March 30, 2009

Weird pictures...

Seseorang sedang mengosok rambut kawannya ketika mereka mandi hujan

There's someone inside the black plastic bag..ehehe..

Pakcik potong rumput

March 27, 2009


Too many things happened..It's hard to tell all of them..These few weeks, the wireless connection in my room is not that good.But the weird thing was, my roomate can connect to internet, but me cannot..Maybe this aged laptop is not working that excellent anymore..But now, don't know why, suddenly internet was connected.Now, I'm enjoy doing what I've waiting for long time -- Creating a new post for my blog..hehehhehe...

Last night, they have chosen me to take the position "Setiausaha Kerja" for PERSIS (Perkumpulan Siswa Siswi Sabah).Actually, I feel really afraid to be part of the MT. Huh?! organizing big event like Malam Citrabayu??How can the non-experienced member like me can really do it?? But the new YDP and NYDP are really positive.. They keep on talking about interesting plan that we will be handling in the next two semesters. The retired MT will organize a plan next week together with us, the new MT. We'll go to Ipoh for a day trip..a day before study week..huh?!

Too many quizzes in these two weeks.. Because I study a lot, then I also eat a lot..Hehehe...then, my friends also share the same things.

Currently, I'm counting the days for the exams, camping and lastly--HOME.yeyeyeye...We HQ members just keep on talking about foods that they didn't have here..Miss home so much..

That is all...don't have any idea what left should I write..

March 16, 2009

A long tiring day..

Saturday, Me and Catherine go to the town..Just two of us..She SMSed me in the morning saying that she wants to go to Prangin, and she asked me whether I want to join her or not. So, I just said yes.

We went to Prangin, walk in to almost every souvenirs and gifts shop there, searching for suitable gift for Cath's friend. And it was really fun just to look at all those fun gifts in all shops.The stress is kind of gone away for a while. Many things interests me, a spongebob tissuebox case, a small watch and a USB hub with traffic-light-shape. Really want to buy all these things..not now..Perhaps, next sem.. After searching for hours,Cath finally found the birthday present she want to give to her friend at UMT. Hehe..It's cute..After that, we go to Vincci to buy heels,not for me, but it's for cath..A pair of purple-coloured high heels shoes for the PERSIS dinner. They chose purple as the theme colour for that particular night.I bought a laptop cooling pad and a laptop skin for my sister. I've found a good web cam with cheap prize and also Sonic Gear speakers that cost less that RM100, if I still have enough money, I will buy them before I go back to Tawau this May..Hopefully I will!!

We buy ourselves a Mc Flurry before we go to Pasar Chow Rasta to buy medical dictionary for Cath. She has want to buy it from early semester 1 but never has chance to go there. A Dorland's 27th edition Medical Dictionary for RM55. First, I didn't plan to buy it but I don't know why...I just kind of attracted as I didn't have one yet..So, both of us buy it from the Pak Cik with serious look..Kind of scary..

I got an SMS from Marcela, asking me to buy the present for the the King and Queen for that night. Me as a "AJK Hadiah & Cenderahati" must follow that order. So, I just simply decide to buy a pair watch as the presents. Me and Cath chosen a pair nice metallic watch for both of the winners. They already bought the crown for the winner.. Really looking forward to see how it will turns out.. Boy wearing crown?? never see it in reality yet..hehehe...

Next destination--- Food Fest at PISA. We arrived there at about 6pm.. There was a stage there and also people selling a variety of foods.. I really want to buy durian that sold there.One for RM4,but Cath just keep on asking me "how you gonna take it back to USM". I just cancelled my desire to do so... We walk by every stalls outside and also all the booth inside the building..For us, it's not really as interesting as we imagined..Just ordinary food..We went back outside and bought ayam percik, lekor and mee kolok Sarawak and just simply take a seat outside to finish it there..Then, when the mee kolok is being sent to our table, the rain start to fall. We just keep on eating our food under the umbrella while other people were running to find a place to "berteduh". After finished eating, we found out that what we have eaten is not mee kolok, we have been cheated by that guy..Although he really looks like Sarawakian but the mee that he sold us is not Mee Kolok Sarawak, it is something else, just taste like soto...And I still think that incident is really funny..


Mee Kolok Sarawak??

Mencari warna seindah pelangi..(on the way back from PISA)

After arrived at USM, we went directly to our school..After we got there, we found out that the event that we want to attend is postponed to 9.15pm..But we just keep on waiting patiently..The dinner.Me,Arthur and others have won the prizes.Hehehe..Obviously, Arthur won a mug and I won a towel,from the look of the packaging of the presents. Me, Arthur and Cath take our meals with and talking to each other while eating. It was really fun. And the meal was really not bad.. Nasi tomato with plenty of "lauk" choices..But still, many people can't stand the sweetness of the orange syrup that the caterer has prepared.

After the meal, we go out again. We went to Tesco just to finish my job of buying doorgifts. Cath want to go to Tesco also because she want to buy a Ben10 watch for he nephew but the shop has closed..Arthur just accompany us..We arrived at Tesco Sungai Dua around 11pm. Bought 25 pieces of cheap mugs and go to the counter to pay. Cath lost the ticket for the "kaunter simpan barang". We take a while to search for it but we didn't manage to find it.. Haha...Luckily, the Tesco staff found it and already returned it to the counter..What a luck! Somebody else could have misused it and simply take our stuff that we left at the counter.

We have so many stuff to carry..All the heavy porcelain mugs..Arthur was our victim that night..pity him.hehe..Carry those heavy mugs..Walking for miles..We went back to USM by the Sungai Dua door.Luckily it's not closed yet..We walk and talk on our way back to RST. It's a really tiring day..I arrived at my room.Looking at the clock, it has been more than 12 hours since I left my room taht morning..I'm too tired..I opened the packeging of the lucky draw prize..As I expected, it is a towel.But what excites me the most is, it is YELLOW-in-colour..hahahaha...It was meant to be mine.hehehe...After taking my bath, I slept...tightly...ZZzzzz...

YELLOW towel!!

March 12, 2009


What happened to his hair?waaaa....He ym me and show me this photo through photo sharing...he sprayed his hair PINK!!!!oHH GOSHHH!!!Luckily it's not permanent..the colour goes off when his hair is washed..and his hair turns black bro..nobody take care of him there..maybe if I was there..Al least he got someone that can scold him..hehehe..

March 9, 2009


Something just feel not so right..For others, it's not a big deal or what perhaps they might give good response to the news.But for me, it is nothing but a terrible beginning.....

What you thought you like is not there anymore..So, what should you do then? Just stick to it although it is nothing but just something they you previously like or just find other alternative, spend time to the things that you like..And not forcing yourself to like what you surely think that you don't like anymore..

Stop till's really a big confusion...tired of thinking about that..Maybe by focusing to other things should make me feel better.

I have many disappointments these few days..Disappointed with myself,him,friends and people around me.. I feel that it's really hard to just let go...Stopping myself from thinking about these disappointment..I simply can't control my mind to focus to other important things instead..So, as a result, I spend hours of time sitting in front of the my laptop, doing things that interest me...just uploading pictures,chatting, updating my FS,FB,Tagged and so on...

I have a bad habit, I won't experience any calm until I got the chance to express it out to somebody..But it's not like having somebody to listen to my problem or what, I simply need to SCOLD somebody to let this go..Huhuhu...At home, my brother will be the victim of my temper..But now, what should I do then?? Perhaps I should listen and sing(scream) along with heavy metal song or so what..

I wish someone can help me..Come Embol, let me SCOLD you..hehehe..pity my brother..I have organic chemistry quiz tomorrow..Not really ready yet...Not really in the mood to study now...Arrgghhhhh!!!!!!!

Headquater Members!!Hehehe...

Finally I got a chance to upload several photos..yeye...Just wanna introduce to all of you,THE HQ MEMBERS-- Dith,Jaja,Gwen,Nad,Cath and me!!

I spend a lot of time with them..Going out to town...Doing silly things with them..Really enjoying my life now...hehehe...

At the Gurney Drive

Hehehe..which one is mine?

Trying the same t-shirt in the fitting room.We bought it and let it be our official t-shirt

Our official T-shirt

Spending our time together

March 5, 2009


What so special about today??hehe...Today is the day when my father celebrate his 47th birthday..Hehehe...My dad already 47 years old but already has 24 years old son.. Wow..That's the advantage to marry at the young age..Is it an advantage? course!

My dad is a very serious person don't like to talk much. I don't really say a lot of things to him. When he is in the good mood,he loves to make joke but still....I don't share everything with him because he will never stop giving advices and not so "sporting" dealing with teenager issues..When I screwed up, made mistakes..I only told my mom and ask her to not telling my father. I respect my father so much..If he scolded me, I will just started crying...After roughly 10 minutes, he will eventually come to make me stop crying..Offer me many things especially food. That's his unique side.. There's few times when I say something to him..Few sentences, but he don't even reply me a word..Just simple nodding with the serious face. I know that he's not in the good mood. Kind of scary..

When I was in secondary school, when it's time to call up parents to school,to meet the teacher and get the semester result, I will ask my dad to go..Still remember when I was in form 1, I'm holding my father's hand walking inside the school..and my friends started to call me as "manja". But you know what...I love they call me that..hehehe..

This early morning, my mom called,asked me to online at noon because my brother will go back to KK tomorrow.Today is the last day he's in Tawau before going back to KK and after that to Sarawak..My mom said, he want to see me through webcam.Then, I stay online until noon..And my sister just keep on reminding me to call my dad to wish him "happy birthday".But both of us feel kind of awkward..We are not "open" to show our feelings to each other..So, my sis keep on asking me to call my dad first, followed by her..She said that she is older, so let the younger one wish first..She is just making up silly rules...I know she is feeling a bit awkward to do so..I just keep on laughing on my sister silly excuses.

Today, its kind of fun because I spend a lot of time communicating with my family..a lot of joy and laughter although I'm into a really big problem now..Just like forgot about it already.. That's what people always say, make yourself laugh when you are into a problem..and simply you will forget about it for a while.

Me and my sister discussed about flight tickets home this coming raya. Looked at the price, all are very expensive..I've promised to pay for my sis tickets too...Hope nothing will stop us to go home.

I hope I can go back home this coming raya..I don't want to experience the previous raya again..Staying at my friend's house, with her sleeping because tired of her non-stop work..I don't even go out until the 4th day of raya.( for me raya is a week.hehehehe).Completely alone.. no greeting card, no nothing! Everybody is busy with their life and they simply forget about you.I only got phone call from my family members.But luckily, I still have "raya sms" that I got from few friends..If not because of takbir raya in the morning,TV and these sms,I will not believe that Aidilfitri is on that particular day..

Luckily, my friend has broadband..I can online 24hours a least there is something I can enjoy doing while everybody else is enjoy eating ketupat,lemang,rendang and playing "bunga api".( I also want!!). Probably, I will spend a lot of money just to buy the flight tickets home for this coming raya.. But I will sacrifice just in order to not experience the situation as raya before again..Hope so!If not, I will feel that "dendang perantau" is a very sad song.hehehe..

That's all for this post..Thank you for reading..Don't know who should I talk to, that's why I wrote all these here..huhuhu...Until then..See you!

March 3, 2009

These few days....(supposed to be posted 2 days ago)

My life started to turn up side down these few days..huhuhu....All the quizzes that all come at the same time..It's not really a problem for those who study continuously..But for someone like me...I like to study last minutes..It's already turns into a habit..I assigned to many tasks...communication assignment and also in-charge to make slide show presentation for the ethnic relation subject and I haven't finish them yet...I just have 1 quiz and there's many left to go...and TOMORROW..The "a lot to remember subject" quiz...So, hoping that everything is gonna be find..So called "miracle" will that I will have full mark..Hahaha..If only I can achieve that...

My relationship don't really turn that well these few days.I started to loss my mood. Friends send message to me, I have no mood to reply them. Friends ask me to go out this Sunday, but I've rejected them.I feel kind of stress..and the worst is...I also become moody to my bf..sorry..Also, I haven't do my duty to watch the PERSIS ticket counter..I hope Kak Aslina won't be mad at me...

For the PERSIS night, they chose PURPLE as the theme..So, I already bought one outfit for it..additional expenses for not so important event..But, I should just enjoy it..Friends suggested everyone to wear high heels, hmmmm...I'm still thinking..But I think, I should try wearing one..hehehe..

I just check for flight ticket this afternoon..Found a cheap one on 3rd of May..But when I check it again just now...It's price increased RM79( not increased to RM79, RM79 is cheap what..)..That's means...My ticket home will be RM200++..nearly RM300 way ticket back home costs this much..I'm stressed.!I wish I have a credit card..So that no more waiting, and no more price increased due to waiting for my sister to free and go to town to buy it for me..

Tomorrow, I have Dosage Form practical..That's mean another additional quiz and also....extemporaneous test..Huhuhu....

Wish me luck in the coming days..Less stress,happier life!! Can't wait to go back home..