, ans suddenly you can't meet him and he is nowhere near you. This kind of relationship can't hardly maintain.(just my opinion)

What I regret about love is, most of the time,it is temporary....Why feelings must changed? Why people did something that will make the feeling disappear? Why we must have feelings after all, if it is not permanent?

I wish I will experience this feeling again. It's so pleasurable like I'm on drug or something. But I do hope, this time, it will be permanent~~~


My luck, that's all I can say. Here come the story. Today, I went to the last Taekwondo lesson for this semester. As announced weeks back, the Taekwondo Club will be organizing a dinner tomorrow night at Northam All Suite, a 4 stars hotel located at Georgetown Penang. But, I have decided not to go...why? I'm saving my money until the end of this sem. I'm not going to beg my family for extra money again.Huhuhu...

Suddenly, Master Pok asked Level 2 members, who will not be coming for the dinner.Without hesitation, I raised up mine.Then , he asked "Who decided not to come due to financial problem?" and again, I raised my hand. After a while.. he asked, "Do you want to come if I give 50% discount on the fee?"There you go, a spontaneous and energetic nods came from me, Nasma and other two students.Hehehe.. He took out his wallet and gave the treasurer two sheets of RM50 cash. This means, we only have to pay RM25 for this dinner. Yeay!I'm going!!:-)

So, I have two dinners in two different hotels this weekend. Tomorrow night and also at Sunday night.The Sunday night dinner is at Gurney Hotel. The funny thing is, we just have to pay RM5 for it and transport is included. A buffet in a well-known hotel and you just have to pay RM5. It's a WOW!Somebody sponsored us and we are "forced" to come.Seriously, it is compulsory for all Pharmacy Students. It is actually a career talk plus dinner. A company from Singapore is going to brief us about job opportunity in their company.

Hehe.. As promised in the previous post, this is the story that I intended to tell you guys..

I bought a motorcycle exactly three weeks ago. It cost me RM2200. After the Chinese New Year Holiday, I don't have to walk to lecture halls anymore. I ride my bike alone, everyday, from my hostel to the lecture hall, and from the lecture hall to my hostel, to bank, to ATM and many other places.Even going out from USM to supermarket. I just like having my freedom to go anyway in the nick of time.Just like having superpower or something.haha! But,my routine changed. I don't walk to school anymore..Now, I have lesser time chatting with my coursemates. Before this, we laughed, chatted and even shouting each others name on our way back to the hostel especially after class finished. This is the time where you can see a group of formally-attired students walking with umbrellas on their hands. It just feel really fun you know. They are all fun and childish.hahaha.. Now, I am alone. Although I arrived at my hostel faster than them, but I feel like something missing...

I scared of height so much. Everyday I have to pass through the motorcyclist narrow bridge above the heavy traffic just to get to my campus. I still have problem stabilizing myself. My weak part is when I accidentally focusing on the height of the bridge and I started to shake and feel unstable. I nearly hit the side of the bridge few times. Fuhhh....Still need to improve on this.

I have no better picture of it

Last night, there's a roadblock at RST. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my license with me. Then, the guard asked me to went back to my hostel to get my license. I just followed his order and climb to my hostel. Then, I showed him my license. He saw the "L" word and asked me why I don't have L sticker on my bike. Luckily, he let me go. He said that he felt sorry for me because I have to went back to my room just to show my license to him. Fuhhh.... I nearly got my first summon due to traffic offense.

Well...more exciting days ahead!(Although I have two quizzes next week ,2 reports need to pass up and 2 assignments which still not finished yet.) Yeay!<-- just for the dinners.Hahaha..


Hi everyone.. I have not publish significant stories to this blog for quite a while. I just occupied by just expressing my emotion in few recent posts :-(. Now, I am going to update you guys about the activities that I've done in the past two weeks.

I have two fishes. They are wonderfully placed in a cute round aquarium that customized with shining blue stones and equipped with air-emitting-device for them to breathe. But, one died 2 weeks ago. I named them Upin and Ipin but me myself don't really sure which one is Upin and which one is Ipin. But, I do recognize that the one that dead has orange spot on its body.It is more attractive than the other, which is still alive. I just wrapped it by using an A4 paper, and them throw it into the big dustbin in the toilet. Hmmmm....another companion in my life is not with me anymore.

The dead fish

The farm visit

I went to Kepala Batas for a school organized farm visit. We went to two fifferent farms, one is goats farm and another one is cattle feedlot( just behind the owner's house). Goats are cute!haha..That's all I can say. I don't know why didn't I notice it before. The cattle I saw are giant! They are almost as big as elephant. They purposely fed a lot so that they become fat and the farmer can sell them in much high price.Wow!

I learned a lot form this visit. I need to pass the report from this visit by the end of next week.Fuhhhh....

You must wonder, what about the photo above? yeah... This is a free gift from Kitkat. On 7th of March, I went to Tesco with my gang to buy foods for our steamboat. Then, I saw some staffs holding and explaining to the customers about the speakers. I'm interested and asked them how to get one. The condition is, to spend more than RM9 on any KitKat products. There you go, with extreme drive towards this little speaker, I left my friends behind just to search for KitKat in the store. I bought RM9.55 of them and go to the gift counter to show the sales girl my receipt. Yes! I got one! The sound is loud and it is OK as it is free. Now, I can watch movie comfortably without wearing the tight headphone. My laptop speaker got problem, the emitted sound is too low although it is put on maximum volume.I think it is normal for a two-and-a-half-years-s laptop. By the way, KitKat do taste great!haha...

We went for steamboat at Cath's room. Nice! I ate a lot. Self-cooked-foods do taste better.
That's all. Hmmm....I'm going to publish another post tonight!I got class at 2pm. Now, it's already 1.29pm..I better be ready :-p

March 1, 2010

Love songs

I'm thinking back the moment when I was still in relationship with my ex. He dedicated many love songs to me. Sometimes he sang for me, sometimes he just gave me the title of the song and ask me to listen to the song. He said, "this song is for you". All the songs have really romantic lyrics that will definitely melt everyone's heart.

Now, I'm reminiscing the moment and realizing how naive I was to fall for all that. Songs are just words with music that sometimes have magical touch to it. It makes everyone go crazy and can listen to it over and over without feeling bored. People dedicates song, but they just mean to dedicate some part of the lyrics, not all. The worst is, they don't really mean any of the words inside the lyric. They just dedicate just for fun or just to show off that they knew some new songs..perhaps!

Anyway, I still love listening to love songs. :-p