May 29, 2010

New post is here!

Provisional result has been announced. I'm really afraid to fail my organic chemistry 2 result and luckily, I passed the subject. LULUS means I got at least C for the subject and I don't need to repeat any paper. Alhamdulillah...The best birthday present. The full result will be out in June.Looking forward for that too.

I just back from 10-days-tour(hehehe..), actually it's a motivation program for pupil in 6 schools to introduce them to USM and motivate them to study so that they can enter university. I've learn a lot from this program and I plan to write notes about every single day of the program. Hopefully I still remember all the details.:-p

My elder brother is home.Yeay!! I just can't get enough of hanging out with him. Yesterday, I get inside the car as soon that I see him wants to drive away. He must fulfill his promise to spend time with me first before hanging out with his friends.hahaha..adik abang bah ni..

Below are some photos of the my family activities..

My younger bro is washing the motorcycles

My brother's followers. You can see how my brother existence drawn people around him

My dad trying my bro RXZ at night.It's yellow!haha..

I want to go out to town after this and then at noon I will go to relative's wedding celebration at Tanjung Batu with all my family members. Being at home is really fun! I love holiday. How about you?

May 16, 2010

I don't know what else to write

I spend a lot of time in front of this 12 inch screen today. I kept on clicking the "new post" button and then closing it. I just want to have a new published post, but I just don't know what to write.

So, now I'm trying to figure out something.Hmmmm...My cousin is coming tomorrow,staying at my house for one night before both of us go for a 10 days trip of "back to school" program. I used to be excited about this trip.But now, the feeling is like simply vanished along with my mood for holiday. I do hope that it will be great.

I'm looking forward for my future life. Studying has been real hard. I just can't wait to be more practical instead of just sitting in front of the books and memorizing theories and facts. Some of you might wonders, what career that I'm into? I'm going to be a PHARMACIST!

Some of you (people in my town for example) might have a typical thinking about pharmacist. That is a pathetic, small-drug-store owner(that even a car can't fit in it), whose waiting for customer to go into the store, even if they are only buying candies or tissues.Yes, some of us might into those kind of business after graduated but do you know that we have far broader career that being just that?

What is a pharmacist? Pharmacist involves in each and every step of design,formulation,production,legislation,approval of drugs/medicines until it is safely administered inside the patient body. Let's just say like this, when there is drug, we are needed. and we are the professionals!

In a conclusion, we are not stuck in the even-car-can't-fit-in-drug-store selling you tissue, okay? For me, I'm looking forward to finish my 4 years compulsory service (as I'm using JPA scholarship) in government sector and after that I would like to venture the drug industry out there. It might also be fun to work in NPCB as well. See how it turns out..

The clock is ticking, time is passing by so quick. I already finished half of my bachelor study. After few blinks of eyes, I would have become a PHARMACIST already.(one blink, two blinks, why it is still not happening?haha..:-p)

May 11, 2010

The mystery behind this creepy-looking lizard

I have been back in Tawau for about 1 week now. The hot "kedai kopi" story here that really HOT right now is about a reptile called tokek(what the local call it) @gecko lizard.It looks like a house lizard but have unique red spots on its body.They claim that this lizard could be sold to hundred thousand ringgit and even millions because somebody said that its blood can use as medicine to treat AIDS ( I don't really know whether it's true or not, but local newspaper does state about this, Kosmo, Berita Harian and etc).The local claims that it is called tokek because it emits sound something like "tok......kekkk".The famous sound in my place right now. They made it sound so funny.Haha..

Rumors said that it must be sold alive, otherwise it will not have any value. The reptile must weigh 3 ounces or above in order for it to have the value. My dad said that some of his friend is rearing the small tokek, feed them until they grow up to required weight.

Personally I never saw one. But my parents have seen it. My father doubt at its value because no one can afford to buy it and who is going to process the blood anyway. Hmmmm....I don't know.. But I believe that many people is hunting for it right now. This species is never going to be safe in my area right now.Haha..

Few days back, Kosmo reported that someone in Kalabakan caught a 64kg of this lizard in the jungle. But the next day, an animal expert stated that gecko lizard can't reach such weight. It is just like house lizard which is just light and small.

Gecko lizard

Picture of 64kg gecko lizard that the animal expert claim to be fake (photoshop edit to increase the size of the lizard). Does it look fake to you?

Everyone in  my state show their interest in this lizard. Everyone just want to be rich. I just interested to know what is actually in this lizard blood that can interfere with the spreading of HIV virus within the cells in human body. What is the chemical structure and mechanism of action of the content of tokek blood anyway? Don't you?Fellow pharmacy students??hehehe...

Addicted to kuaci

I am currently addicted to eating kuaci. I can stand eating this non-stop for hours and not talking a long time just because my mouth is busy chewing it.

I took this from someone's blog

The taste of this delicacies just amazing.You pick one up, hold it tight using your thumb and your finger. Once you successfully cracked and opened it's shell by your teeth, the pure-white content get onto your tongue. When you start chewing it, it taste like heaven! You want to experience the taste again, you pick up another one of these tiny piece, and you repeat what you did all over again. Until countless times. This is just the art of eating kuaci.

By the time the things finished off. You will experience pain on the tip of your finger and then you realized how much time have you wasted just to consume all of that...The time seems to pass so fast..

Cake hunt for mother's day

Yesterday, my cousin came to my house with her mom. My aunt and my mom is going to a relative house. They have their own plan, so do we. Hehehe..This is the first time we hang out with my cousin since she got the job to teach at the secondary school where I have graduated. She already bought a brand new car. So, she will be our driver of the day! Haha..

We force her to drive us to PC fair. After buying some stuffs at the PC fair held in Dewan Masyarakat Tawau, we went to eat ABC buah. Then, we went to a bakery shop to buy a cake for our mom. As my aunt will be back at my house, so we will just celebrate the two of them together. We just simply go to bakery shop that we have in our mind, the first attempt failed because the shop in out of cake! We went to other bakery shop located at Milimewa Fajar that's also out of cake. We can see many people pursuing cake for the same purpose with us. The shop is filled with people that keep asking, whether the cake displayed has been booked by anyone and the answer that we heard is "Ini ada org punya..".We went out of the shop with disappointment.

It's 6pm.But it's already dark..
 The worker is busy writing names on the cake

My cousin suggest us to go to Southern Cake house which is also located at fajar, so we went there. I looked at the display shelve, there are 4 cakes left.We just quickly pick one and chosen a blueberry fresh cream cake that look nothing like blueberry cake. By the time our cake is decorated with name and put inside the box, the shelve is already empty.

I looked at the appearance of the people who bought cakes, some of them have the look of a criminal (haha...just my eyes) but one thing for sure!They love their mom and they bought cake for her. Why am I so sure the cake is for mother's day? The answer is most of them don't write name on it plus they allow the bakery shop worker to stick in a plastic with word "Happy Mother's Day" on the cake.After buying 2 bottles of soda plus a package of ice-cream, we are ready to go to celebrate mother's day at my house!

The cake

My mom(left) and My aunt

That's all. I love my mom. :-D

P/S: Jiwang jugak orang Tawau yaa...:-p

May 3, 2010

Packing things up

This sem,I needed 8 stickers for the stuffs I put in the store room during the semester break.(Luckily, 1 sticker just cost me RM1). I force-packed all my stuff inside all the boxes. (I can't imagine how many stickers I required when I reach my final semester.) Packing all the things is just mind-blowing. But, carrying all these stuffs to the store room is another major problem. I got muscle already due to this task :-p


Journey home is tiring since there's no direct flight from Penang to Tawau.But this time is worse, we have 3 consecutive flights instead of 2 as before. It's my fault really because I simply agreed with the airasia staff to change of date of the flight and route making it 3 flights altogether. PNG-KL, KL-TWU. This is supposed to be the one but as I'm changing the flight ticket and making the retime of PNG-KK flight as an excuse, I can't be too demanding and I simply agreed with the staff's suggestion.

I woke up at 5.30am. yesterday, took a shower, have my prayer and then carrying my luggage to the cafe. There is where the car will pick me up to send me and my friend to the airport. I returned my dorm keys by putting it into the box in front of Saujana office counter. It is really scary as it is still dark but luckily the workers at Solihin cafe is already there working. I recognized the two makcik. They used to give me free fishballs, egg and a piece of chicken.

At the early hour Penang Airport are filled with people. There is a flight to Chennai at that early morning. I bet the plane is huge. We scan our bags first and the Kastam officer in-charge is.... So young and handsome!!  I said to Cath. "Pagi ni bertuah dpt tgk org hensem". She just laughed. We checked in, and the Airasia staff told us that we need to pay for luggage for the next flight KL-BKI because we didn't have one. We didn't realized it before. We should have reminded that Airasia is not that generous to give us free service for luggage after changing the flight routes from 2 to 3.

We arrived at LCCT on time. Picked up our luggage and again searched for the counter to check-in for the second time. R31, that is where we went. Luckily, the flight was on time. There we go again, flying from KL to KK..

We reached KK by 1.30pm. It's terrible to know that our flight retimed to 6.40pm. Just imagine how many hours we are going to be stranded at the airport. While waiting for the check-in counter to open, I keep on talking to Cath. I bet she knew what kind of thinker I am and what exactly was on my mind at that moment.  I was so boring and telling her stories that I'm sure she is bored to listen.

Cath....Stranded at KK

"The green bag" is not mine, but the rainbow-colored umbrella and all the other things for sure is mine!

Finally... We reached Tawau at 7.30p.m. It is a relief! Fuhhh... after almost 12 hours in this journey, finally we arrived at our destination safe and sound!

Plan for this holiday

I will be enjoying my days at home here in Tawau until 16 May. Because on 17, I will go to a 10-days-trip to Lahad Datu, Kunak, Semporna, and maybe also KK..It's a program organized by PERSIS. The name of the program is "Back to school". This program is all about going to schools in these different regions and give motivational talks to student that will be sitting for big exams this year. Other than that, the program indirectly will promote USM as a university of choice for students in Sabah. Hopefully, this program will run smoothly without any glitch. I'm hoping to have FUN in this program. Hihihihihi....

Me & my cousin.We just look like school girls wearing some kind of hostel official attires..haha..

Breaking my promise

One of the thing that my brother forced me to promise before buying me a motorcycle is....not to ride the bike far out of USM.

In this very special post, I will exposed what have I done so far that breaks this promise....

Firstly, I ride the bike to Relau where the motorcycle shop(where I bought it) is located. Besides, I have also gone to Penang Airport at Bayan Lepas riding the bike myself. It is just a lie if I said that I never went to Queensbay Mall and Kompleks Bukit Jambul by riding the motorcycle.It is just too good to be true! The shopping malls mentioned obviously so close to USM. It is just a waste of money and time if I take a bus just to get there..

Isn't owning a vehicle is all about making us to go to places easier, faster,cheaper??

Shhhh....Don't tell my brother... It's our little secret okay? :-p

May 2, 2010

Scary moment

Things that I feared the most when coming back home is to confront with my parents about my break-up with my ex. I really scared so I have planned what to say and what not to tell them.hmmmm.....

I can see my dad's disappointment. Maybe he already seeing my ex as my future husband.(although he never talk to him).. I explained to them what actually happen (roughly). They seem to be fine with it. (Don't worry. I care what they think of you, so I won't talk the bad things that you've done to them.) Before this, I'm the one who eagerly "promoted" my ex to my parents, trying hard to convince them that he is nice. But now, I'm ashamed of myself for it. Huhuhuhu....

I'm glad that I still have my parents' supports. They want me to concentrate 100% on my academic.

From now on, I determined to be the best daughter that they are really proud of. (Rosli, your post really made me think a lot)

Thanks all my friends for supporting me through this difficult time.