July 14, 2009

Shocking yet scary..

Last Sunday..My brother SMSed me at 8p.m. at night..He told me that his hand was injured..I asked him about it and he told me that he climbed his bathroom window to go in to his room because he left his key inside the room, he forgot to bring it.He state that "sikit lagi aku jatuh" in his SMS. After listen to his explanation, I try to visualize where the bathroom situated and how come the bathroom window is next to his room window.?I just let it go after that and advised him not to climb,instead go to the office to get extra key..In matriculation my friends also do the same, when they left their key inside the room, they open the glass from the window and go inside..I just imagine it to be like that..nothing dangerous instead of the sharp "bingkai tingkap".

The next morning, my brother smsed me to tell me that one of the student has fell from the forth floor of the hostel (same level and same building as my brother's room)and surprisingly, he is doing the same thing as my brother..Climbing from the bathroom window to his room because he has no key..His roomate who is inside the room was watching movie and didn't realise that his roomate is knocking the door. and there is goes..The 'climbing" took away his life..he is just the same age as my brother. Just entered UTM for about two weeks..

Today, finally the news has been covered in this newspaper. I see where the two windows are situated, and how dangerous is actually was!!! nothing underneath it..If someone fell down, nothing he can grab on and there's nowhere to be safe..goshhhh!!!
For more information
Go to with keyword "Pelajar UTM maut jatuh asrama"

Al-fatihah for the student...

July 5, 2009

Anti-kutu sampah

I hope that the campaign about will be a success..Huh?!They are putting a lot of efford to increase the number of garbage bins around the town,at least my hometown will become cleaner...SAYA ANTI KUTU SAMPAH..hehehe...I give my 100% support!!

Awas.....anda sedang diperhatikan...hehehe...did the officer in-charge really will fine someone for littering??I haven't seen it before..Prove me wrong!


I definately will miss this..This picture is taken at noon, all the tauhu were sold and my dad only get plain mee with no tauhu.

A restaurant that only sell limited kind of food, located in somewhere non-stratergic...The shops all around it are car-repairing garage or the same species of business..but eventually a restaurant located there..You won't get any food left if you go there at noon..Come here in the morning to taste the TRULY mee tauhu.."Give me mee kahwin with two small tauhu and two big tauhu"..hahaha...this is the way my dad ordered..hehehe..

A seafood treat near the highway..Huh?!thanks dad...

Eating seafoods beside the highway..For me, no where can beat the seafood here..We can choose our fish although it is frozen.hahaha.and the most important thing doesn't cost much!!

Yesterday,I went to a restaurant at Ba Zhong complex for Tom Yam..It's also delicious..It reminds me of Tom Yam from the Gee Tom Yam restaurant...My dad want to fullfil his promise..Tom yam for us!Although I actually want to eat Tom Yam that he cook himself..It definately will taste better!

And another experience of eating out...One day my dad brought us to an ordinary restaurant, it owned by chinese but every workers including the cookers(off course) are muslim..The restaurant are filled with people, we managed to get a table after waiting someone to pay for their meal..

My dad ordered,then come 4 glasess of drink that look like Teh-O ice..But when I drink it, it reminds me of a chinese herb that my mom use to forced me to drink when I'm having fever..Then I realised that the drink is a MUST in this restaurant..Although you are not ordering it, you will eventually get it for free(I wonder if it's really free, they must charge inclusive for certain meal for this drink..hehehe..doubtful me!!)

Then, with a plate of rice, sambal and also with fried fish dipped inside a bowl of "sayur rebus" for each of us, we started eating..What a weird dish..Maybe this is what make this restaurant SPECIAL compared to other..But it is tasty though..People keep on coming when we are eating..I hardly have a chance to snap some photos,too afraid that someone might notice..Each recipe is secret for every restaurant!!Taking photo might be some kind of violation unless no one is seeing..Hahahahahaha...

There are so much more about eating out...wahahahaha...can't wait to taste more FOODS!!

Direct selling

25june 2009

Someone went to my house, they are two direct selling staffs selling water filtration product..They introduce themselves as marketing student from a government university(better not mention which university).They will get a ensured scholarship sponsored by the company with a condition that they must sell the company's products to earn more than 300 points in 4 months provided. The filtration device seems like simple stuff, like ordinary plastic feature,with four filtration chambers, cylinder in shape..

At first, we asked the price, but the salesgirls seem to ignore the question and continue convincing us with a lots of evidence from the file she brought along. We kind of convinced with her until she told us the cost nearly 3k althought after so called "student discount".Maybe, it is expensive.But by naked eye, we see the things that made up the product seem to look cheap.

She also do many demo to show us the different in chlorine level in filtered water by this device and tap water..She put some drop of testing reagent and the different kind of water started to give different colours..And guided by a file filled with articles,she told us different colours tell different level of chlorine, and showing us which water contain chlorine the most.Shockingly, it is the cooked tap water> tap water> filtered water by the device. It's kind of convincing until I asked myself, what is the scientific name of the reagent that they use? They just answered me that it is "auto reader from Jabatan Air".I feel guilty to ask more, than I started keep quite and let my mom hear all the talks.

I admire these two students efforts to get a scholarship, but me as people who is not use to marketing or whatever, I still think that the way they persuades people to buy is kind of urging and forcing..How come they can't give up after being told "no" for 10 times??huh?!But at least they don't give up trying..That's also a good quality.

This incident give me a very useful experience..seeing a student at my age to talk and convince people like that really give a "wow" impression in me.But it also teaches me to held any desire and not easily taken by it while making a CRUCIAL decision.and...not to BELIEVE in people or thing so easily..When talking about believing, it must be evidence-based.and again when talking about being evidence-based, we must first make sure that the EVIDENT is reliable before really taking it into consideration and start BELIEVING.(Mustaqim must love this..hehehe..believe??)

I purposely blurred it, identity of students are protected..hehe..

I'm sorry if the product is really made up of expensive material and the reagent to test the water is really proved to be efficient in knowing the chlorine level..But for me doubting is still good in certain condition..Convince me!What do you think??

The day before tomorrow..

Tomorrow I will be going back to Penang..There are only me left in this house with my parents.All my other siblings have gone back to peninsular..So, today my dad brought me to town to shop for my needs.

Sponsored by my parents, I just simply "give order".Telling them where should my dad drive us to, and what I want to buy..I feel like someone important..hehehe..I got my ABC treat today..Don't know when will I be eating eat it again..huhuhu..I went to Watson to by the thing that I want to buy for so long..It's Madermal..costs me RM33.

We went to Pasar Besar to buy my amplang,to add more to my collection that I bought last week..hehehehe...Last week I don't buy enough,plus I need to give to few friends as I have promised them.One of them is Mustaqim..And also, I bought a box of Indomee Mi Goreng from the grocery store near the Pasar Besar for RM18. It's hard to find Indomee Mi Goreng at the place where I'm studying..Only Mi sedap that's not really sedap are always being sold.I just want to help 10-20 packets of it..But my mom forced me to took it all with me...on the plane!!

My amplang(s)


If I compare me with my sister, she bought more FOOD COLLECTION than me..She got enchovies,sambal,many kind of biscuits beside amplang and Indomee Mi Goreng.. Yesterday when her stuffs were weighed at the airport, the box filled with food is already weighed almost 7kg..hahaahahaa!!all her stuff and luggage into the cargo are 23kg,luckily the MAS officer didn't charged us any although it was 3kg over-weight.My mom seems to bought us every little things that we desired..huhuhu...So did my dad..

I will be needing this since I be will arriving at 2 international airports tomorrow

I bought this spongebob sticker for RM1..Cute!!

I will miss my PC.huhuhu..

When I gone back to Penang, it's only my dad and my mom left in this house..huhuhu..Hope they will always be fine..I love my parents!!

With different environment,different way of life,different target and aim,USM is waiting for me!!I will be out of my comfortable zone.It's me towards the future..