September 30, 2010

Feeling helpless

Just washed my clothes yesterday. After a week without washing any clothes.
But now, I just realized that it's has been raining heavily since the last few hours. I just woke up. I'm feeling. helpless. I better don't do anything about it. Either way, it's not gonna change anything.

September 22, 2010


I think I'm addicted to the Pecal Ayam's sambal that are sold in Solihin Cafe..Waaaa...

So delicious!!

This morning I took the chemistry quiz at DPC, then headed to my attend my one hour lecture.After that, I went to the CIMB bank to do a transaction. I went straight to my hostel afterwards. I'm so convince that I don't have lab practical in the afternoon so I just online and wait until 1pm to buy my lunch. The pecal ayam that I love will only available after 1pm. Huh.. 

I woke up out of nothing and I checked my phone. Then I read a shocking message " Salam. ko xdtg lab ke?". I keep on thinking what I've missed and keep on looking at the lab schedule. There's nothing written on it. I called her and I finally realized that today I should attend the Cosmetic lab practical. It's 2.30pm already. the lab started at 2pm. I rushed and rode the motorcycle as fast as I can take. Luckily, the lecturer don't even notice me coming into lab that late.Fuhhh... The practical is not on the schedule because it is an elective subject and not all people took it.

At that point, my mind is still thinking about Pecal Ayam that I unable to buy for today. It's only available during lunch time the lab practical only finish at 5pm.. Sighhh....

After the practical, I went straight to the cafe hoping that it is still there, but unfortunately it has been sold out. I just buy Nasi goreng Ayam and asked the mak cik to add some Pecal Ayam's Sambal to it. Huhuhu... At least, I can still have a taste to fulfill my addiction. Huhuhuhu... Anyone with the recipe?

September 20, 2010

How to download movies using USMHotspot

Ok.. Finally, I'm going to post a topic on how to download movie using USMHotspot.Many people asked me about this.. So here it is.

To download a movie using USMHotspot seems nearly impossible. This wifi blocked almost all possible movie resources such as the well known & Even if they do not block the two websites that I've just mentioned, we still can't download the movies. Because they blocked almost all the file hosting websites such as the frequently used rapidshare, mediafire,hotfile,USAUpload and many more. But there's a type of hosting website that rarely been blocked by USMHotspot. They are the VIDEO HOSTING WEBSITES.

Here's the trick. I simply use the existing video hosting websites to download movies with a direct link. I'm sure all of you are familiar with Real Player and IDM. I simply make use of the direct download button that appears everytime we watch a streaming video. I personally prefer IDM (Internet Download Manager). All I need is just to press the button and just wait for an hour and a half, walaaa...the movie finish being  downloaded!

The download button

You might wonder, how can you find the link for a specific movie from video hosting websites. There's many ways. But I suggest to just visit . This website provides many links for moviest hat being hosted by video hosting websites. But, I suggest you to just click the links that have a quality of a "smiley/laughing face". You'll understand what I mean once you visited the site.

There's another way,
You can use google as a tool to search movies within video hosting website, by using this search format.
example: ipman

By using the format above, google will search the keywords within that website only. So, less trouble to you.
There are many other video hosting websites you can use for this way of movie search.

Click here to download IDM
Below are the keys, try the other one if the first one is not working (I haven't try the keys)

Finally, download subtitle from for the movie you want to watch. For me, this subtitle database website is the best! It's reliable and easy to access.

I think, that's all.

I forgot to remain you about another thing. That is if your downloads stop half way, you can resume it by highlighting it, right click and select "refresh download link". Then, wait the website to load and press the "download this video" again. A dialog box will show up to tell you that you have successfully refreshing the link.Next, go to your IDM and highlight the related download, then right click and press "resume" The download will resume and you don't need to download it from the beginning.

P/S: Don't complain if the movie is not of good quality. This is simply a WAY OUT of movie download restriction using the wifi. Just appreciate what has been served for us.

September 18, 2010

Fall for 1st Impression

Yeah.. here I am again, writing about silly things. hope you'll enjoy it.

What's your taste for guys? Some of my friend told me that they easily fall for the bad guys type. Those with kinda not so great attitude, with cool hair(maybe long), rough, and everything. This is their taste. Mine? I prefer those with tasbih in their hand, kopiah on their head, shining face (as if the light is directly pointed on their faces), wears jubah, so on and so forth. 

Bad Guy (thx to google)

Yeah. I admit that it's not fair to judge people by that. They are not necessarily nice.(off course most of them are genuinely nice and devoted to Allah) Some of them just follow their peers and the mosque community but with the absence of sincerity. I know because I have been trapped once by that incorrect first impression. I suffer mentally and physically out of it.

But until now, I still prefer those type. But before I can really have the genuine one. Me myself should improve to be match that. Good men are for good women and vice versa. I should be one of the good female first before demanding more...

September 15, 2010

The unprofessional me..

After raya, it's a routine for people to upload their photos to facebook during hari raya. So does one of friend in my friend list. Just now,  I'm in a happy mood to check on my facebook "home". Then, I saw photos of person that I have grudge with.. My mood switched at that instant. Just feeling angry and just want to curse and everything.

At that instant, I decided to remove everyone that are related to him from my friend list. So that there's no more him in my life. It's done and there's no turning back. Sorry zuquzaify. I just want to move on.

Yes, I'm not professional in handling this kind of emotion. I'm sorry.

September 13, 2010

Raya cara kami

Raya ketiga..Akhirnya abang aku kerja setengah hari. Petang ada peluang utk jalan2.yeay! Baru aku sedar skrg, jadi polis memang payah. Dulu masa tgk bapak aku kerja, x rasa begitu pulak.. Rasanya kerja di semenanjung ni lagi memenatkan. Sebab keadaan lalu lintas sini sgt sibuk.

Bermula la cerita kami.. Kami berlepak di i- city Shah Alam setelah melangsaikan urusan di KL Sentral. Matahari dah start terbenam masa kami dah sampai di i-city. Saya tidak pernah tahu langsung tentang tempat ni. Akhirnya berpeluang jugak singgah. Bukan setakat singgah, klu singgah xlah sampai berjam2 kan. Caj masuk? 1 kereta RM10. Klu jln kaki, free jak. Di sini, bermulalah sesi fotografi kami. cantik permandangan dengan adanya banyak "pokok lampu". Ramai jugak orang yg ke sana. Masa kami dah nak balik, kawasan tu & tmpt parking ketanya skali memang agak sesak. Semua kelihatan gembira melihat lampu2 di situ. Saya sempat membeli cenderahati "helikopter lampu" yang berharga RM5 di sana. Main benda tu macam kanak2..hehehe..

Lepas puas lepak di i-city.Kami singgah makan di gerai. Makan tomyam. Tidaklah sedap sangat kalau nak dibandingkan dengan restoran favourite saya di USM, Gee Tom Yam. Lepas tu kami menuju ke Pusat karaoke, berkaraoke selama sejam pastu balik..

Hari ni aku lebih "open" dengan adik-beradik aku. Contohnya, aku nyanyi lagu "forever and always by taylor swift "&aku sorang jak yang tahu lagu tu. Yang lain hanya gelak dengar aku nyanyi lagu yang "pelik" di telinga diorang tu. Sesi karaoke tu aku kuasai 40%.hehehe..dengarlah suara aku yang "merdu" ni. Selalunya, aku tak menyanyi langsung tau!

Esok abang saya cuti seharian. Banyak lagi tempat yang hendak dikunjungi. Harap2 semua akan berjalan dengan lancar . Esok, BOLING & MOVIE!! Betulkah ini raya? hehe..

September 8, 2010

Days before raya

So, here we are-2 days before raya. For sure, everyone out there must be busy organizing the house, baking raya cookies and even preparing for special meals. Me? I'm lying in front of the TV, doing almost nothing. Checking the info on astro on what's going to be on air next~~. Wishing that it's going to be any of my favourite tv shows up next.

People bake cookies, I spent the past few days eating cookies as much as I can. Almond London is all mine. The square cookies which I don't know what the name is, it just taste like cheese. Besides cookies, I also eat a lot of rempeyek and keropok pisang.

Basically, I just eat and sleep. I wonder what will I do if I'm now at my home in Tawau. My mom must have ask me to do a lot of chores. I must be busy baking and organizing all the cookies and put them into nice glass container, ready to be served to the guest. Huh~~, it must be wonderful.

It's a two-week-holiday I'm talking about here. It just seems such a waste for me to spend this holiday meaninglessly here. Assignments? Just don't want to think about them at this moment.


The last day before raya holiday, Fina gave me a Kad Raya. Ifah already gave me one days before Fina. I'm officially stuck in the situation where I'm the one who haven't give them any. So, two of them allied  and  "force" me to give them each one.haha... They want to have music card.

With unbearable guilt, I rode on my motorcycle, heading to Sungai Dua gate to go to the nearby stationery shop. As soon as I arrived, I found out that I didn't bring my purse. I don't even have a single penny with me. Luckily, I have my ATM card, I went to the nearby ATM, which is in front of the library to withdraw just RM20. I went back to the shop, and choose the musical kad raya with appropriate wish on it. I avoid those which have too "lovely" words crafted on them.

I wrote on those cards as soon as my hand reached my bed(I wrote on the bed). I try to not let them look like a chain letter or something. Just try to write simply word and not let myself carried away by them. But I admit that writing kad raya is real fun! I wrote them with smile on my face, hoping that they will  happy as I am when reading them.

After finish writing, I glued the card into their envelope. I asked for Fina's room number and quickly went upstairs to her room. She started tearing off the envelope with me not even leaving yet. She even bring up things like the glue haven't dry and stuff. Then I leave her room, smiling. On the same day, her roomate told me that "they" have read my kad raya and they laugh. I just sooooo ashame. My mind kept tracking back on what I've wrote on it.hahaha...

Whereas for Ifa, I just leave the card at some corner in the Tekun's building. She fall asleep then I couldn't meet her to give it personally.But I think, she's happy to receive it.

Haha... That's all. I think the post should be entitled " My process of giving people kad raya" instead of the above.

Anyway, I don't think people will read the whole post either. But definitely you should read the following:-


September 3, 2010

Selamat bercuti semua...

Selamat bercuti utk semua.. Rasa terlalu awal pulak kalau mau ucap selamat hari raya. Lainlah kalau pembaca2 blog ni dah x baca blog aku dah lepas ni.

Selepas segala yang berlaku sepanjang tahun ni, terutamanya pada minggu lepas. Sekarang aku rasa aku sangat menghargai persahabatan aku dgn kwn2 baik aku. Aku hrp semoga friendship kami akan berkekalan sampai bila2..

Keluarga bahagia Pina,Ifa,Sikin(PIS)

Terima kasih kepada kawan aku 2org (dlm gmbr di atas) sbb bagi kad raya kat aku(terharu tau).mesti aku rindu korang berdua dalam cuti 2 minggu ni.. Aku janji xkan buat silap (peristiwa lepas) lagi.Sayang korang.

Tidak lupa juga kepada geng HQ. Gwen, Cath, Nad, Intan & dith.Selamat bercuti & jumpa kamu semua lepas cuti nanti.huhuhu....

Last but not least, kepada org yg baca blog aku(harap ada), selamat bercuti! Especially buat Nabila & budak Aida..hehehe...

P/S: maaflah sbb entry kali ni ter"emo" pulak...maklumlah, aku xbalik raya..:-(

September 2, 2010

Planning a vacation part 2

Adik saya pun insyaAllah akan ikut juga.

Harga tiket??termsuk tax RM29. Thanks Air Asia.

I just can't wait!