January 24, 2009

All of them went back home...

I wake up early this morning,to accompany Gwen to the Sg. Nibong Bus Terminal..She's is going to KL to meet other friends.Spend the holiday together with them.I wake up at 5.30..Take a bath..I have a terrible headache that make me feel like vomiting..huhu..I ask for paracetamol from my roomate.Luckily..The headache disappear..She notice that I didn't sleep that well at night..waking up..sitting..rolling

We then walk to Sungai 2 gate..then,wait for bus outside the gate to go to the bus terminal....Two buses passes us before we manage to stand and wait at the bus stop..huhu..Then,while we are waiting for the bus at the bus stop,another two buses didn't stop for us...I wonder why....still confuse till now..

We arrived at the bus terminal..The bus that Gwen supposed to take arrived around 8..After she enter the bus, I go to have my breakfast first before going back to USM..I meet Wei Jhong there..His ride will be at 10..Have some chit chat with him while eating my nasi lemak,then I go back to USM.He is from Pahang..He is the only Chinese boy in my course that really befriend with me..Tease me and says all the jokes..

After arrive at Sungai Dua gate, I wait for the USM commuter bas to take me to RST..A bus then arrived loaded with people with all their bags and other stuff..As soon as the bus arrived,all the passanger walk out from the bus,no one left stay in the bus..The passengers look at me just like asking "what is she doing here early in the morning?"..Then, the bus driver curiously ask me why didn't I go home like them..I don't really know how to answer..

The bus driver was very friendly..He thought that I didn't finish my assignment yet,that's why I didn't do home..Then, I explain to him..He just tell me that it's not a big deal to not go home on Chinese New Year holiday as I didn't celebrate it..But deep inside,I said to myself..I also didn't go back home during Hari Raya also.It's not about what festival or what holiday..It's all about how long the holiday is..Spending around RM800 just for the transportation fees to go home for a just a week,it seems not worthed,as I will just do nothing important at home.Just sleep,eat and the other same sorts of things...Huhuhuhu...But,I still miss my home...

January 23, 2009

Money vs empty stomach..

On Monday,19/01..There's only RM3 in my pocket when I attend the lecture in my school.I think it's enough to use it for a meal.But Ammar suddenly call me,reminds me about the stuff that I should pay..RM3 for a small toblerone chocolate..A dedication to my direct senior..So,there it goes...My pocket is empty after that..

After my classes have finished.I went to ATM at Saujana Cafe to withdraw money..I'm so hungry at the time.Unfortunately the ATM machine got problem..So, I just wait for it to be repaired by a technician that guarded by two men..But,it takes too long..Then I decided to go to DK foyer.There an ATM machine there where I can withdraw my money..I go there by bus..Thank god..

Luckily the ATM machine near the foyer DK is working..I withdraw RM100 then went back to saujana cafe to eat.The technician have not finish repairing the machine in the cafe while I arrived there..Waaa...after waiting quite a long time..I finally have the chance to eat my first meal for today.At 6.30pm..Huhuhu...I feel a bit sad..If I was at home,I will not experience this kind of trouble..Miss my home so much..Miss my mom's and dad's cooking..Their voice while calling me to eat together with them..Their regular question of what I want to eat..Huhuhuhu...Now, it is just me..In the future,I need to keep extra money in my pocket to avoid this situation again..No cash,no eat..huhuhuhu...ATM card is useless when the machine broke down..Huhuhu...

January 21, 2009

Unlike any other day..

I woke up 6.29 a.m. this morning because Nasma woke me up. I sleep at her room that night. It was unplanned. That night, Gwen and I go to our regular restaurant, to have our dinner. As usual, the waiter that familiar with us treat us that night. He also gave me 20sen discount on my food that night.Haha...It is only 20sen not 20percent. But anyway,it makes me happy.I just laugh non-stop after that..Then, I buy slurpee at the nearby 7 eleven store. The cashier gave me two packs of chocolate rice for my slurpee instead of one..Hehe..What a great night I thought..Then,I go to Gwen's room to borrow some magazines before I planned to go to my cousin's room for a surprise visit..She is just finished taking her bath by the time I arrive at her room..hehehe..

I sleep at Nasma's room at 2 in the morning.Nasma can't sleep but me??I must sleep...always sleep actually..The funny thing that night was,the fire drill..hehehe..I was not a tekunist(I use this to call students who live in Tekun) but then,I go for their fire drill..Hehehe...a senior that know me,actually ask.."What are you doing here?"..Hehehehe..We don't really take the fire drill seriously.I just laughing around with Nasma,her roomates,Sal and we even take photos while the safety officer give a talk about the fire drill..

Back to the story..Hmmm...As soon as I woke up after Nasma woke me up,after performing my prayer,I go back to my room..Iron the clothes and prepare to go to the Pharmacy Carnival..I arrived early at Dewan Budaya..The best thing about this morning is,I don't need to walk to my school.Instead, I just need to take a bus to Dewan Budaya..

For me,this day (20/01/09) is unlike any other day in my life.. I don't know why..Everyone seems to be good to me today.They say "hi"..Even few boys also do that. It kind of shocking because I don't really socialize with them..Today also, I have a chance to interact well with my former best friend in my course. We have little problem at the early of 1st semester because of incompatibility,but today..we laugh together,having some chit chat and even take a photograph together..I feel very relieve because if possible I have good relationship with everyone of my coursemate..She is good actually.I'm the bad one.

I eat a free nasi lemak this morning for attending the Pharmacy Forums..There are so many interesting facts during all the forums that I never ever know about the world of pharmacy..When the panel that I like start to give their points,I excitedly records their voice.Hehehe...And off course,taking all the pictures,until the battery of my phone turns red.The 3rd forum is the most interesting one for me..Where the forum almost turns into a debate between doctor,student,pharmacist and dentist..I realise a lot of thing after the session..What a inspiring event..!After attending all these forum,I got a little bit of idea how shall I improve myself for the future ahead.To meet the demand of job opportunity in the Pharmacy field..

The 1st forum

It's already 3 in the morning of 21/01..Today is the last day of Pharmacy Carnival..Can't wait to see....SAIFUL APEK actually..hehehe...but there are also many others activity..This night also, I will go to DTSP to watch SIFU & TONGGA movie..I'm sure it will be an interesting movie..It will be in theaters on 29 January..I have the chance to watch it first before anyone..yeye..

Almost 10hours ago, me and 7 other friends go to Mc Donald to celebrate eddie's birthday..I have eaten food that I supposed to boycott..But nevermind..I got a good explaination for this..We just laugh and laugh during our time in Mc Donald..Eddie just turns 19.Can still be called as TEENager..But for me later?hehe...still don't want to admit that I already can be called "an adult"..I got a really interesting Pharmilyday photo from Catherine that afternoon..I'll show you the photo..

Kind of blur..But I think It's cool

And another thing..the Sabahan senior called me for a job-related matter but he is so naughty that he cheated me on the phone..I almost trusted him as he used a public phone that seems like an office phone number from the related sector.Kureng betul c Bahar..!Anyway,he gave me a mandarin orange,don't know where he got it from.He got a plasticful of it.He asked me to go to Dewan Chansellori with Kak Aslina to send a letter regarding PERSIS activity.I'm under the department of "Tugas-tugas Khas" just like James Bond..Hehehe..If I have time,I will try to help them in anything that they lack of assistants or members.I managed to be back at Dewan Budaya although it was a bit late.My roomate sms to tell me that the attendance is taken.I must come!Hehehe..Anyway,I did attend and filled the attendance..And also helped Kak Aslina..Looking forward for the time ahead...:-)

January 18, 2009

The synopsis of the week...

Many things happen this week...Some of them are very shocking..But yet,I need to avoid myself to tell anyone because it is about their pride.Besides,I've promised not to tell..

Once,my boyfriend used to say to me that "good person is for good person also..".At the time,I'm asking for his opinion about friend..He means that,if we want to have a really great BESTfriend,we need to be that great friend first..Then, Allah will reward us by giving us a great BESTfriend that we looking for..A reliable one that will never stab us from the back..I'm kind of believing in it now...I want to be that great friend so that I will also have many great friends in the future..

I've experience a terrible day on wednesday..Where I need to rush back to usm after going to the town in order to attend the chemistry practical.I forgot to bring my goggle for the practical that causes me to rush back to my room to get it..Luckily,I still be able to attend it..and do finish it in time..I'm really grateful..I nearly fall down to the ground during the rush..huhuhu...But then,I still enjoying the practical..hehehe..
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Me and Nasma at the Chemistry Lab

I've attend the meeting for MALAM CITRABAYU SABAH at Friday night..The exciting thing about the meeting is I am able to feel the environment just like back home where everyone is talking with the Sabahan Slang..hehehe...I'm not really focus about what they are talking actually.hehehe..Some of the seniors are very funny but yet when come to the job matter..they are really serious and accomplish all the jobs well.After the meeting,I go to Khaleel to have a drink with Gwen,Nad and Naja..It's fun until I unintendedly rip an important letter related to the meeting..Huhuhu...But yet,Nadia is keep laughing without any worry although the letter is important.under her responsibility.I feel really guilty that night...
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The meeting

In this week,I also stuck in a situation where I need to decide whether I want to attend the interview for Baktisiswa to Bandung or to attend a Etnic Relation lecture in DTSP were I skipped last week because getting the wrong info from the class representative..Then, I think I made the wrong decision..I didn't go for the interview that handled by third year pharmacy student..It's due to hesitation..By the way, I never talk about this seriously to my parents..The worst thing is,I REGRET IT...But,never mind...It has passed..Nothing going to change now..I just think positive...Looking ahead....and anxious and excited to be with my boyfriend this Chinese New Year's holiday..He's coming...hehehe...1 week left..It has been 5 months since I last saw him...

Ethnic relation lecture

Many people say it is hard to be in a long distance relationship..Where my ex-roomate always called it "PJJ" for the shortform of "Percintaan Jarak Jauh".Hmmm...It's really hard..You will never understand it until you experience it yourself...I hope not because it's risky...But yet..I'm grateful that we are still together..It's already 11 months...Can't wait for this relationship to turns a year..

January 7, 2009

What your words really mean?

For me, one of the important criteria in a person who has great personality is when his word can be trusted as true and when the person say about doing something,it means that he will really do it..Don't just simply say about anything just in order to fill the free time or just to make others feel good..And don't just talk all the nonsense just because the other person seems not to care..and you know what?They CARE..

One of the things that scared me the most in this life is when I haven't done what I've promised other person. Although some of them pretend not to remember and seems not to care but actually they CARE and deep inside they are waiting for your action to the words you said..And the worst case for me is,when they JUDGE you by your words that you can't even turns it into reality.When that happen, you will loss their trust and slowly....their respect to you will also be lost..

I have some experience on this..I've said something to my older brother back in form 3..It has something to do with a friend that sometimes her attitude is irritating my brother..So, to make him feel good..I said to him that I will not sms her again..But than, I just take my own promise for granted. My brother start to tease me with all the sharp words.I really have hard days during that.Conflict with him and also with myself where I feel really terrible for not doing what I've said. That's when I really realize the importance of taking responsibility of every words you said..

I put my brother's friendster profile as my 1st featured friend in friendster because I have promised him.Thing as simple as this means a lot to him.He is kind of sensitive when dealing with anything that related to me..Sometime I feel that I don't really care about him as he care about me..What a terrible sister I am..The things that shocked me the most..when he talk about me the most when communicating with his female friends..It kind of making me feel uncomfortable when someone knows about you so much..

Until now...I try my best to fulfill all my promises to others and limit what I promise others..I'm not a kid anymore,so I can think wisely what I should and shouldn't promise..I spend money on people especially my family in order to fulfill what I've reply to them as "yes" during my conversation with them on the phone..But if you make them happy,you will also share the happiness with them..

Just another update..

Sem 2 has started..Life started to get busy and sometimes unorganize.First few weeks,it's not too bad since labs haven't started.But then..All my time will be taken,less time to relax...Below is my lecture schedule for my course..Look at the 1st year schedule to see how busy I am..The row which marked with "1"..Say "welcome" to the reality!!no more plays and games..

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My schedule