January 31, 2010

Telling you something although you don't want to listen

Previous night, I chatted with my brother through YM. He told me that he is chatting with his "scandal". He started photo sharing and showed me a picture of him and the girl. He said that the girl is his senior and she can't be his girlfriend because she is 2 years older than him, some age as me!I used to my brother.. I wonder when will my brother have real love towards girls. As far as I know, he just playing around and will accept anyone that interested in him or any girls is beautiful whom he can show her off in front of his friends.hmmm........

My friend slept in my room last night because it's too late when we finally decided to stop discussing about our lab report last night.It has past midnight. She lives at Tekun but she is too sleepy to walk back to her hostel. This morning, I woke up early because I got Taekwondo grading test today. The bus will depart at 8.15am from Sungai Dua gate.That's mean I have to walk to Sungai Dua since it's Sunday and no commuter bus service today. My friend performed her solat at my room and after she finished, she asked me for Al-Quran. Reciting Quran has been her daily habit, I knoew it because I came to her room many times. Shamefully, I forgot where I put mine..I searched in the cupboard, drawer and then back inside the cupboard.Finally, I found it. I gave it to her with embarassement. I hardly forgot where I put mine because I seldom reciting the Quran.hmmm.....I should improve in this.

After one week of intensive practice for grading. Finally, it's the day when I supposed to let everything out. This morning, during my Taekwondo grading test, there are more children there then teenagers like me (Teen??Hahaha..).It's so embarassing to see small children has coloured belts.Me, just a beginner with white belt.Hahaha...To add more awkwardness, they being graded the same as me, no specialty or special rules to them. During the test, some of the children stood in front of me and confidently performing the test. Before I being tested, I saw a little boy scratched his head during the test and also picked his nose during punching act.hahaha...It's so funny!Me and my friend laughed a lot watching while them.

Below are photos during the Taekwondo grading test

I have few unfinished business! and badly, I'm still feeling unwell after walking when the sun is right above my head just now. This week is going to be tough..The event that I have helped to manage since last semester is going to became reality this Saturday. I pray that everything is going to be as smooth as planned. I wrote countless letters just for this event. Being a secretary is not as easy as it looks like..It's stressful.

All of you are invited. The ticket is only RM2, you can get it from the booth at DK foyer. Let's come and watch Malam Citrabayu 2010. Seven universities all over peninsular Malaysia is going to compete for the winner title .YB Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan is going to have the honour do the opening ceremony.Thanks for coming YB datuk. We really appreciate your support.

Another post will be posted SOON!!

January 30, 2010


The sun is setting


In this post, I'm going to talk about self-defense. Defense is important. Either physically or mentally, you must have it. I'm learning Taekwondo which is the physical one. But mentally, I'm still weak.Hmmmm... You shouldn’t let people step on you. In order for this, you should not be Miss Nice all the time. Sometimes, when people joked “too much” about you, you should voice out and defense yourself to that person. Doing something you seen as a bit “not nice” is necessary for you to earn some respect, and it will avoid people messing with you. Trust me.

Real busy days of the week have passed by. Now, I just realized the importance of having a good mood at the very first class of the day. Just like the importance of having the first meal of the day(breakfast). This to ensure so that you will went to all classes the rest of the day with enthusiastically and with focus. If you screwed your first class, then all things for the day seems to went wrong..Fuhhh~~~.This is from what I experienced.

And another thing, when you never say "no" to things you don't want to do..Eventually, people turn out to think that you going to say "yes" every time. Then, they will ask you to do something without really asking for your agreement, they are thinking that you will do it anyway. As a conclusion, screw me!

I just started my family tree at Geni. It's kind of fun. Still in progress to invite all my family members to join. Why don't you try this..It's real fun!

I have lots of stories to tell.But I kept on forgetting all the things I planned to write. I'll write it as soon as I remember..ok? Thanks for reading....

January 7, 2010

Something is not quite right..

Since I have reached my 20s..Something about me seems to change.. I don't really sure whether the change is a good thing or not..hmmmm...To be honest, I have became too emotional when watching TV programs or movies...My tears will always fall off whenever I'm watching sad or touching story.Sometimes, even when watching oprah! kekekeke..I don't know where does this came from. I used to laugh at people who cried when watching or even reading sad novel. I mean, REALLY tease and laugh at them. hahahaha...

But, I won't let people see me cry. I will immediately wipe the liquid off my cheek and try to pretend nothing happened. But I think, my sister do notice.hahaha..Anyway, it is a sign that my feminine site is being expressed.hahaha...

Next, I want to talk about the change in term of how we of enjoy our happy time. Nowadays cameras are everywhere.Your handphone has camera, people have their own dslr or digital cam and CCTV is also everywhere.haha!(you should see my hostel.). You might ask, what about camera?

For me, the quality of having really great time is fading as too much pictures are taken during the memorable moment. Why? Long ago, when we went to have a memorable moment we will took FEW pictures, so that it will be something to remember.The moment, places and people. The rest, we will just spend the time with all sorts of activities. Now, it seems to me like we are spending longer time enjoying taking pictures than to really enjoying the moment itself.

Like myself, I have more than 100 pictures of people during an event from my camera alone. Pictures from other people's camera is not counted yet. In just one event, we wasted our time to take too much photos that we won't be needing. Especially the pictures with the same background, people wearing same shirt but different pose..

For me, snaping of photos disturbing the flow of the memorable moment. Maybe some people will say that they enjoying the moment by taking pictures. I don't really sure, whether they only enjoy the photography session or the moment itself.. I sure hope the latter, but both is better.

It is just how I see this thing, it is up to all af you to judge.