December 31, 2009

Nothing but the ordinary

I think it would be a waste if I don't post anything today as this is the last day of year 2009. A year that we would not have any chances to go through again..My friend asked me to go for steamboat tonight in their room.I'll go..

In this post, I want to talk about the thing that my family always complain about me---> of course it is related to my appearance, the clothes I wears and the untidy me.. It's actually not so bad....but simply wear is just not enough in the eyes of my family especially after knowing the fact that I'm in my 20s..

"Gadis muda suka bergaya"-- this is what people thought about when mentioned about girls at their 20s..But you can't relate that statement with me....yet.At this stage, I still don't have tendency towards liking or wearing any make-up, lipstick and so on..Yes, it's lame! My impression about myself is still -- I'm still a child or I'm a student. People use compact powder with sponge and mirror. I use johnson baby powder whenever I feel like putting it onto my face. People wear nice expensive washing cream, I wear Fair and Lovely's just recently after I found out that it's hard to find papaya soap here in Penang. Before this, I even wear body soap to wash my face.kekekekeke...It will work just fine if u have a "tough" skin like mine..hahaha...

It's not like I don't care.It needs a lot of efforts.Plus, I don't think that appearance is that important for me at this stage.In fact, I don't flirt with anyone. haha! I still remember last raya, my sister took plenty of time preparing herself for the day. They wear accesories, nice clothes, wear make-up and even competing for mirror space with each others. They are so enthusiastic to appear the best that they can. But me, I'm the one who take bath the latest but I managed to be ready faster then them..I asked, when will I turn to be like them. They said, SOON!

It's almost new year. Maybe I should set this as my new mission for this coming new year..kekekekekeke...

December 29, 2009

An afternoon in hell..

My mom and my sis always say my hair looks like a nest, unorganized, messy and much more bad adjectives they have used to describe it. They suggested me to straighten my hair so that it will look nice and no longer nest-like or dawai-like. I just follow their suggestion.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to a saloon to get my hair done.. During the hair-do , I finally realize that it is not as comfortable as you might seen when two or three people have their hands on your hair. It's not a special treatment indeed! My hair being pull hardly, stretched, I feel like fainting... I patiently hold the pain and praying so that the session will finally over. Fuhhh...During the toning session, I can hear my hair stretched until it broke and finally fall off from my head..

I don't know how much hair that I loss..I thought that I may go bald during the treatment. I started to regret..but the outcome of nice straight hair cool me down a bit..I don't think that I'm going to have another hair rebonding session in the future...Goshhhh!!!

December 28, 2009

10th of Muharram.It's Tawau style!

Sunday...I thought it will be just an ordinary day . So, I asked my friend to go out for a movie with me.Planning to watch Alvin and The Chipmunk 2. But, I canceled it on the last minute because my mum woke me up early in the morning and she told me that we will go out to buy some stuff today..

It was 10th of muharram. My mom want to go to a store at Icebox in order to buy some utensils and what so ever..People believe that it is good to buy things especially kitchen-ware at this particular day..I don't really sure why..For sure, it is not included in the Empat belas perkara sunat dilakukan pada hari Asyura (10 Muharram).

Hmmm.... so, we went there.. I really shocked us to see there are so many people there.(the store is famous for selling cheap kitchen-ware). I just went there few days back with my dad. There's not so many people back then.

Here is some pictures...See it with your eyes..Everybody is busy searching for the great deal of periuk belanga..It is fun to watch..It just feel like I'm in one of those festival..Where free stuff are given to the public..It is so exciting!

It is actually a store but things are out of control as the store owner decided to put out large amount of kitchen-ware outside the store, maybe to make the store less crowded.Plus,it is easier for people to choose..

Wow...It's crazy!


Maybe you should call me a true tawau blogger...Wandering around just like a journalist finding good story to tell from my surrounding..hehehe...Another thing, I become better in snapping picture without people noticing. Is it a good skill?hehehehe...Finally, we went home with quite an amount of kitchen-ware..For your information, my mom is a collector of all these.

She said that,she bought excess amount of kitchen-ware so that it will be easy to hold our(me & my siblings) wedding celebrations in the!that's advance..hahaha...

December 18, 2009

Social skill?

I don't like to stand out.I don't like to be the center of attentions..I don't like crowds of people to look at me..Not when they are strangers.

I do think that something is wrong with me. When there are guests came to my house.I like to be invisible..I don't even like to be seen by them. I will immediately disappear..I rather be stuck in the room for hours, than watching my favourite TV shows in the guest room with a stranger guest. Off course I needed to meet strangers, sometimes. Especially when someone forced me to..Like the other day, my mom asked me to accompany her to a neighbours house..After being persuade, I finally gave up.

I feel awkward doing things like smiling and pretending to be enjoying the chat just to please other. I rather smile sincerely with people that I know that I really care. It doesn't mean that I'm cruel. I'm just didn't feel right while doing that. But I got a high respects for others. I'm surely not good at entertaining guests. Maybe, will also not really good at entertaining future parents-in-law perhaps..huhuhuhu..Once, my teacher said to my father that I am "arrogant". This is one of my weakness.

I will practice though, so that I will be the pleasing-people type! Likeable by others and got friends everywhere, just like my brother. He treats people well. Even laughing and have a really great chats with the elderly. The person who girls easily fall for..I want to have those qualities. (not the last one though..haha!)

December 4, 2009

Rubik's cube

Someone asked for my opinion about rubik's cube. The person told me to publish it in this blog. So, here it is..

Frankly, I don't know how to play one. But I believe, there are strategies applied to solve rubik's cube. I have a perception towards people who is too obsessed with it. As it is not a game where partner or opponent are needed as basis. It is a simply an "alone" game. Eventually, related to the word "nerds"! Or even anti-social. I'm not saying all people who play it are nerds. It's just that, when people are around, it is a little bit off if you take a rubik's cube from your bag and start playing it instead of chatting with the people around you. Plus, it is a lot worst when you take it where ever you go. By doing this, you seems to admit that you will be lonely wherever you go. Where, when you have nothing to do, you are ready to spend your time to solve that thing anywhere! Instead of being confident that you will have a nice trip,where you should be too occupied to bring that thing along with you to play with. Besides, the thing itself prevent you from socializing with people around you if you are too obsess playing with it.

One time, me, nad and cath went to watch 2012 movie. Back from the movie, we took a Rapid Penang bus that seems to be a almost full. A couple went inside the bus when we are already got inside the bus. There's no two side by side unoccupied chairs left. So, the guy sit at one place far from his girlfriend, and his girlfriend sit beside nad. Just as the guy sat down, he opened his bag and started playing a rubik's cube.Poor him..His girlfriend is not near him.He is too bored and need the rubik's cube to make him happy.Maybe! that's why it is in his bag---to occupied him when he is lonely. Such a geek! When me & cath watched this, we laughed..But not that loud to avoid his girlfriend to notice us.She is just beside!

No, it is not like I'm hating people from doing what they like. What I'm trying to say here is, playing rubik's cube is fun and even good for your brain, but just find the right time and place to play it. So that you will not look like a friendless or anti-social individual. It's not good for first impression, man....

November 13, 2009

Semenanjungian language

Is there really a word semenanjungian?Anyway, I have a story to tell..

Few days ago,on last Wednesday to be exact, I'm on way back to my hostel after spending more about 6 hours at the library.Then, someone that look like a chinese student asked me a question when I'm still walking."Berapa lama dah belajar di USM?" I stop walking and give an answer to his question. He continue asking me whether I'm interested to participate in his survey, I said yes. (I know how it feels when someone don't want to answer my questionnaires during my research.Huhuhuhu...It really feels BAD!)

He asked me to write my name and phone number on a questionnaire (I thought that it will be a private one).I just write and sitting at the chair at the DK foyer.He started asking questions and waiting for my answers.Then, he started writing it on the questionnaire. The questionnaire is really long, no wonder he do all the writing instead of letting me answering it by myself.

The survey is about the comparison between the three major of mobile phone network suppliers, digi , celcom and maxis.

During the asking and answering session, he asked me.." Awak asal mana?".I answered "Sabah".He replied,"Patutlah..dapat dengar sabahnya..saya pun dari Sabah jugak.cakap Sabah jak la kita ya..".Then, he continue asking me questions with the more familiar language.I feel a little embarrass for not using my sabahan language when first meeting him. But, I have my own reason for that.

Like what me and my bf have discussed, that the semenanjungian language will be a necessity sometimes. Especially if you don't want people two ask you the same question TWICE or even THRICE. The language also make people more comfortable talking to you as they don't need to put a real effort to really understand what we are trying to say.And no!!It is not for showing off or to not admit myself as Sabahan.

The pen got yellow highlighter at its back

Back to the story, after all the questions have been answered, he gave me a pen as an appreciation for my cooperation. Only then I knew that he is not a student. But he is actually a worker from a research and consulting agency. As the pen stated "CARDAS RESARCH AND CONSULTING SDN. BHD.".The last word that he said to me when I'm leaving is "Terima kasih.......orang sabah".

I love chillies <3

Hehehe...This will be my third post for today..I have been collecting many ideas to be poured on this blog since my study week.But, I have never got a chance to write about them.Below is one of those..

I really really love eating chillies or chili (US)..(cili padi ka cili besar kah..semua aku telan..hahaha)

I got objections from many people for this eating habits of mine especially my mom. She is worry that I will get certain illness for the excessive consumption of this favourite delicacy of mine especially the risk of suffering from appendicitis.

Apart from my mom, my bf also objected. He got a really unique reason for that.hehe...One day, I went to the cafe to have my meal and I saw chillies floating inside the soy ketchup. What a temptation!! But I manage to resist from putting it onto my plate after thinking about what my bf just said. The next day, I'm off with that, continue eating joyfully..Well, it is so addictive..I'm helpless!

My report..

I have finished 7 out of 8 of my exam for this semester. The last one will be on this Monday. A three-unit-subject.The day after the last exam,it will be the time that I finally can go back HOME!!

I have left this blog without significant input for such a long time.I will start talking now..haha..

First, I will talk about my worst paper among these 7 that I have gone through. It is the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology paper. Couple of hours before I go for the exam, my brother called and he told me that his motorcycle has been stolen the night before. During the exam, I'm thinking about him a few time.It's so unfortunate! The event is a nightmare for him.

The red motorcycle has been stolen in Shah Alam

Everyting is up to me actually. I shouldn't have thinking too much in such condition. Your emotion is up to you to control. It is your own responsibility to handle. No matter how hard your situation is, it is up to you to handle. We can't just simple blaming other for ruing your "mood" because the one who responsible maintaining the mood is YOU! You are the one who should figure out a way to not thinking too much about it. It can be done by distracting your mind with another thing instead of thinking about something that seem to be never ending.

I admit that I used to be a hot-tempered person. But I will only show the true me to somebody that I closed to. It seems unfair right? It really is. I believed that it happens to most of us.Why? Because when we know the person well, we are convinced that they will not do something bad to us or even abandon us although we shout at them. This is also an evidence that shows that human is full of hypocrisy.

Something happens to me these few days. I hate "someone" when she makes too much noise while I'm studying. She likes dropping her pen hardly on the table over and over again while she is studying, maybe she is thinking or something, or it is too spontaneous for her to even realize what she is actually disturbing someone. Sometimes, she also purposely drops her books on the table, keys and everything that can really makes a really loud noise.Loud enough to disturb me. It is really uneasy for me to stand that. I'm really shocked every time she did that. I can feel my heart is beating hard, finally I realize that I have lost tract of what I just read at the time.

I need a quiet place to study. I wish that I could be like everyone else who can works on their brain while listening to loud music. I never told her about this. Why? Because I'm afraid this will hurts her and I simply can't accept the possible bad outcome especially during the crucial time like this (exam week). Does it makes me a fraud for smiling at her, and chatting with her even though I'm not really into her behavior?

One more exam to go...Wish me luck!

November 8, 2009

Around my hostel...

Notices/reminders around my hostels....I was really shocked when I saw the first one below..

October 14, 2009

Evil Ikin

Few days ago, my mom called.She said that she miss me. She only called for less than 5minutes. She cried at the end of conversation when she asked me to do something for her in the future. For sure, I will work in my hometown after graduating from USM. Nowhere else better than my own hometown.. Huhuhu...

I miss my home and I miss my mom. She told me to study hard and to do the best. But I think that I'm not really doing what she really hope for. Not really studying that hard here. Besides, I rather waste my credit top up for something else rather than calling my own mom to know her condition.

I'm glad that her hypertension has gone. Alhamdulillah.

I'm really missing my home.....Miss my brother. Miss my mom..My dad.. My sis..My pet fish..

My bro laptop crashed.I don't even have a single photo of my mom.

It has been 4months since the last time I be at my home....Be patient ikin! 1 month more to go...Just 1 month left! Just for your info, I already bought 17Nov flight ticket home.A day after my last paper for this semester exam.I miss my home.....

Nothing significant here...

Been thinking to update this blog few times, but I just can't .I'm not really in the writing mood while the internet line is great.When I finally want to write, the internet goes off. Nothing feels alright these few days.

Today's quotation:
"If you don't like something change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain."Maya Angelou

I'm dying asking someone to change a small habit of his but he is not interested. Already begging him for almost 2 weeks, but he just won't listen. At last, I gave up! Trying to change the dislike, to be something that I like, at least something that I have no offense of. Just like the above quote.

Past few days, I finally knew there's also other person that have same problem with me. All these days, I thought I am the one who care too much or being too sensitive. I do cried for this small matter in front of a friend before. Haha!! Now, I realized that the way I feel is a normal thing.

I laughed a lot in today's English class. Especially when the seniors present a forum with "Money can buy happiness" as their topic. They do have sense of humour.

Sometimes, I feel that I shouldn't know things too much. When you have the knowledge, you can't withdraw it from your mind, or acting like you don't know. It is better to know what you should know and don't bother to know something that you shouldn't. Being the innocent little girl is a lot better......

****Am I forcing myself to accept something that I really can't ?? Currently, I'm just looking forward for the outcome.

September 25, 2009

Meaningful raya

I'm back at USM now..just arrived from Sungai Nibong few hours ago..
This post is about raya, you can see from the title. Unlike last year, this year I celebrated raya in Klang,with my cousin and her family..A meaningful one.

1st day of raya..Sedondon gitu..

18 Sept-Friday

I woke up early.Nadia sent me to Sungai Dua gate by her"ceria".My bus will depart at 8. So, I must be early. Nadia didn't sleep all night because she is afraid that she might overslept and miss her flight. Thanks god that she is free to help me on this. I sitting at the bus stop with another USM student..waiting for a bus. Luckily, a Milan bus arrived at the bus stop just when I was nearly giving up in the waiting. When I arrived at Sungai Nibong, it is still early and I being asked to ride on the 7.30a.m konsortium bus..Maybe they don't want me to wait too long, so shift me up to earlier bus.

I arrived at Puduraya early..before 1p.m.I waited for my sis and her friend there and then we went to Klang together.What a journey..

19 Sept-Saturday

We help in preparing and the cooking of buras.I didn't help much because there are too many hands!Hehehe..We also iron our baju kurung for raya after hearing the confirmation that tomorrow is the day.I followed my cousin to the bazar Aidilfitri at the town at night..What a huge crowd ..walking on the road, cars can't even pass by..

20 Sept-Sunday

We woke up early to go to Putrajaya.We going to perform the solat sunat aidilfitri there.

Suasana selepas solat raya

After that, we went to the prime minister open house by a Nadi Putra bus.We eat a lot..and get the chance to meet the prime minister in person.

The prime minister official house

Don't believe what you see, he's not belong to the band.

At night, we went to other relatives' house..I don't really know them well..But they all have very2 cute childrens.

At one of relative's house

21 Sept-Monday

I followed my cousin to go to her husband's relatives house in Shah Alam. is what I did.

At night, many other houses are visited..Nearby houses.I never thought that I have many relatives just around Klang and some of the houses are too near, you just can walk from my cousin's house to the place.

22 Sept-Tuesday

We went to Rawang to another cousin's house and two other relatives. A total of 3 houses.But we spent too much time there.I finally met my abg sepupu, I forgot when was the last time I seen him.He already has two kids!
His youngest kid,Alif

23 Sept-Wednesday

It's ladies' day out.Not really...Mimin is also with us. We went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi, not far from the place where my cousin live. McD, games..and that's all.Mimin spent more than RM20 just for the game machine at Jusco.We just wait for him to finish playing..

Mohd Azmin@Mimin

24 Sept-Thursday

Morning, just TV and sleeps..

Night, we walk to nearby Pasar Malam..Bought many kilos of tomato, chillis and vegetables..We cook right after arrived at home.A special one. I prepared extremely hot sambal! I missing this delicacy so much..Wouldn't it be nice if I have mortar and pestle at my room to make my own sambal. Note: not for compounding purpose.hehehe..

25 Sept-Friday@Reality

My cousin send us to the Klang Bus Station at 12pm.We took a bus to KL.We walk to Pudu.It's not really far.We have again McD as lunch before continuing the walking to Pudu..I waited for the Transnasional bus, luckily I am riding the same bus with Naja. He's also celebrating raya around there, at Subang to be precise, went back to USM early just like me...
We arrived at Sungai Nibong before 9..I shared a taxi with Naja and the Pakcik charged us RM12..huhuhuhu...It's better than having to pay it all by myself!

Solat,taking bath..and here am I, back to the reality..

My cousin supplied me with these...Almond London!

Other Pictures
My bro is working while everybody else is enjoying their raya.Mimin loves riding bike and don't want to let go..

Doraemon @ Jusco!!Eating my sis's head.wahahaha..

Me & my 2nd cousin from my mum's side

Just 3 of us,my youngest was staying at Putrajaya with another cousin.He's going back to sabah at 21sept(the next day)

September 3, 2009

The harsh weekend

Last Friday, after finished the Biochemistry lab at 11a.m or so, I went to attend the Green Lung meeting and it finished approximately at 3pm.I went back to my room, excitedly turned on my laptop.But unfortunately, something seems wrong. Noises came out from my laptop..Like something wrong inside..and it can't turn on!!!It really shocks me..In a nick of time, I get myself ready,I bring it to the PC shop at Sg. 2..

I called and smsed my bro and my bf, as two of them know a lot about computers.But they can't help much, just keep on asking me to bring it for repair.While my brother, asked me to open the laptop myself, to see what wrong inside..(I wish I know how to detect the problem).

After arrived at one of the PC shop, as soon as I turn on the laptop so that the technician can tell me what's wrong with my laptop, the PC shop owner who's just passing by said to me, "hard disk rosak"..waaaaaa!!! what about all my 2-years-data inside???huhuhuhuhu.... I asked for the price of the new hard disk, he told me RM180 for 160GB hard disk (just like my old one) including the service to format, but I can only get my laptop back at Wednesday..So, I just trying to find another shop that can repair my laptop ASAP.

I went to another shop not far from the previous one, the girl at the counter told me that they will charge RM50 for just formatting the laptop!!They sell Seagate 250GB internal hard disk for RM186.At the time, I can't even evaluate whether the price is reasonable or not, because I didn't know the current market price for internal hard disk..again..I turn it off..Wanna search for other offer..

I went to nearby ATM and withdraw RM200.I stop by to another PC shop near the ATM, they sell a 320GB of western digital internal hard disk for RM210.It sounds good to me.Then I just bought it with the same price,as the person-in-charge can't even cut off the price for me..They insert the new hard disk for me,and plugged in my old hard disk to their PC to see whether it is still functioning..It cannot be detected,and the sound came from my hard disk made the guy in the shop laughs..He said that it's too loud!Huh...I don't know...

With the blank hard disk drive, I went to see Opong to help me format the laptop..At least it is cheaper than RM50..Huhuhu...Anyway, thanks Opong..

The next day, before even getting my laptop back from service,my fish died....waaaaa!!!I just posted an entry about it..Haven't give it a name..Maybe because I took too much pictures of it..(orang tua dulu2 cakap, jangan tangkap gambar binatang,nanti cepat mati).Huhuhu...I think the C.O.D (cause of death) is related to the water..The excessive uneaten fish food dissolved in the water, increased the concentration of ammonia, cause my fish to suffer from toxicity..(the way a science student thinks,huhuhuhu...).The colour of the water is still okay..not dark or something..just a little bit clowdy..

I already bought two fishes yesterday..But not as cute as the previous one.Nevermind, as long as my aquarium is not empty..huhuhuhu...

That's all...Happy Ramadhan...

August 26, 2009

Endless activities with my gang..

Two weeks ago,my Sabahan friends and also juniors invite me to join them for steamboat.It's not just an ordinary steamboat, we make it ourselves!!hahahaha...By electrical devices such as water heater, rice cooker ,plug extension and etc. DUP is our maracas,we misuse the place as not many people in USM, they all went home for the mid-sem break,surely..not for us!

It's actually Cath's idea..We spent about RM100 at Tesco to buy all the needed ingredient such as prawn ball, sotong ball, fish ball, crab sticks, meat ball,chicken ball,tom yam and chicken paste,carbonated drinks,chicken,vegetables and etc....and we manage to feed more than 10 peoples, FEED THEM FULL!!wahahahaha..

Wanna learn how we make the steamboat??hihihi...first, we boil water using water heater..Then, we transfer the boiled water into the rice cookers.two of them actually.It is quicker this way.After that, we add in some of the ingredient together with the tom yam paste.Some salt is also added(belongs to Erhan) to make the soup taste better. We just waited beside the rice cooker, and start eating them with rice(also cooked by Erhan)when it is cooked.Make sure all of the raw ingredients are washed properly before cooking them yaahhh..

I'm very full that night.My breathing also turn out to be uneasy..After all the eating, we still have many leftovers...We forces my friends to take it back for breakfast..Hahaha... They just like wanna thrown up due to excessive eating. We also drank special drink made by Erhan. chrysanthemum tea..Tasty!!We want to do this again next time...wahhh...Picture will be uploaded later (internet prob!)

Last week, I also went to many places in Penang..Including batu ferringhi,chocolate boutique,padang kota,fort Cornwallis,komtar,queensbay... wah wah wahh...also, bayan lepas industrial area (seem to be lost when wandering around Penang with a rented car) and again etc!!

Banana boat(the 3rd time) at batu ferringhi..This time it is far extreme..My outfit wet almost entirely

My super duper lazy fish

I bought a fish 3 weeks ago..I've planned to have one in my room for so long and I already bought a cute aquarium that cost me RM15 months ago.Hahahaha....I went to a pet shop,just in front of USM Sg 2 gate to buy the fish.With me are Ifah and Nor.Ifah also bought four fishes but unfortunately they all died last week.She said that maybe she put excessive anti-chlorine that cause all the fishes to die.

Having a pet really excites me..I show it to many friends.Invite them to my room just for them to see the fish.Their usual question will be, "kenapa ikan tu tak gerak?".Hahahaha...This is what I'm gonna explain in this post...Hahaha..

My fish is super duper lazy..It will move and swim if only there's foods or you did something to scare it(noise or touch).If not, it will just lie down on the base of the aquarium doing nothing.Sometimes, it just let the blue stones in the aquarium to cover its body while it is "sleeping".I don't know why it is so lazy.Last time when I bought it, I choose the one which swims very fast and mischievously chasing other fishes.But eventually, I also don't know why, it behavior turns out to be opposite of what I have seen. My friends recommends me to buy a "friend" for the fish..I'm still considering their suggestion.The aquarium maybe not big enough for two fishes..See what I can do to change the laziness of this fish..

My fish..cute right?

It is sleeping..zzzzz...

August 16, 2009

I love bears...

Yesterday,I'm on duty for Pharmatrade in the afternoon for two hours,6pm to 8pm.Most of the time, I just sit there,chatting with Shaiful and laughing as other boys make jokes,they just like having some kind of party there.Don't know why, the schedule for duty for the afternoon are filled with boys' names..I mean, Malay boys.While on duty,they bought sate,cucur and eat them together.I just listen to Shaiful's plan on spending JPA scholarship money and other plans in life.Some of his statement really shocks me!especially when he encourage me to plan for marriage as early as possible.He's one of the earliest person that close to me,because he is my study group's leader.We also talked about blogs and some other things..Sometimes I feel like I'm more like myself when talking to boys.

In these few days convocation expo,many stalls selling big bears are opened.It attracts most of us...Some friends bought them as present for their loved one, some of them got from someone and others,bought for themselves.I look at the cute bears and started imagining wouldn't it be nice if someone would give this to me..Then, I smsed my bf,telling him to bought one patung for me..big that I can hug it.I rarely request something from him.Don't know why, I feel like I really want him to give me one.It's not like I don't want to waste my money for it, it just that I want the patung to be special--a gift from my beloved.Buying for ourselves and getting it from our loved one is two different situations.You will see difference in appreciating them..I always see how Nasma took care the bear that she got from Loban more carefully than other more expensive bears that she already has.She won't even let me hug it!hehehe...

I walk by the bears stall every days in these few days on convocation week..I really want one!Don't care if someone think this is a pathetic way to get something.He's my bf anyway..hehehe...He already bought it for me..a chipmunk!

I love you abg..

August 13, 2009

Lab report?

Yesterday, I went out from my room before eleven right after finished doing my part for medcam assignment.I went to Ifah's room, we went to school together, to meet our supervisor for another assignment for antimicrobial therapy.Then at 2pm,I replaced Nasma for Pharmatrade duty.It finished at 4pm.At 5pm, I went for my English class that supposed to be 2-hours-class.But it turn out to be just approximately 1hour, minus all the waiting and talking..After finished the class, I went to PERSIS cubicle to help out for the preparation of the dancers.We finished all the make-up,nails,clothes and other final preparation at 8.40pm.Then, the dancers are ready at the backstage of the Convocation Stage just before 9.They are invited to perform for the Convocation Expo.

After watching the performance, spending money on foods,talking,laughing,taking photographs,we on our way back to our room before 12.I go to my friend's room first at Tekun to take something,then went back to my room.My mind is still thinking about the lengthy lab report that I haven't started.The worst thing is,the due date is tomorrow!!

Meteorologist predicted that there will be meteor shower at 1.30a.m..All my friends have planned to meet at dataran kawad after resting for 1 hour.But me, due to the tiredness and unfinished lab report,I didn't go.Although I have promised to some of them that I would come.Eventually, I slept..wake up before subuh.huhuhuhu....This morning, my senior graduated,and I can't meet her for the last time at USM because of the lab report that I haven't finished.Huh!!I'm kind of disappointed.But,academic is the priority here!!Lab report contribute to a significant amount of marks for the final!!I must finish the lab report!So, alhamdulillah..I have finished it after spending about 6 hours to do it.And at 2 pm,I will have lab.It will finished at 5 when the KOK started(don't know whether it will still go on or not).I want to go to Convocation Expo to eat laksa sarawak..Hopefully,it will not sold out yet.

Gwen just told me that the meteor shower really happens.A lot of meteors can be seen.and she said that they all lying on the dataran kawad to see it together....It is beautiful!Huhuhuhu...I'm jealous!!

August 1, 2009

My cousins

I have an unbelievable fact to tell you guys....
I has many first cousins from my dad site..5 of them are my dad's younger brother's chidren..
I've only met them last week, for the first time of my entire lifetime..Hahaha...The oldest is only 18years old..and the second is only 14.But they look very mature and I hardly believe that Syamil is only 14!!He's taller than my bro and off course taller than all of us..The other 3 are stil can be considered as kids, and they like to fight between themselves!hahaha..Kimi,Jami and Dina.

I only been in KL for 1 and a half day last week.The first day that is Friday (since I have no lab and I did not join the orientation week as the commitee),my sis fetch me from Pudu and we shopped for clothes.The second day, we went to lowyat to accompany my younger brother to buy a laptop. After buying the laptop, we went to my uncle house near Ampang and stay there until 9p.m. Although my elder brother only lived somewhere in Shah Alam,he couldn't make it...He said he's busy...That's fine!

When I look at my uncle, I can see my dad in him.It's not just simply because of their similarity in their looks but also their behaviour and the way of presenting themselves. We siblings burst into laughter for a few times when my uncle do things exactly like how my dad will did.It's really odd yet exciting to see it..My dad's siblings all stays in peninsula, we hardly seen them..So, to be in this situation-to observe the similarities, is really really fun.

When really focusly observed , actually there are also similarities between us cousins.I like to look more about behaviour and I can spot some of it, while my aunt prefer to observe our looks.She compared three of us siblings,are our looks more to our dad or mum..She said that we are more to our dad's look. Then, she compare us as cousins..and she said that Zulaikha's face is more like us,more to my uncle side..and syamil look nothing like us because he look more like her.

We cousins took a bus to ampang point at the afternoon. Nothing much there. I see Zulaikha holding his bro's hand while walking, and I also did the same thing, holding my brother's hand!! Can it be count as a similarity?? I think so..."closeness between siblings"

Me,my bro and my cousin,Zulaikha..My bro really look a lot thinner..Don't know why my cousin like to make that kind of face..Hihi..

Hope to see them again next time..With more money and time to spend..hehehe!!

July 14, 2009

Shocking yet scary..

Last Sunday..My brother SMSed me at 8p.m. at night..He told me that his hand was injured..I asked him about it and he told me that he climbed his bathroom window to go in to his room because he left his key inside the room, he forgot to bring it.He state that "sikit lagi aku jatuh" in his SMS. After listen to his explanation, I try to visualize where the bathroom situated and how come the bathroom window is next to his room window.?I just let it go after that and advised him not to climb,instead go to the office to get extra key..In matriculation my friends also do the same, when they left their key inside the room, they open the glass from the window and go inside..I just imagine it to be like that..nothing dangerous instead of the sharp "bingkai tingkap".

The next morning, my brother smsed me to tell me that one of the student has fell from the forth floor of the hostel (same level and same building as my brother's room)and surprisingly, he is doing the same thing as my brother..Climbing from the bathroom window to his room because he has no key..His roomate who is inside the room was watching movie and didn't realise that his roomate is knocking the door. and there is goes..The 'climbing" took away his life..he is just the same age as my brother. Just entered UTM for about two weeks..

Today, finally the news has been covered in this newspaper. I see where the two windows are situated, and how dangerous is actually was!!! nothing underneath it..If someone fell down, nothing he can grab on and there's nowhere to be safe..goshhhh!!!
For more information
Go to with keyword "Pelajar UTM maut jatuh asrama"

Al-fatihah for the student...

July 5, 2009

Anti-kutu sampah

I hope that the campaign about will be a success..Huh?!They are putting a lot of efford to increase the number of garbage bins around the town,at least my hometown will become cleaner...SAYA ANTI KUTU SAMPAH..hehehe...I give my 100% support!!

Awas.....anda sedang diperhatikan...hehehe...did the officer in-charge really will fine someone for littering??I haven't seen it before..Prove me wrong!


I definately will miss this..This picture is taken at noon, all the tauhu were sold and my dad only get plain mee with no tauhu.

A restaurant that only sell limited kind of food, located in somewhere non-stratergic...The shops all around it are car-repairing garage or the same species of business..but eventually a restaurant located there..You won't get any food left if you go there at noon..Come here in the morning to taste the TRULY mee tauhu.."Give me mee kahwin with two small tauhu and two big tauhu"..hahaha...this is the way my dad ordered..hehehe..

A seafood treat near the highway..Huh?!thanks dad...

Eating seafoods beside the highway..For me, no where can beat the seafood here..We can choose our fish although it is frozen.hahaha.and the most important thing doesn't cost much!!

Yesterday,I went to a restaurant at Ba Zhong complex for Tom Yam..It's also delicious..It reminds me of Tom Yam from the Gee Tom Yam restaurant...My dad want to fullfil his promise..Tom yam for us!Although I actually want to eat Tom Yam that he cook himself..It definately will taste better!

And another experience of eating out...One day my dad brought us to an ordinary restaurant, it owned by chinese but every workers including the cookers(off course) are muslim..The restaurant are filled with people, we managed to get a table after waiting someone to pay for their meal..

My dad ordered,then come 4 glasess of drink that look like Teh-O ice..But when I drink it, it reminds me of a chinese herb that my mom use to forced me to drink when I'm having fever..Then I realised that the drink is a MUST in this restaurant..Although you are not ordering it, you will eventually get it for free(I wonder if it's really free, they must charge inclusive for certain meal for this drink..hehehe..doubtful me!!)

Then, with a plate of rice, sambal and also with fried fish dipped inside a bowl of "sayur rebus" for each of us, we started eating..What a weird dish..Maybe this is what make this restaurant SPECIAL compared to other..But it is tasty though..People keep on coming when we are eating..I hardly have a chance to snap some photos,too afraid that someone might notice..Each recipe is secret for every restaurant!!Taking photo might be some kind of violation unless no one is seeing..Hahahahahaha...

There are so much more about eating out...wahahahaha...can't wait to taste more FOODS!!

Direct selling

25june 2009

Someone went to my house, they are two direct selling staffs selling water filtration product..They introduce themselves as marketing student from a government university(better not mention which university).They will get a ensured scholarship sponsored by the company with a condition that they must sell the company's products to earn more than 300 points in 4 months provided. The filtration device seems like simple stuff, like ordinary plastic feature,with four filtration chambers, cylinder in shape..

At first, we asked the price, but the salesgirls seem to ignore the question and continue convincing us with a lots of evidence from the file she brought along. We kind of convinced with her until she told us the cost nearly 3k althought after so called "student discount".Maybe, it is expensive.But by naked eye, we see the things that made up the product seem to look cheap.

She also do many demo to show us the different in chlorine level in filtered water by this device and tap water..She put some drop of testing reagent and the different kind of water started to give different colours..And guided by a file filled with articles,she told us different colours tell different level of chlorine, and showing us which water contain chlorine the most.Shockingly, it is the cooked tap water> tap water> filtered water by the device. It's kind of convincing until I asked myself, what is the scientific name of the reagent that they use? They just answered me that it is "auto reader from Jabatan Air".I feel guilty to ask more, than I started keep quite and let my mom hear all the talks.

I admire these two students efforts to get a scholarship, but me as people who is not use to marketing or whatever, I still think that the way they persuades people to buy is kind of urging and forcing..How come they can't give up after being told "no" for 10 times??huh?!But at least they don't give up trying..That's also a good quality.

This incident give me a very useful experience..seeing a student at my age to talk and convince people like that really give a "wow" impression in me.But it also teaches me to held any desire and not easily taken by it while making a CRUCIAL decision.and...not to BELIEVE in people or thing so easily..When talking about believing, it must be evidence-based.and again when talking about being evidence-based, we must first make sure that the EVIDENT is reliable before really taking it into consideration and start BELIEVING.(Mustaqim must love this..hehehe..believe??)

I purposely blurred it, identity of students are protected..hehe..

I'm sorry if the product is really made up of expensive material and the reagent to test the water is really proved to be efficient in knowing the chlorine level..But for me doubting is still good in certain condition..Convince me!What do you think??

The day before tomorrow..

Tomorrow I will be going back to Penang..There are only me left in this house with my parents.All my other siblings have gone back to peninsular..So, today my dad brought me to town to shop for my needs.

Sponsored by my parents, I just simply "give order".Telling them where should my dad drive us to, and what I want to buy..I feel like someone important..hehehe..I got my ABC treat today..Don't know when will I be eating eat it again..huhuhu..I went to Watson to by the thing that I want to buy for so long..It's Madermal..costs me RM33.

We went to Pasar Besar to buy my amplang,to add more to my collection that I bought last week..hehehehe...Last week I don't buy enough,plus I need to give to few friends as I have promised them.One of them is Mustaqim..And also, I bought a box of Indomee Mi Goreng from the grocery store near the Pasar Besar for RM18. It's hard to find Indomee Mi Goreng at the place where I'm studying..Only Mi sedap that's not really sedap are always being sold.I just want to help 10-20 packets of it..But my mom forced me to took it all with me...on the plane!!

My amplang(s)


If I compare me with my sister, she bought more FOOD COLLECTION than me..She got enchovies,sambal,many kind of biscuits beside amplang and Indomee Mi Goreng.. Yesterday when her stuffs were weighed at the airport, the box filled with food is already weighed almost 7kg..hahaahahaa!!all her stuff and luggage into the cargo are 23kg,luckily the MAS officer didn't charged us any although it was 3kg over-weight.My mom seems to bought us every little things that we desired..huhuhu...So did my dad..

I will be needing this since I be will arriving at 2 international airports tomorrow

I bought this spongebob sticker for RM1..Cute!!

I will miss my PC.huhuhu..

When I gone back to Penang, it's only my dad and my mom left in this house..huhuhu..Hope they will always be fine..I love my parents!!

With different environment,different way of life,different target and aim,USM is waiting for me!!I will be out of my comfortable zone.It's me towards the future..

June 30, 2009

I felt ALONE..

My brother has gone to UTMKL..This is the first time my family member LEFT me,instead of I'm leaving them,and it's HURT!!! These few days, I think about him most of the time, and I can't concentrate! I don't know whether my sister miss him too, I noticed that she is not like showing sad expression.

Talking about my brother..He's my loyal companion..Last time, I hold his hand while wandering around PASAR MINGGU.Other family members was walking far behind us. Then, his chemistry teacher saw him.She started to say,"Naaa...sapa lagi ni..?" with THAT look.My bro just smile and I answered and pointing my finger to myself,"saya kakaknya".Then his teacher replied,"kakaknya ka jugak?".Then we just smiled and continue walking and that smiles seems to not vanish from our faces at that moment.What's obvious is, he is taller than me..Maybe that's why his teacher seems to not believe it.My brother helped me a lot, taught me to drive a motorcycle, send me to town, bought me food and ice-cream, lend me some money when I need it..He's my fellow! I see him as a GOOD BROTHER, unlike other people who always treat their older sibling rudely or with disrespect..

Sometimes I feel like, when I'm in the great mood..I got many people around me to ask me out, to accompany me and simply having fun. But while I'm really down, it is the moment when everyone seems to dissapeared. People are not accepting your phone call,your dad has gone to work, and nothing interesting to watch on tv to cheer you up. It is just like a coincidence,a bad coincidence. I don't know whether the emotion influences what I see around me or what's around me influences my emotion. Maybe when I'm down, all the good things around me seems to be invisible and I am not able to notice it.

While thinking about my brother, I just looking forward to meet him after I go back to peninsular.IMMEDIATELY if that's possible..I really can't stand this now..I feel like crying..Huh?!This is hard!!

DJ asked me out tomorrow to watch movie and also treat me KFC as she has promised me years ago..I haven't see her for more than a year...Looking forward for tomorrow..huh?! I broke my promise to my other friend..and now she has registered to UMS.She waited for more than a month to go out with me and I always said no.And now, I've lost my chance to do what I promised her.I'm a bad friend!

Friends come and go...Family stick with you no matter what happened..What I got in my life now is just my family, my education,my bf and few friends and I don't want to LOST any of them...I love you all!!

June 21, 2009

My friend's bad day..

After reading all interesting posts from my friends' blogs.I also got an interesting story to tell.I have delayed this quite a few days..It is about, Yuslizhah's bad day..hehehehe...

Last Wednesday, my friend,Yuslizhah came to my house in the afternoon.She bring her sister with her.She also bring her laptop along because the purpose she came to my house is to ask my brother's favour to fix her laptop.For your information, she is just back from a clinic because her right eye ball is swelling..She want to finish her report quickly but eventually her laptop cannot be used and needed to be repaired.

After quite sometimes explaining her laptop problems to my brother,chatting with my family and so on..She wanted to go to town and asked me to go with her but I refused.So, there she go..Walking down the stairs with her sister...Moments later, my phone rang, it's her calling from down stair..Telling me that there's something wrong with her remote car key.She can't open her car!

My bro and I then went down to help her.We can't do anything either..We know nothing about car..My bro is better than me,at least he know how to drive..My brother take a risk to open the remote to look inside.Try to fix it, with the help of a knife..just to let you know,my brother is an EXPERT in causing DAMAGE to something.hehehe...

My bro gave a try..He's not really fixing anything..hehehe..

Yus also tried..

We realised that the light from the remote was still shining when it is pressed.So obviously there's nothing wrong with it.But through the phone, Yuslizhah's father told her to knock the remote and then try it over and over again because he was kind of convince that the problem is from the remote itself.

Yuslizhah's sister kept on urging her to open their car manually.But we terrify that the car alarm can disturb the entire area with the loud sharp sound and may even can't be turns off..After minutes of constant urging, many phone calls to and from their parents, they finally decided to open the car manually..At that time, I am ready to shut my ear watching closely when she is opening her car manually..But eventually, the car door was opened without a single alarm sound...

Yuslizhah was blur.Then, she tried to turn on the engine, and it can't turn on either...Obviously, the car was out of battery..It explains the absence of alarm and also why the remote didn't trigger the car to open the lock..My bro and I just kept on smiling at the time.We can't laugh..hey, somebody is having problems here!

My friend is frustrated when her engine can't start,somehow the door is already opened

Yuslizhah's dad then came by and looked at the car with the help of Leman's father and her friend's father that gave her father a ride..Jumper took place, but the car still can't move..Yuslizhah and her sis finally went home by a cab as her father told her to..At the night, her dad came here again to try for the second time,and finally it worked out..The engine can starts already..Don't actually know how they do that.I just take a glance from my the window when the day is already dark.I saw my dad is also there.He just came back from town at the time.

First jumper session

My dad came home and say "Patutlah Haji Yusof masuk balai terus tadi..kereta rosak dalam balai rupanya.."My bro and I just hehehe-ING..

That's the story of my friend's bad day..It's hers, our time will come later..Just try to help anybody that in needs in their bad day..Then, perhaps next time others will help us in our unique version of BAD DAY..Don't you think so?

P/S-I took all the pictures above secretly without being notice..hehehe...evil me!hehehe...

June 14, 2009

Terrible me..

This morning I woke up because my handphone rang, then my father also kept on telling me to wake up from the living room.I can hear his voice loud enough. We are going to Takada he said. I started to look for my handphone eventually found it under the pillow, it was a sms from yantie,asking me whether I want to hang out today with them.I tell her I can't because my dad has planned something for today..I felt a little bit guilty because I have promised them long ago...perhaps more than 1month,I promised them to hang out some time during the school holiday,as one of my friend from maktab only have her holiday on school holiday.But, I broke my promise, and today she asked to hang out, I can't either..

Then, another friend sms, asking me about my old plan. I say we will do it some time.Then she asked me, "ko tau ka ari ni ari apa?"..aArrrggghhhh!!I forgot! Today is her birthday..She is my bestfriend, first in the list you know..How can I forgot about it..Huhuhu..Terrible..Then I started to think about my other friend invitation to hang out this morning, maybe she already planned a birthday celebration for Nisa and I said no??huhuhuhu...

I went to Takada(pasar minggu) and bought laksa for RM1.50 and many other kuih-muih.My dad bought lemang but it is not as tasty as he always make during raya.hehehe..This is why I love my hometown so much..The food is very cheap in price..After having our "2-rounds-tawaf", we go home,and go to Logpond,my second home..My makcik's house actually...I ate my laksa there.After long talk...laughs..discussions...we go back home..

My mom forced me to come with her to the airport.As a anak yang baik, I go with her and my other family members just go home..We go to the airport to send somebody(menghantar baa..).He is actually the used to be Ketua Polis Daerah Tawau, coming to Tawau with his wife for holiday after he has retired, his wife quite close with my mum..He is Datuk Kuik Harris and his wife..Having drinks with them at the airport, my mango drink already costs RM5.50 and normal can soda cost RM3.50.wahwahwah...Airport!Off course nothing is cheap here. The best thing is...we don't have to pay..Faham2 laa...

Forget to tell you, we go to the airport by police van, we stopped by the police garage and the van picked us up with other fews makcik..Haven't have a ride on police vehicle for a long time..Somekind of excitement for me..The van that we have ride in is covered with black JERIJI BESI on almost every side of the van windows.Have a ride on it, I just feel like somekind of criminal, caught by the police..YOU CAN'T GET OUT FROM THIS VEHICLE!! When I was a kid, I always go to many events by police vehicles, and also when I was a ANGGOTA KADET POLIS(yang hanya berpangkat Konstable,xpandai naik2 pangkat).I reminiscing the day when we go to Kota Marudu by LORI POLIS. It's actually a one-day-ride..Goshhh!!We only stop to go to toilet..But, those are sweet memories that I can't never forget..

Singgah d Batu 5 utk ambil sesuatu

Jeriji besi

Jeriji besi di antara tempat duduk depan dan belakang

On the way back from the airport, we stopped by a restaurant..Many people are there..My mum said, the SOTO BANJAR there is very delicious.We ordered.I have my SOTO and also CENDOL..somebody pays also..Thanks Mak cik Raipah..

I got home and I see my sister cooking something in the kitchen..Another meal after publishing this post!hehehehe...Appreciating the time with lots of food around me..Wahahahaha..See u!

June 6, 2009

Hihihi..Just a writing..

Two days ago, I have my first meal of the day..but it's actually lunch and not breakfast. I took some rice, my dad's curry and I saw a bowl of vegetable, the usual way of my mum's cooking with garlic and it looks delicious.Then I took some, put the vege on my plate with it's gravy.I sat in the living room, in front of tv, ready to eat my meal.Then, I just feel like throwing up.The vegetable is sooo bitter.Waaa..I go to the kitchen, and throw all my food away and also the food inside my mouth.I don't know what kind of leaf that my mom cooked this time..but I thought it is sawi.huhuhuhu....For your infomation, the mom always look for herb that famously known to be good for health.My perents also love to eat petai, ulam raja, daun pegaga and other similar KIND of plants..I prefer ulam raja better than other..

After having my meal(a new set of food on the new plate off course!),I'm ready to go to town with my brother.He want to make a bank account.CIMB..Don't know why he is so excited.I just go to accompany him and filled all the necessary forms for him..We waited and waited, for more than an hour..The bank is close at 4.30p.m. but we are still waiting at that time..The guard started to lock the door of the bank already..When it is our turn, the banker look at my brother's IC and said, you haven't turns 18 should wait another 13 days and come back here..Oh noo..I just remembered that my my bro not yet 18 when I already waiting inside the bank..The only account that available to be registered at that time is only CIMBIslamic, where the applicant must be 18 years old and above.The system for the usual CIMB bank account registration is DOWN at the time.Never mind...We'll try it next time..Off course when he turns 18!!When my sister was back from kuhara, she also take the vegetable and screamed out loud due to the bitterness while eating..Me and my dad just laughed..Hahaha...Then, my dad took the leaf@vege, and start to eat it in front of us, and he said "sedapnyaaa ni..."..Waaaa!! My dad is the hero when it comes to hot and bitter food..

My sister and I went to the library yesterday..I borrowed a book.Currently enjoying reading it..It's the life of a woman called Kate Cadogan when she was a teenager I read the chapter when she is already 22 years old..Looking forward to finish it soon.
Love it!

That's all for now..until next time..see you!

May 30, 2009

Another Issue..?

I go to town today with my mom and sister. When we passed through a groceries store, my mom being greet by a chinese aunty, a friend of my mom and also the mom of my primary school classmate, Hii Yii Yew..Nothing more exciting than talking about our studies..She told me that that his son is now studying at HELP University, somewhere in peninsular,study law..and I told her about mine also..Luckily I still understand chinese language well..Haha..and be able to talk also.

Then, the aunty started to talk about the opportunity for chinese to enter matriculation college under KPM. and she said that just a few of S.M. St. patrick chinese student be able to enter it..and she asked me, whether there are lots of chinese back in my matriculation academic session and I said that there's quite a number but there is a "kuota" for non-bumi to enter the matriculation.

She started to say that government don't like them because they don't be supported financially by the government.I just kept quite and a little disagree with that statement and my mom started to say simply say that,because you all got lots of money maa, unlike us..need to depend on the government's help. Hehehe..Then the aunty said, you see..I have to carry all these boxes (filled with stuffs) to earn money to support my children's studies.(For your info, she owned that groceries store).

I noticed that chinese prefer to enter private college and that's why it costs a lot..and also they don't prefer to take LOAN unlike us which need to borrow money to further study..There's no difference, it is only the matter of paying the fees now or later..and also, private college or government's.To enter government university is not difficult, it is only the matter of interest to proceed study there..If they can't get into matriculation under KPM, they still have form 6, there is no "kuota" for non-bumi in form 6.The aunty is very friendly though..

To know the truth, we must hear from both side right? I think about the aunty's complain and I also have my own personal thought on this issue..Training myself to think rationally..:-)

So...What do you think?

Tooth Paste Issue..

Did you notice contradictory between different brands of toothpaste commercials in tv these days? I wouldn't notice it if someone hasn't told me about the "floride issue".

Few weeks back, someone asked me about the brand of toothpaste that I used.I just answered him truthfully, and he eventually tell me about the negative effects of toothpaste that contains floride. I started to give him feedback by telling him that I have growing till this time, all my childhood I've been exposed with tv commercial that stated,floride is GOOD for teeth. I can't simply change my mindset about it. He started to give me many websites url about this issue.. I surfed a few, it was quite convincing and once, I have try to look for the toothpaste without floride while shopping for groceries with my mom. Unfortunately, I can't find any.. Then, I started to ignore the issue, still using toothpaste with floride, the same brand that I have used as long as I can remember.

My friend told me that when we brush our teeth,off course we will swallowed some of the toothpaste, and if the tooth paste contains floride, that means we swallowed some amount of floride EVERYDAY. Floride is toxic for body in a large dose. Due to the consumption of floride daily, plus drinking the tap water (mixed with floride during the filteration process), there is a high risk that our body accumulate a large amout of floride that eventually leads to many health risks.

He suggested some brand of tooth paste that not contain floride. As I said earlier, I've tried to find it, but I didn't manage to get one.Maybe I don't really give real effort to that.

Why don't you all start to focus on tooth paste tv commercial these days....
There is one brand of tooth paste commercial that emphasize about the NO FLORIDE in their product possibly because of this issue and another one shows a scene where a customer have problem with their teeth because all these days they have used NO FLORIDE tooth paste, then a man wearing a white coat started to give advice and suggested that they should use XXXX brand of tooth paste because it contains FLORIDE which is GOOD for teeth..So, which one should we believe then?

There's an episode of CSI where a wife consumed two packs of EXTRA-FLORIDE tooth paste, and she dies due to overdose.I've discussed this with my bf, we do believe that overdose of floride can kill someone, but about just brushing teeth can cause health risk?? I have not believe in it totally..Still in search for an answer.

I will look for more information about these issue. When talking about BELIEVING, I think it should be EVIDENCE-BASED. Shouldn't it?

May 25, 2009

Today is mine...

I slept early last night..really tired after going to town to buy veges and other groceries,also helping my dad preparing a meal today - Kari ikan pari. My father suddenly mentioned about wanted to eat ikan pari, so I suggest him to cook.It is a very long time since I eat my dad's cooking..My dad rarely cook, usually on special occasion only.I mean the day when I request him to..wahahaha..Ikan pari is not really major choice here as Tawau is one of the fishing town, there are other choices of fish with good price here. We always eat good quality fish,fresh from the sea. Hehehehe...But time passed by, few days back I really shocked to see that Ikan Basong is sold RM4 per kg.It used to be just RM1.50. Wow..I started to talk about fish right now..Hihihi..

Helping my dad on the kitchen is not a really tiring task. Usually I just helped to stir,wash all the foods before being cooked and also wash all the dirty dishes and clean up all the mess. But yesterday, my dad ask me to prepare the "sambal",with the help of pestle and mortar (it's not for preparing dosage form)..I'm very good at this.Hehehe..I prepare a lot and very very "kick", causing my dad in search for water while eating it and asked me,"setengah kilo kah cili padi yang ko guna ni kin?". Hehehe.. The sambal that I prepared finally defeated my dad who is the king of spicy food in this house. Wahahaha... (dictator's laugh)

I woke up in the middle of the night because my phone rang. My bf wish me birthday although it is not yet 12a.m.. Hehehehe.. Thanks abg.. Then, my sis and bro started to sing me the birthday song with a cake. They never try to surprise me before.. Don't know where my bro bought this after 10p.m. I slept after 10 and there's nothing in the refrigerator yet..

Small cake but it is more than enough for me

Happy birthday to me!!I'm already 20!Huhuhu..Thanks everyone for the wish..I really appreciate it..

My sis requested me a laptop skin long time ago..So, I bought one for her for RM20 in Prangin, with abstract theme..Her laptop has lots of scratch marks on it although it is not yet two years old. I took some times to stick it on..It look like an easy task but actually it really need accuracy and patience..Fortunately it turns out to be okay..

It is like shining!

More stories in the days ahead!!

May 22, 2009

Somekind of thing..(SOMETHING)

I experienced this in semester one....

I don't even focus in the lecture hall, don't really do my work and assignment properly..Just get it done without quality..and still remember Prof Pazilah (Thanks Aida..Hehehe..nama lecturer pn ble lupa) said about the drawings of agar plate in the lab report that not look like one because it is not "round" enough! I think my drawing is one of those.Hehehehe...She started to talk about students should show their effort in the lab report.She suggested that we should have use anything round to guide us to draw a circle..Hehehehe..

The drawing should actually be like this

At that time, I'm still adapting to the new environment.I came to the peninsular for the first time..Still not having that much friends..Plus,my bf is far from me..There are too many things going on in my head that I barely focus in my study.. Pak cik Omar always asked me "Do you got problems?" and he also asked Catherine about me.Hehehe..My face obviously showed my worries.

I can't simply burdens anyone with my problem, they all have one. I don't want to trouble my family..I'm not the kind of person who simple call my mom and say "mom, I have problem" and then cry!!I know that my mom can't take this..She maybe shocked and can't sleep thinking of me if that happens.She maybe 100 times worried than me myself..All this time, I just pretending that I'm strong enough to handle all the problems..Never ever cry on the phone when talking to my family since in matriculation.

I attend the POM study group with NOTHING!! I bet Nabila still remember that moment (Do you? hehehe..).Just simply listen for what they said and they actually know A LOT! Gained a lot of knowledge from these kind of session. But unfortunately, they gained NOTHING from me..

And when the time the first semester result came out, I got above 3. I'm taking pharmacy course, here everyone is struggling (I really mean STRUGGLE) to get good grades, and me without much effort manage to get above 3 pointer.Me myself also shocked..the prayer that seemed impossible that I did actually came true. Thanks Allah! Alhamdulillah..

And then people that knew my lifestyle at semester one and they started to say that I'm a genius and some of them simply was not satisfied with my result..Others making the fact that "I used to be a physical student" as a reason to should not have better grades than them who are life science students at matriculation. I just remained silent.

This experience really teaches me a lot..especially people you should and shouldn't trust. People that sincerely befriend with you or it's just only about the advantages that they can get from you.. Impression and expression.. What happened when you give the wrong impression and how to give appropriate expression so that other people will treat you the way you should be treated.I've gained a lot since I've entered USM. Lots other yet to come..

It's me toward the future!!