February 28, 2009

One thought...

I got so many things to say..But unfortunately I can't upload any photo here.It is hard to write about any event that I been through without photo... .The connection is here is too slow that prevent me to do so..

Let me just express my thoughts on things that bothering me these few days..

I really feel free when I spend time with my Sabahan friends..Any event that they ask me to join, I will join...Although I have other things to do...The things that I like when I was with them is, I'm free to talk...Free to be myself...I trust them...Don't afraid of their impression on me...Because they just won't have any kind of negative judgements on anybody..

Sometimes, I just feel hard to be along with my course mates..Don't know why..Maybe because I came from East Malaysia..Never been out from Sabah for 19years..Or maybe I still need time to adapt to the new environment here in USM..

My dad is from Parit,Perak..But been at sabah for most of his life due to work..He's a policeman..But, he likes Sabah so much that he decided not to move back to peninsula yet..Besides, we all born here..And this is where he met my mom..Hehehe..Still remember..Once, there is a football match,Sabah vs Perak and we watch it together at home...All of us go for Sabah..The only person that support the opposite team is my dad..Hehehe..And eventually Sabah takes the gold..And my dad seems a little bit frustrated..hehe..

Back to my life here..Luckily, I just found out that I have a cousin here..And I trust her so much..Because we are blood-related!!Trusting family is better than trusting anybody else right.? I like my cousin's gang too...They are nice..and I can see the strong bond between the Tekunist..True friendship..And...It's really great to be a part of them sometimes..

I just can't see how friendship workout when you're talking bad things about each other at the back..I really try not to do that..Sometimes, we only realize what people do, but we ourselves don't realize that we are also doing the same thing...Protect me from these kinds of thing...Ya Allah..

It is really torturing to see this kind of friendship..You can't fix it...And it's hard to just advise them..eventually I just become the "bystander", and worst I support one side due to the bad statement about the side made by the other side.And I started to form a negative impression of the one side without any prove..Just believing what the other side said..

The other one is when, one just befriend with someone just to get benefit..And the other one also hoping the same..Sometimes it is acceptable..When someone want to be a ORANG YANG BERIMAN, then be close to those who is religious..know many things about religion..But, the non-acceptable is...when it's come to MATERIAL and GLAMOUROUS FACTOR!huh?!

Friendship supposed to be a truth..If you are unsatisfied with something,just tell and discuss with your friend directly...Have a slow talk..That's how to make a friendship better and not to make it worse..If you really need a place to express your disagreement but you just can't say it to that friend,just have same alternative and medium to express it..Singing..Jumping around..Cycling...many things to do what??

I really afraid of this kind of "FAKE(FALSE) FRIENDSHIP"..huhuhu..hope I will not get into one..

25 things...Dari facebook bawa mari!!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.


1. I love to eat spicy food..I can eat a chili without drinking water..My mom always warn me not to eat much..But I still enjoying eating it..
2. It's the first time that I involved myself in a serious relationship..And it's already a year..
3. I can easily sleep with light's on..
4. I've failed a overseas scholarship interview..That's why I'm still here..In malaysia..USM to be exact..
5. Sometimes I feel that I don't know what I really like..Maybe because I like too many things that I don't know how to decide..
6. For me, decision-making is really challenging..Mind-blowing..
7. I'm a "YES" girl..
8. I'm really afraid of person that talk about people's thing too much..I have this insecurity and paranoia that that person will also talk about me...huhuhu...
9. I can't really multi-tasking..I used to learn to play guitar and sing at the same time but I can't. And also playing kompang and singing nasyid at the same time, and I still can't..So I just end up as the "kompang hitter".
10. I got this obvious scar on my face..After being hit by a bicycle when I was 6 years old..
11. I love to eat..And I don't really care about my weight..
12. I have trouble to communicate with people that I respect such as my favourite teachers and also my respectful seniors..Still wondering why..I got this teacher that told my father that I am arrogant just because I don't know what to say to him when I met him..That's because I really respect him so much..
13. I talk depending on my mood..I will just keep quiet when I'm sad..I'm not the type of girl that like to groan.
14. I'm a future pharmacist..
15. I got this scholarship that provide me with money that more than enough for me for each semester.. Almost twice of PTPTN.But then, I still don't think it's enough..
16. The thing on my mind now is...when will the examination timetable will be released?? I can't wait to buy and confirm my flight's tickets home this coming semester break..
17. I'm terrible when it's comes to speaking in front of the public..The Adrenaline blast..huhuhuhuhu...
18. I'm categorized as a stressed person when my teacher do the test of answering some related questions and categorized everyone using a scale..I got "irregular bowel movement" when it's come to "nerves"!
19. I really can't stand to have a friend that follows me anywhere or asking me to accompany her to go anywhere...I need space to be alone sometimes...Not really sometimes,but most of the time...I'm a lone-ranger..
20. I prefer to buy things to other people than buying for myself..I simply just take anything from the store as long as I can use it..But I take hours to shop for others..
21. I used to be a fast runner...just used to be...
22. I think it is easier to be friend with guys compared to girls..Guys don't care much..Girls just care "too much"..
23. My boyfriend is in Johor while I'm here,in Penang..
24. My boyfriend already gone to bed now..
25. Last thursday,I broke my spec..Because I forgot to take it off when I was sleeping..hehehe..But I already fix it..

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February 16, 2009

The bad day...

Last week,I was really busy with the Malam Citrabayu event..During my free time without lecture,I go to the foyer DK to watch the counter..Promoting this event..Selling tickets to everyone..

12th February..Meaningful day for Nadia because the day is her birthday..We just knew her.So,we didn't prepare for it because we knew it at the final minutes..I accidently saw her IC numbers when I borrowed her laptop to surf the net..So, we decided to buy a cupcake and surprise her during our meeting the night before..I thought that the seniors didn't know about her birthday..So, I planned this with the help of Gwen and Meredith...Surprisingly...huhuhu..It didn't turn out well....

I bought the candle that usually used during blackouts and it is not just an ordinary birthday candle..Urgently need it,so just buy any candle available..Then..At that night,we light it up..Place it on the small cupcakes..Two of them..And gather everyone at one place..And sing a birthday song to her with the funny looking cupcakes with the gigantic candle on them..

Surprisingly....A PERSIS senior (name shall not be released) just burst out...Just like going crazy...Scolding Meredith...Because we didn't discuss with him first before the surprise..Actually,they also have a birthday bash for her..But it is kind of "cruel"..That really will make Nadia cry if the plan really worked out.That is the way PERSIS members celebrate the club's members' birthdays for generations perhaps..Although he's not scolding me,but...I'm the one who planned this out..I really feel guilty to Meredith and Nadia because of all these..I can accept that he is mad,because we didn't discuss with him first..But the thing I really can't accept is when he ruing everything..The birthday song didn't finish yet when he started to speak out loud..Going crazy without any respect..Everyone there suddenly kept quiet and shocked..Including the YDP and the Project Organizer..I don't know what else to do...Then,Bahar blow the candle..He ends up all the effort that we made...just because we ruined his plan..But, can he really think??what about Nadia..It is her birthday...Why he do that?It's about her..and not about him.!!

I don't know how long can I keep on quiet to see him doing things that I believe is wrong..I don't know how long can I be patient with him...Hmmm....I hope things will always be good and I didn't any crazy thing..Hot-tempered me...I'm glad that all my friends especially Meredith was really calm to handle the situation..This is the second time he did this to me...If there will be the third time...I don't know what is going to happen..Will I burst up to madness..??DOn't know...Hope everything will be fine...:-)One of the badest day in my life..!

February 11, 2009

So boring...

I'm sitting DK foyer..Borrowing Nadia's laptop to surf the net..I felt so boring just sitting at the booth waiting for anyone to come and buy our tickets..The tickets sold at the booth right now is about 72 tickets..Hope all of the tickets will sold out by Saturday..Then DTSP will be full at the day..If not, it will be an embarrasement for PERSIS..especially this event will be participated by Sabahan from other universities..Other five universities to be exact...

Nazmi just called just now..Just to know what's going on..Nothing much I can say to him..Just inform him abut this activity..Unfortunately UTM can't attend..They cancelled it last minutes.Hmmmm...never mind..Besides,all my friends from UTM didn't participate for any cultural dance thing.If UTM come, they will not come either..

I'm thinking about attending the weekly gathering for public speaking tomorrow.organized by USM alumni..Everyone is invited to join..I really wish that I can improve myself in presentation...talking in front of the people confidently..successfully...

I communicated with a senior yesterday..When my friends started an interesting topic,I also started to talk and giving silly opinion in front of the senior...and...He just can't believe that I am this noisy..Hahaha...TRY ME!

Until then....See you!

February 9, 2009

Pictures review...

Some of the activity that I've done in the busy week..


Vote for the Persatuan Farmasi Position


Malam Citrabayu Meeting


Taking cats' photos in front of my room


Attending Malam Bumi Kenyalang


Eating fresh strawberry for the first time in my life


I have too much things to say...I don't know which one I should post in this blog..hmmmmn....

I'm so glad that today is holiday..After going through a fully-packed week with four practical sessions that took time at least 3hours per practical..I feel so tired.That's not the end of it...There are four practical, so there will be four practical reports to be accomplish also...Huhuhu...I have many graphs to draw..I got photos for each practicals except for the dosage form practical on Thursday..I rushed to make all the drugs I should submit..I forgot to take photo..


The Peripheral Nervous System And Therapy Practical..Monday


Organic Chemistry Lab...Wednesday


Pharmacology Practical..In this photo-The second experiment-Computer system based..Forgot to take the guinea pig's ileum photo.Friday..

The practical session that I enjoy the most was the Organis Chemistry Practical..We manage to get the correct compound in the end of the experiment.A shining rod-like precipitate..We succeed!Beside, the thing that I really glad was,I have done the practical report for the previous experiment,so it is Wani's turn to do it for this time.hehe..


We succeed!yeye!


I was sick when Nasma snap this photo of me

February 6, 2009


I wrote this on 3/2/2009 but didn't have chance to post this at the same day due to internet problem..huhuhu....

Today I woke up early to attend the TITAS lecture. It's just the 1st lecture in DTSP after the mid-semester holiday..The mood to study is still stable at this time..I hope it will maintain for a long time. For the whole semester I hope..Before going to the lecture, I go to the cafe first to have my breakfast. It is very seldom for me to take breakfast but today I don’t know why..I feel really really hungry. I sms Gwen to tell her that I will be late for few minutes because I want to eat first. Then she said,okay..I eat bihun with a sausage and took some chilly from the “kuah sardine” without taking any “ikan sardin” at all. Just the chilly, for some extra flavour.. I love spicy food..Do you think “spicy” is “pedas” or “hot” is more suitable? I think “spicy” is more to “spice” or “berempah”..Don’t you think so?hehehe...

I accidently left my handphone on the table after I have finished my food..Then,suddenly I heard my sms ringtone.Upin & Ipin sound that my boyfriend gave to me..and automatically I put my hand inside my handphone wasn’t there..I turned back to find it..Hahaha..It is settling beside my plate that I have used..Thank God..The sms is from Gwen.Telling me that she will be waiting at the bus station and not near the staircase as she used to be while waiting for me.I ALMOST lost my phone..huhuhu...

We then took a bus to DTSP.Take a red-coded bus..The bus have some problem along the way..Just like want to breakdown..And the funniest thing was, the driver left the bus half way to take his spectacle from his car..The spec with the dark lens..Hehehe..He can’t stand the sunshine perhaps..

We arrived at DTSP.We saw many people waiting outside the door.The hall didn’t open yet..So, we waited..I almost step on the hole..When I turned back,that when I realised the hole that I almost step in..Another ALMOST for the day..

We went inside the DTSP,my coursemate then sit beside me..Ask me about the chemistry homework..I forgot!! I ALMOST do not do it..I take some time in the DTSP to finish it..Luckily it is easy and it is just one question.And I just realise that today there will be Organic Chemistry class..I mistaken it for Dosage Form lecture..Maybe I don’t see it properly..FAR 112 vs FAR 122...The first is for Chemistry.I sms my roommate to bring my Chemistry notes to the lecture..

I went back to my school to attend a lecture at 10am..It was tiring to walk to there..I manage to arrive on time.During class exchange, Cath gave me a small paperbagful of Mandarin Oranges..Ask me to share with other Sabahans..I took it every where I go for the whole day..and I ALMOST left it in the surau in Jabatan Keselamatan where I always to perform my prayer there.I went back there to take it..Luckily, I remember about it when I notice I’m walking with my left hand empty without holding something..

After the all the lectures for the day have finished, I walk to the nearby Photostat shop to copy some notes from Epi.Along the way, I ALMOST step into a big drain at my school..Luckily, I am able to keep my balance.Then another almost, after paying for the copying job..I ALMOST left my notes and Epi’s notes there..I went back there to take it back after walking halfway to the nearby bus station.
I send the notes back to Nasma ask her to pass to Epi.Then I go back to my room..What a tiring day...ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST..!!