February 25, 2012

Berbelanja di Popular Bookstore

Baucar buku yang tinggal

Baiklah.. memandangkan semua orang buat entry tentang bagaimana diorang belanjakan baucar buku yang diberikan kerajaan. Aku pun mahu tulis tentang tu juga. :-) Aku baru belanjakan RM100. Masih tengah merancang bagaimana untuk menggunakan bakinya. :-) Skema. :P

Inilah barang-barang yang berharga RM100 itu..Semuanya yang aku perlukan.

- Pembalut buku untuk membalut buku yang selama ini tidak berminat langsung untuk dibalut. Ada baucar buku baru sibuk mahu balut buku kan. macamlah mahal sangat pembalut tu.
-Botol air untuk bawa pergi gym & kuliah. Selama ni guna botol air mineral yang sama berulang-ulang. Sepanjang sem pulak tu guna botol yang sama.. Sangat berbahaya untuk kesihatan.
- Foolscap paper 1 bundle untuk kegunaan akademik.:-)
- Clear file holder untuk bawa dokumen penting masa interview SPA bulan 4 nanti.Insya-Allah
- Superglue (tiada dalam gambar), untuk gam kasut sekiranya terkoyak. (banyak pengalaman tentang kasut koyak ni. Maklumlah, agak ganas. Macam kaki menggigit kasut pulak kan)
- Selotep kotak (tiada dalam gambar). Apa lagi, untuk gam kotak la bila packing nanti. :P

Ini antara benda interesting bagi aku. Buku nota bersaiz sederhana yang berwarna kuning. Cantikkan? :P

Another Sophie Kinsella novel is mine! :-) Hoping to improve my English. :-)

Kertas untuk print memandangkan yang sedia ada tinggal sedikit. Tiada pula kertas double A @ apa-apa yang sewaktu dengannya dijual di Popular tu. Klu beli sebundle tu murah sikit. Dahlah tu, tersilap pula yang beli 100gsm. Tebal-tebal ni mahu guna untuk apa. Aiyakk.. Silly mistake.

Cutter , stapler, pen & pensel mekanikal. Betul-betul kekurangan sekarang. Stapler yang sebelum ni hilang entah ke mana.

Hahaha..macam laporan lengkap perbelanjaan pula. Macamlah orang lain mahu tahu kan? :P Anda sudah menggunakan baucar buku anda? Jika belum, silalah berbuat demikian sebelum bulan 3 berakhir. Gunakan sebaiknya.. :-)

February 17, 2012

DIY Winnie The Pooh crystal puzzle

I accompanied my parents to their friend house a few days ago. She is an old friend back when they didn't got married yet. She is a 63 years old Chinese woman whom looks a lot younger than her age! I'm impressed!

She showed us around her house and also her daughter's activity room. There's a piano there, a PC and the room is packed with a lot of merchandises. Her daughter involved in some kind of online business selling cute stuffs. She asked me just to choose anything that I want from hundreds of stuffs there. I've chosen the one below. :-) Later, my mom paid her although it took her a long time until she finally agreed to receive the money.

I spend an hour of my afternoon to assemble this.

Half way there..

Finally!! After sticking the "eye", "nose" and "bow tie" Here it is!!

I put it inside the glass cabinet.. It's looking good. :-)

Sighh.. I'm going back to Penang tomorrow to finish my final semester. Hope everything will go as planned.

February 13, 2012


How long to know a person before you can trust him/her? This is a really subjective question that you can't answer with a number of duration, although the question is directly referring to it.

I've met a woman same age as me in the airport last month. (I have now decided to refer people of my age as "woman".hahahaha). I chatted with her for about 30 minutes, then she said that she wants to go to the toilet. She asked me to hold her boarding pass and IC for her and watch her belonging when she's gone. This kept me thinking.. How can she trusted me for all that when she has only knew me for 30 minutes. Off course it was an honour you know, the fact that people trust you just by your appearance and how you present yourself. But don't you think that it's a bit overwhelming?

Sometimes people told me a lot of things about themselves while they have only knew me for a short period of time. Yeah, it's kind of fun to know all these. But shouldn't people be more careful on exposing themselves to other people?

Me, used to write really personal emotion-related notes in this blog. Finally I realized the importance of not exposing too much of myself to people especially stranger. How I finally appreciate privacy and will be really disturbed if I know someone tells other people about me. Realizing that some strangers knows what I like to and my habits kind of creeps me out now. Suddenly I become somewhat paranoid about it. hahaha.. Despite of that, I still write in this publicly-accessible blog. Then when people know something about me, I will start thinking ,"Have I written that on the blog?"

Reminder for myself : Save some of the private details for yourself. You will be thankful later. :-)

The new "boss" of the house

We used to have a black cat named "Budak Hitam" but we have lost it. It gone missing. So, my dad decided to adopt a new cat. It was named "Mamat". I finally have the chance to meet this cat which I've heard so much about!

So here are some adorable pictures of Mamat.


Playing with the marker pen

Waiting for the phone call. huh?

My companion at home now.. :-/

Simple Plan Get Your Heart On Tour 2012 : My Experience

I went to my favourite band's concert on 14th Jan. It's not the first concert of my life. The first concert I've attended was the Old Automatic Garbage Concert (OAG) back when I was 14 years old (If I've not mistaken)

It is just crazy because it was held two days after my final exam. That means the concert has taken some of my concentration and focus that suppose to be poured on my final exams. Man, I was just like an obsessed freak that keep on checking the JS Concert FB page just to join some of the contests in order to win the item that the fan like me has been hunting for, for so long - the ultimate, mesmerizing, mind-blowing opportunity to meet the band in person - THE MEET & GREET PASS for god sake! I think I've join like 6-7 contests but sadly I lost in all the contests. Oh man.. The image of me taking picture with Pierre Bouvier keep on haunting my mind and the thought of making the picture as the default picture in my Facebook page was just like an insane wildest dream of mine that seems to be unachievable eventually! OMG.

I was real sad.. Down like a piece of trash that thrown into a deep river. What I hate the most is the fact that people that actually won the M&G (Meet and Greet) passes was selling off those passes online!!! Oh my God. Why the hell that you guys joined the contest when you don't really want to appreciate the passes that you have? Just for money? Are you kidding me? At that particular moment, how I wish I have extra few hundreds bucks just to buy off those passes! Again, oh man! How I regret it. Hmmmm..

But anyway, I still able to collect the excitement that still left in me to attend the concert. I've forced my brother to change his hair style. :-D

We took the KTM to KL Central. Then took the Monorail to Raja Chulan. The venue was in KL Live. A few steps from the Monorail station, there we are!

Before the gate is opened

Before the concert starts

SETLIST for the concert

1. Shut Up

2. Can't Keep My Hands Off You

3. Jump

4. When I'm Gone

5. Addicted

6. My Alien

7. You Suck At Love

8. Thank You

9. Your Love Is A Lie

10. Astronaut

11. Summer Paradise

12. Medley Covers: Fuck You by Cee-Lo Green / Dynamite by Taio Cruz / Raise Your Glass by Pink

13. Jet Lag

14. This Song Saved My Life

15. Welcome To My Life

16. I'd Do Anything


17. Loser Of The Year

18. I'm Just A Kid

Encore 2:

19. Perfect

It was like a momentous moment for me. I was really appreciating every moment and enjoying every second of the concert, feeling all the lyrics and good music that they brought. My bro is the best companion that I could ever have, to the concert. Who is better to accompany you to the concert other than a family member that loves the band as much as you do (maybe a bit lesser :P). Right?

Seeing my favourite band performing all the songs that I've memorized was just so crazy! I just feel like having a dream. It was really great. Incomprehensible! Singing along with the band, jumping around with all the die hard fan all around you, nothing feels embarrassing at the moment. Hehehehe.. Recorded some video of the performance for my personal view. (Because my voice is so loud in the background. OMG. definately a no-no to post it online :P)

My elder bro fetched us from the concert. It feels great to be a grown-up. I just can't believe that he did not stop me from attending such event. I kinda liking this "freedom". Hahaha.. :-)