June 30, 2009

I felt ALONE..

My brother has gone to UTMKL..This is the first time my family member LEFT me,instead of I'm leaving them,and it's HURT!!! These few days, I think about him most of the time, and I can't concentrate! I don't know whether my sister miss him too, I noticed that she is not like showing sad expression.

Talking about my brother..He's my loyal companion..Last time, I hold his hand while wandering around PASAR MINGGU.Other family members was walking far behind us. Then, his chemistry teacher saw him.She started to say,"Naaa...sapa lagi ni..?" with THAT look.My bro just smile and I answered and pointing my finger to myself,"saya kakaknya".Then his teacher replied,"kakaknya ka jugak?".Then we just smiled and continue walking and that smiles seems to not vanish from our faces at that moment.What's obvious is, he is taller than me..Maybe that's why his teacher seems to not believe it.My brother helped me a lot, taught me to drive a motorcycle, send me to town, bought me food and ice-cream, lend me some money when I need it..He's my fellow! I see him as a GOOD BROTHER, unlike other people who always treat their older sibling rudely or with disrespect..

Sometimes I feel like, when I'm in the great mood..I got many people around me to ask me out, to accompany me and simply having fun. But while I'm really down, it is the moment when everyone seems to dissapeared. People are not accepting your phone call,your dad has gone to work, and nothing interesting to watch on tv to cheer you up. It is just like a coincidence,a bad coincidence. I don't know whether the emotion influences what I see around me or what's around me influences my emotion. Maybe when I'm down, all the good things around me seems to be invisible and I am not able to notice it.

While thinking about my brother, I just looking forward to meet him after I go back to peninsular.IMMEDIATELY if that's possible..I really can't stand this now..I feel like crying..Huh?!This is hard!!

DJ asked me out tomorrow to watch movie and also treat me KFC as she has promised me years ago..I haven't see her for more than a year...Looking forward for tomorrow..huh?! I broke my promise to my other friend..and now she has registered to UMS.She waited for more than a month to go out with me and I always said no.And now, I've lost my chance to do what I promised her.I'm a bad friend!

Friends come and go...Family stick with you no matter what happened..What I got in my life now is just my family, my education,my bf and few friends and I don't want to LOST any of them...I love you all!!

June 21, 2009

My friend's bad day..

After reading all interesting posts from my friends' blogs.I also got an interesting story to tell.I have delayed this quite a few days..It is about, Yuslizhah's bad day..hehehehe...

Last Wednesday, my friend,Yuslizhah came to my house in the afternoon.She bring her sister with her.She also bring her laptop along because the purpose she came to my house is to ask my brother's favour to fix her laptop.For your information, she is just back from a clinic because her right eye ball is swelling..She want to finish her report quickly but eventually her laptop cannot be used and needed to be repaired.

After quite sometimes explaining her laptop problems to my brother,chatting with my family and so on..She wanted to go to town and asked me to go with her but I refused.So, there she go..Walking down the stairs with her sister...Moments later, my phone rang, it's her calling from down stair..Telling me that there's something wrong with her remote car key.She can't open her car!

My bro and I then went down to help her.We can't do anything either..We know nothing about car..My bro is better than me,at least he know how to drive..My brother take a risk to open the remote to look inside.Try to fix it, with the help of a knife..just to let you know,my brother is an EXPERT in causing DAMAGE to something.hehehe...

My bro gave a try..He's not really fixing anything..hehehe..

Yus also tried..

We realised that the light from the remote was still shining when it is pressed.So obviously there's nothing wrong with it.But through the phone, Yuslizhah's father told her to knock the remote and then try it over and over again because he was kind of convince that the problem is from the remote itself.

Yuslizhah's sister kept on urging her to open their car manually.But we terrify that the car alarm can disturb the entire area with the loud sharp sound and may even can't be turns off..After minutes of constant urging, many phone calls to and from their parents, they finally decided to open the car manually..At that time, I am ready to shut my ear watching closely when she is opening her car manually..But eventually, the car door was opened without a single alarm sound...

Yuslizhah was blur.Then, she tried to turn on the engine, and it can't turn on either...Obviously, the car was out of battery..It explains the absence of alarm and also why the remote didn't trigger the car to open the lock..My bro and I just kept on smiling at the time.We can't laugh..hey, somebody is having problems here!

My friend is frustrated when her engine can't start,somehow the door is already opened

Yuslizhah's dad then came by and looked at the car with the help of Leman's father and her friend's father that gave her father a ride..Jumper took place, but the car still can't move..Yuslizhah and her sis finally went home by a cab as her father told her to..At the night, her dad came here again to try for the second time,and finally it worked out..The engine can starts already..Don't actually know how they do that.I just take a glance from my the window when the day is already dark.I saw my dad is also there.He just came back from town at the time.

First jumper session

My dad came home and say "Patutlah Haji Yusof masuk balai terus tadi..kereta rosak dalam balai rupanya.."My bro and I just hehehe-ING..

That's the story of my friend's bad day..It's hers, our time will come later..Just try to help anybody that in needs in their bad day..Then, perhaps next time others will help us in our unique version of BAD DAY..Don't you think so?

P/S-I took all the pictures above secretly without being notice..hehehe...evil me!hehehe...

June 14, 2009

Terrible me..

This morning I woke up because my handphone rang, then my father also kept on telling me to wake up from the living room.I can hear his voice loud enough. We are going to Takada he said. I started to look for my handphone eventually found it under the pillow, it was a sms from yantie,asking me whether I want to hang out today with them.I tell her I can't because my dad has planned something for today..I felt a little bit guilty because I have promised them long ago...perhaps more than 1month,I promised them to hang out some time during the school holiday,as one of my friend from maktab only have her holiday on school holiday.But, I broke my promise, and today she asked to hang out, I can't either..

Then, another friend sms, asking me about my old plan. I say we will do it some time.Then she asked me, "ko tau ka ari ni ari apa?"..aArrrggghhhh!!I forgot! Today is her birthday..She is my bestfriend, first in the list you know..How can I forgot about it..Huhuhu..Terrible..Then I started to think about my other friend invitation to hang out this morning, maybe she already planned a birthday celebration for Nisa and I said no??huhuhuhu...

I went to Takada(pasar minggu) and bought laksa for RM1.50 and many other kuih-muih.My dad bought lemang but it is not as tasty as he always make during raya.hehehe..This is why I love my hometown so much..The food is very cheap in price..After having our "2-rounds-tawaf", we go home,and go to Logpond,my second home..My makcik's house actually...I ate my laksa there.After long talk...laughs..discussions...we go back home..

My mom forced me to come with her to the airport.As a anak yang baik, I go with her and my other family members just go home..We go to the airport to send somebody(menghantar baa..).He is actually the used to be Ketua Polis Daerah Tawau, coming to Tawau with his wife for holiday after he has retired, his wife quite close with my mum..He is Datuk Kuik Harris and his wife..Having drinks with them at the airport, my mango drink already costs RM5.50 and normal can soda cost RM3.50.wahwahwah...Airport!Off course nothing is cheap here. The best thing is...we don't have to pay..Faham2 laa...

Forget to tell you, we go to the airport by police van, we stopped by the police garage and the van picked us up with other fews makcik..Haven't have a ride on police vehicle for a long time..Somekind of excitement for me..The van that we have ride in is covered with black JERIJI BESI on almost every side of the van windows.Have a ride on it, I just feel like somekind of criminal, caught by the police..YOU CAN'T GET OUT FROM THIS VEHICLE!! When I was a kid, I always go to many events by police vehicles, and also when I was a ANGGOTA KADET POLIS(yang hanya berpangkat Konstable,xpandai naik2 pangkat).I reminiscing the day when we go to Kota Marudu by LORI POLIS. It's actually a one-day-ride..Goshhh!!We only stop to go to toilet..But, those are sweet memories that I can't never forget..

Singgah d Batu 5 utk ambil sesuatu

Jeriji besi

Jeriji besi di antara tempat duduk depan dan belakang

On the way back from the airport, we stopped by a restaurant..Many people are there..My mum said, the SOTO BANJAR there is very delicious.We ordered.I have my SOTO and also CENDOL..somebody pays also..Thanks Mak cik Raipah..

I got home and I see my sister cooking something in the kitchen..Another meal after publishing this post!hehehehe...Appreciating the time with lots of food around me..Wahahahaha..See u!

June 6, 2009

Hihihi..Just a writing..

Two days ago, I have my first meal of the day..but it's actually lunch and not breakfast. I took some rice, my dad's curry and I saw a bowl of vegetable, the usual way of my mum's cooking with garlic and it looks delicious.Then I took some, put the vege on my plate with it's gravy.I sat in the living room, in front of tv, ready to eat my meal.Then, I just feel like throwing up.The vegetable is sooo bitter.Waaa..I go to the kitchen, and throw all my food away and also the food inside my mouth.I don't know what kind of leaf that my mom cooked this time..but I thought it is sawi.huhuhuhu....For your infomation, the mom always look for herb that famously known to be good for health.My perents also love to eat petai, ulam raja, daun pegaga and other similar KIND of plants..I prefer ulam raja better than other..

After having my meal(a new set of food on the new plate off course!),I'm ready to go to town with my brother.He want to make a bank account.CIMB..Don't know why he is so excited.I just go to accompany him and filled all the necessary forms for him..We waited and waited, for more than an hour..The bank is close at 4.30p.m. but we are still waiting at that time..The guard started to lock the door of the bank already..When it is our turn, the banker look at my brother's IC and said, you haven't turns 18 should wait another 13 days and come back here..Oh noo..I just remembered that my my bro not yet 18 when I already waiting inside the bank..The only account that available to be registered at that time is only CIMBIslamic, where the applicant must be 18 years old and above.The system for the usual CIMB bank account registration is DOWN at the time.Never mind...We'll try it next time..Off course when he turns 18!!When my sister was back from kuhara, she also take the vegetable and screamed out loud due to the bitterness while eating..Me and my dad just laughed..Hahaha...Then, my dad took the leaf@vege, and start to eat it in front of us, and he said "sedapnyaaa ni..."..Waaaa!! My dad is the hero when it comes to hot and bitter food..

My sister and I went to the library yesterday..I borrowed a book.Currently enjoying reading it..It's the life of a woman called Kate Cadogan when she was a teenager I read the chapter when she is already 22 years old..Looking forward to finish it soon.
Love it!

That's all for now..until next time..see you!