December 20, 2011


Berkurun-kurun berlalu sejak kali terakhir aku update blog. Hahaha.. yalah tu.. Nak kata busy sangat, tak jugak.. Cuma "occupied" sket beberapa bulan ni.. Banyak benda yang dibuat.. Sampaikan blog bukan lagi jadi suatu yang ada prioriti dalam hidup. Tidak lagi macam dulu.

Hari ni tiba-tiba rasa mau tulis post baru..Huhu.. Ada pengakuan yang ingin dibuat di sini. Hahaha.. Sebenarnya... I like nerdy boys! Tak tahulah kenapa. Aku suka tengok artis2 (dan bukan artis jugak ye) yang nerd. Tapi nerd in a cool way la macam Cameron Mitchell , peserta The Glee Project. Tengok gambar bawah..

Aku suka tengok guys yang pakai spec. Pelik. Pelik.

Aku pun tak tau kenapa aku tulis post ni... Tak ada motif. Aku rasa banyak tul perubahan dalam diriku sejak beberapa bulan ni. Hopefully semua perubahan ni baik & dapat bantu aku jadi manusia yang lebih baik.

Two more weeks before my exam. I can wait for exam but I just can't wait to go home after exam. So how? haha.. All the best to everyone who is taking exams next month !

October 8, 2011

Hari yg errr...

Semalam, aku, cath, gwen & Intan makan tengahari di gerai belakang Sunshine. Makan pecal. Kami memang selalulah jugak makan di sini. Kenapalah aku rasa ayam goreng tu sedap sangat..Macam mau beli lagi & kalau boleh hari-hari mau pegi..Sedap sangat. Kalau mau mintak resepi boleh? :P

Lepas makan pecal tu, kami pergi bengkel motor si Along untuk tengok keadaan c Ceria. Brek depan skuter tu tak dapat dibaiki. Si Along pun suruh datang balik pukul 5 sebab dia mau pasang balik skuter tu.

Lepas kelas pergilah bengkel tu sekali lagi, kali ni skuter tu sudah siap pasang. Nasib baik. Memang susah mau bergerak kalau tak ada kenderaan. Good for Intan. Payah dia mau gerak kalau Ceria tak ada.

Next, aku pergi bank-in duit di CIMB semata-mata mau beli tiket wayang untuk midnight movie yang bertajuk 3D Three Musketeer. Terbang Rm16 per tiket.

On the way balik, seperti biasa, selepas turun jejantas aku akan melawan arah lalu lintas untuk naik ke tempat parking Saujana M03. Bila sampai selekoh tu, aku akan bawa motor perlahan sebab risau kalau ada kereta dari arah berlawanan. Aku tengok ada Pak Guard tengah bercakap dengan pemandu satu kereta ni..Apa lagi, patah balik & bawak motor laju buang masa putar 1 round untuk pergi tempat yang sama. Buang minyak saja. Tapi terselamat...Fuhhh...Kalau tak, samanlah jawabnya..

Kelas malam dari pukul 8.3opm - 10.30pm. Semasa kuliah tu, lecturer tu tanya siapa yang asal dari Sabah. Aku dan beberapa orang lagi pun angkatlah tangan. Tiba-tiba lecturer tu tanya, kamu "etnik" apa? Aku blur.. Tak tau mau jawab apa.. Aku ni mix kan..akhirnya aku pilih untuk mengaku yang aku sama bangsa dengan Nasma (coursemate yang juga 3 pupu @sepupu 3kali aku).

Tengah malam pula, aku, Cath, Intan, Gwen and Arthur pun bawak motor untuk tengok midnight movie. Errr...Aku tertidur dalam panggung tu.. What a waste of money! Rm16 tu!

On the way balik, situasi cemas berlaku di traffic light Jalan Bukit Gambier (selekoh mau ke Tesco). Dari jauh kelihatan sangat banyak motor. Memang dapat jangka semua tu mat rempit. Banyak sangat motor!! sangat menakutkan. Aku pun secara refleksnya membuat u-turn. Dapat tengok ada sebuah kereta polis menuju ke tempat tu. Dalam sekelip mata berpuluh-puluh motor berada di belakang kami sebab mahu lari dari polis. Rasa macam diekori pulak..Seram..Kami pun stay sekejap depan cyber cafe Sungai Dua. Tunggu sampai keadaan redha baru balik ke traffic light tu. Sampai di traffic light tu, lebih seratus motor tadi lesap! Hanya kerana sebuah kereta polis!

Macam-macam perkara unusual berlaku dalam masa satu hari. ni.Huh..

August 6, 2011


Here I am again, visiting this dusty blog. Wow.. I didn't write any post in July although I'm having my holiday all month long during the month. Anyway, it's still not too late for me to say welcome to the month of august, which is also the fasting month that we are patiently waiting for.

Running away from something will not solve your problem, in fact you might end up being closer to the thing that you keep avoiding for, for so long. Acceptance is the true solution in order to solve things and not simply forcing yourself to forget.

When I'm trying my hard to run away from something. Thing seems to making its way back to me. I approved Erna's request as a sister and pictures below were shown on my facebook wall. You see, the first picture, my ex is so BIGGG, conquering the picture.. Where else can I run..? No matter how clean my handphone, online accounts and laptop are from his stuffs and pictures, somehow, he will always be there somewhere, as a part of my past.

Few days ago, I've got a really weird dream. It is made up from two parts because I woke up in the middle of it but end up resuming the same dream. Hahaha.. Actually, I'm hoping to dream of someone else but I don't know what got into my mind that night, I end up having a dream about my ex. The dream is a sad story end up with someone dying. I don't want to get too details about it. But it seems to me that the dream is persuading me to forgive him. I woke up with indescribable calmness and soothing feeling inside of me. And still, up until now, I kind of like struck by a realization that hating someone is not going to get me anywhere. And now, I'm calm like never before.

Hehehehe..this post seems like too dramatic. But it's the truth. :-D

That's all. See you in the next post!

June 16, 2011

I wrote something

I'm trying to think of something to write..errr..........

During my secondary school year, I really loved to make mixed CDs and sometimes, I even brought them to school just to lend them to people. I "burned" a lot of CDs for my friends and the popular request last time was the compilation of Peterpan's music videos. The band was just huge. But now? I think the vocalist of the band still pretty much famous for some sorts of scandal so whatever. But in this post, that's not really my main idea to write, instead.errr..Just keep on reading okay!

Few days ago, I came across one of the CDs that I was so proud of. It was securely packaged in the plastic CD cover, located on the CD shelve. I listened to it in the car on my way to...somewhere..forgot already.

CD cap nenas :-p

Some of the songs in that CD includes:
1. One by one
2. Happy Together
3. Crash and Burn
4. One Slowdance
5. My Christmas List
6. Vacation

and some others..... All are Simple Plan's songs.

The CD has aged. Scratches are everywhere and the color has faded. I can't even listen to some songs. Noises came out from the CD player just like it is struggling real hard to get the CD played.

The moral values from my story is buy original! haha..

and I realized how much I loved Simple Plan and I still am...:-p

I got no idea on what to write actually.

Lunar eclipse happened last night. Mind my 2mp camera. At least you can see that the moon is not completely round right..hehehe.. The earth was in a line between sun and moon and the earth's shadow is being reflected on the moon surface. Moment later, the moon was completely covered by the shadow. At that moment, it was just beautiful because the moon is kind of reddish ---caused by the light reflected from the moon surface (as you knew, moon reflects sunlight) + shadow of earth on it's surface. :-D Definitely a great thing to watch.

June 3, 2011

Tuition Class

I'm currently teaching in a tuition center. My students are just a few. My pay? Definitely not much. I think the pay is nothing if I consider the cost of me going to the tuition center twice a week. It's not that far, just approximately three miles from my house. But, before or after my teaching, my dad always buys me foods -bakso-kuih-muih , drinks - Red bean shake, and stuff. Yeah, I should start taking into account all these expenses. What else can I say...I'm a spoiled brat!

Before I go to my first tuition class, I studied real hard because I don't know what chapter they are on at that time. I'm not provided with informations I needed. I went there, and I just realized that the teaching material should be provided by the tuition teachers themselves. My math work book definitely outdated--erkkk... Malay version yooo! I can't give them that for sure. So I end up teaching the previous chapter that they have learned from the previous teacher. Never mind, I just hope that it will do some good to them. At least, they will understand more, I hope. Before going to the second class, I went to a book store to buy a work book for the class.

Out of all my students, the one that stands out the most is a talkative naughty little boy. I just realized how immature boys are in that age. Urrggghhhh... It's just doesn't makes any sense at all to think that boys at that age already have a girlfriend! Are you kidding me? I think of myself when I was at that age. I considered myself as mature at that age, but actually I was not. I always too self-conscious, as I always think of myself as wise and definitely a grown up girl during my secondary school age. How funny! Too see the behaviors of my students has gave me the realization that I am also like them during that age and I just can't believe that!

One of the students always support the naughty boy above by the mean of....LAUGHING OUT LOUD. He laughs whenever the boy above teasing another boy (the boy that insists , he wants to become a woman). There's one girl at my class but she is rather passive. But she is smart.

The favorite student of mine definitely the handsome young man that always give me reason to continue smiling and giving my best to teach them. He always says something inspirational out of the chaos in the class. He used to say to me, " Cikgu, ajar kami sampai pandai ya cikgu.." and last night he said, " Nanti kalau aku sudah kerja, aku yang jaga adik-adikku." In my heart, I'm like, " sweet..". He said this after the naughty boy tease the other boy, saying that he should be a woman to buy his parents car and house in the future. Errkkk... If just you know by what means. Iskkk... I gave the boy (the bullied boy) a talk last night, hoping that he will made up his mind to make good decision. I think, what he is lack of is a man's influence in his life as his father has passed away. I said to him nicely that he should not think of being a woman as it is wrong. It's a sin to act like female when you are not.

So, the question for this post is, "How many student is in Ikin's tuition class?" I've mentioned all of them above. Hehehe..

It's interesting to teach in this class. I hope that this experience will give me more understanding towards life and people, as well as to support my trip to Singapore next month. Hehehe..:-D

June 1, 2011

All about Aida :-)

I was writing a blog post last night when I receive a rather sad news from someone. I would like to discuss it here with all of you but it's almost none of my business and I have no right to inform people about it without the person's consent.

So, here I am again, trying to write a rather good blog post specially for someone named Aida, or I would like to call her "budak" - You will definitely know the reason as soon as you met her. Hihihihi..

I was complaining to her last night about how boring this holiday is and I am so not in the mood to do anything including to update my blog. Don't know why.. Seems like this holidays is not the productive days for me.. Huh.. Or I can simply admit that I am a lazy person rather than blaming the holiday to be non-productive days. How would I change this? I wish I would know how. Back to the previous story, after all my sighing to her, she asked me to update my blog and suggested me to write about her. So, wallah... here I am!

Before I go on to talk about other things, so I think it's better for me to start writing about Aida now. :-D

Aida is my friend. Or I can say that one of few closest friends of mine. She also play the part as a step-daughter of mine in a structure, so-called "family" of ours, made up of few friends because they like to joke about me as being a mom and admitting themselves as my kids.. Urgghhhh... Hahaha..

"Family" picture

Another "family" photo - me and my "kids"

I think I became close to her when we are in the same class for our LSP300. I still remember how exciting the class was with all the funny seniors and a wonderfully kind teacher. How happy I was in that class! :-D.

The different thing about Aida is that I have never seen her in a bad mood, at least to me. She is always happy with the kid's kind of smile on her face that always automatically cheers me up when I meet her anywhere at anytime of the day. She always shouts out my name anywhere when she sees me, to give me her brightest smile. No, actually to show off her perfectly organized bright teeth. Haha..

She always laughs at the pants of my pyjama. Nothing wrong about it except for the printing of duck cartoon on it..Huh... But Aida, I think you should admit that, the pants is cute right? Don't be shy to admit that. I know it's cute. hahahaha..

She talked about her personal matter with me few times, but not much , it is rather the surface of the matter but I know that she is not comfortable to discuss more. At least I know something about her private life. Yeah! At least I know that she has fallen in love and proves that she has a heart for guys. Hahaha.. Just kidding. I don't know her attitude toward boys because I never heard her talking about liking any guys or become close to any guys. But now, I knew.

What I like the most is I can tell her things without the fear of her judgement. I can complain things to her and tell her the worst things of me and still, she is there and do not run away from me. Hahaha.. And still treating me the same way.

I know she is very smart but she is too humble to admit. She is motivated and hardworking, I can see her give her best in every single task given to her. I am very lazy but as soon as I paired-up to do a task with her, I feel motivated and will try to do my best. I think it will be nice if I am surrounded with a lot of people like her. I would definitely be a better me. :-D

She always tell me that she is not confident in what she did. But, you cannot see it because when she is doing her presentation, you cannot see a single doubt in her speech or in her acts. I'd like to see her to be confident and I hope one day she will always believes in herself and achieving the best from it. :-D

That's all. This post is all about Aida and I really enjoy writing about her. :-D

May 15, 2011

Minggu ini.

Perkara-perkara significant yang berlaku dalam minggu ni..

1. Aku tengok sekumpulan budak mengikat dan seterusnya memukul seekor anjing sehingga mati.. Tapi aku tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa.. Jalan raya dilimpahi dengan darah anjing tu. Aku dengar anjing tu meraung seakan-akan menangis.. Lokasi: Taman Sri Indah. Masa: Jumaat, 10pm. Alasan budak2 tu :anjing tu suka mengejar orang.. Hurrmmm...

2. Mata aku sakit sebab terlanggar sesuatu ketika tidur..bengkak seterusnya membuat eyelid mata kiriku tidak dapat dibuka sepenuhnya dan membuatkan mataku seakan-akan sepet. Semua orang yang bercakap dengan aku akan memerhati mataku.. Sangatlah tidak selesa...Iskk..

3. Hari Khamis lepas, hari first aku ajar tusyen di suatu pusat tusyen.. ajar math untuk budak2 PMR. Agak kekok.. But I tried my best.. Next class will be on Wednesday.. Aku akan buat post untuk experience jadi cikgu tusyen ni nanti..hehehe..nantikan..:-D

Itu saja..Jumpa lagi di entry lain.

May 11, 2011

Trip to Cameron Highland

2-4 Mei hari tu aku & 3 orang kawan buat trip last minute ke Cameron Highland. Plan ni muncul time discuss tentang pharmacognosy, 2 hari sebelum paper ni, yang juga last paper untuk exam semester ni. Bincang pasal herb2 boleh pulak terkait sampai nak tengok ladang teh.. Camelia sinensis?? Mungkin sebab ni kot..haha..

Bajet bawah Rm300, termasuk transport, makan, hotel, everything laa.. Di cameron ni, special dishnya steamboat, sebab banyak sayur fresh mungkin. 2 malam ada di sana, 2 malam tu jugak kitorang makan steamboat. Boleh tahanlah... Memang heaven untuk penggemar sayur macam si Cath.

The highlight of this trip, definitely masa pergi ke BOH Plantation Sungai Palas. Kehijauan pokok teh, saujana mata memandang...chewahhh.. Dengan angin yang bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa, minum teh lagi dengan permandangan indah tu.. (Peliknya ayat ni). Memang tempat yang sesuai untuk orang2 yang mahu pergi berhoneymoon..

Selain tu, yang bestnya dalam trip ni sebab dapat makan hidangan strawberi yang macam2.. Choc coated strawberry, ice-cream strawberry, strawberry+cream....dan jugak dapat rasa sayur watercrest(beginikah eja?)

Beginilah orang yang 1st time pergi Cameron kan, jakun sikit.haha..

Di bawah ni antara gambar semasa di sana..

Sebelum balik, beli jam strawberry, teh strawberry & bermacam2 sayur untuk makan dengan kawan2 di USM. Tapi yang sedihnya, banyak sayur tu layu sebelum sempat kami buat steamboat. Dapat ambik sikit saja.Tu pun daun dah kuning-kuning...

Jalan-jalan hilangkan tension lepas exam. Last2 pas trip tension sebab duit semakin berkurang. Hahahaha...ikin...ikin.....

May 8, 2011

Special post for Nad

I woke up in shock, I opened my eyes and saw the face of my room mate and I started to realize that I'm late! I went to the toilet, brushed my teeth, washed my face, not even have time to take a bath, then started contacting Cath. On my way to the motorcycle parking lot, I received an SMS from Intan stating that she had just woke up. She is going to need Nad's bike to go to the airport with us. I need to send her to where Nad parked her bike.

I went to Bakti, and gave Intan a ride to the parking lot. But as we arrived there, I just realized that I don't have the key for the bike. It's in my room but Nad has took my room keys and she is now on her way to the airport, in a taxi. How could I forgot to take the keys? Huh.. This almost make things fall apart.

So we end up standing near the bike and thinking... I thought of climbing my room and get in it through the window. But, it seems to be impossible. Silly! Intan suggested us to ask for master key from Saujana office. At that time, it was not even office hour. I almost had a nervous breakdown. As we were running out of ideas and afraid of losing out of time, we were then went to Aman and tried to figure things out there. Cath was there waiting for me...

We contacted whoever crossed our mind, whom own a motorcycle. Luckily, Fadzir was the earliest person to respond and he agreed to give Intan a ride to the airport.

I rode the bike and Cath was with me. The traffic light seems to be so cooperative and keep on giving us green signals. We were then arrived at the airport when Nad was queuing to drop off her baggage. Intan and Fadzir arrived not long after that, followed by Gwen.

I was so afraid that I won't make it to the airport to say a proper good bye. Luckily, I was able to.. It's really is a huge thing for me. Psychologically and also emotionally.

After Nad has entered the Boarding hall, we walked to the parking lot with silence. Nobody says anything. As we arrived there, someone suggested for us to go to McD to have our breakfast. I agreed. There was something wrong with Fadzir's bike. Intan had to ride with Gwen as Fadzir planned to go straight to the mechanic.

At McD, we just talked about Nad.. We laughed, expressed our feelings, broke into tears few times and then I went back to my room. Later, Gwen and I went to our schools' offices to settle out few things, and after that went searching for PERSIS' new cubicle that eventually made us out of breath for climbing up the stairs..phewwww!!

I went to the post office to send a package for my sister. Then,went to Sungai Ara to buy 6kg of pickles for my mom. After all the things that I planned to do has been settled, I went straight to my hostel and started to reminisce things and cried alone there.

I'm glad that I go back home just a day after Nad. Or else, I don't know how to handle the loneliness and the feeling of losing someone, alone for days...Huh...

But still, here I am, in my home with my parents, still thinking about my best friend and the good times that we had together.

I love you nad. See you again sometime in the future. :-)

April 6, 2011

Hidup dengan geng

Hari-hari emo buat aku.... Memandangkan 3 orang dari geng The Mulauz akan graduate selepas habis sem ni..Sebab diorang ambik course 3 tahun. Tinggallah aku and yang lain masih akan tinggal di USM untuk tahun yang ke-4. Maknanya, geng x akan lengkap lagi lepas ni... Beberapa minggu ni akan jadi minggu terakhir bersama-sama sebelum mereka meninggalkan USM. Sejak beberapa hari ni asyik teringatkan hal ni. Lepas ni terpaksalah menjalani hidup yang tidak berapa meriah.

Tinggal beberapa minggu saja lagi.. Cuba memanfaatkan detik-detik yang tinggal ni dengan geng. :'-(

Cepatnya masa berlalu.... Sapalah roomate aku pasni..:-(

March 30, 2011

Stalking TS

Ok lah...entry kali ini bukan berbentuk emosional atau penceritaan tentang diri aku. Kali ni..aku buat entry pasal gosip artis....Taylor Swift. Aku sangat suka dia ni.

Macamana ntah aku boleh berminat tentang gossip ni pulak... Hah...aku baru dapat tahu yang lain "Enchanted" dalam album baru "Speak Now" Taylor Swift tu ditujukan untuk Adam Young atau nama atas stagenya Owl City. Mesti kamu semua kenal dengan lelaki yang tak berapa hensem ni kan.. Lagu famousnya yang mempunyai lirik agak pelik, Fireflies. Disco ball just hanging by a thread? Hah..lebih kurang lah...

Ntah macamana Adam ni dengar album Speak Now tu and terperasan yang lagu Enchanted tu untuk dia. Macam ni, dia dapat tau dari cover album yang ada lirik untuk setiap lagu tu, then dalam lirik lagu Enchanted tu suma abjad lowercase cuma 4 abjad ja yang di capitalized kn.. A-D-A-M. Melalui lirik lagu tu jugak la dia dapat clue.. Termasuk perkataan wonderstuck, suma berdasarkan kenangan dorang masa berjumpa. Boleh try google.:-)

Pastu, Adam ni pun hati berbunga-bunga..Dia nyanyilah lagu Enchanted tu sebagai jawapan kepada Taylor Swift. Dia luahkan perasaanlah di situ. Tulis dalam blog dia lah...Buat surat cinta dalam video la..Korang boleh download lagu Enchanted versi Adam Young di sini .

Sudah tu dia buat lagu special pulak untuk Taylor Swift. sini. Tajuknya Lonely Lullaby.

Sudah dia buat suma ni.. Aku rasa, TS tidak membalas cintanya. Rasanya sebab benda tu dah lama & dia sudah move on...Dia sekarang ada boyfriend baru pelakon Glee, Chord Overstreet.

Jadi kesimpulannya, meranalah si Owlcity ni.. Korang boleh try tengok twitternya.

Dan seterusnya...habis masa aku berejam2 stalking artis2 ni... Hampehhh!!!

March 26, 2011


Gonna leave blogosphere for a while until everything cool down. I thought of deleting this blog but this is my only loyal companion since the last three years. So, it will stays..

Sorry to the people that are offended my my writing. I'm just expressing myself here, nothing more.. I never thought of that to happen. No, I don't need your attention. This blog is just my space for me to comfort my feeling and just move on with life. and you don't need to change that.

I'm sorry!!

March 16, 2011

Sebahagian daripada kehidupan

Dulu kita sahabat baik, janji tidak akan putus hubungan, tidak akan lupa kawan. Bila masa berlalu, situasi berubah begitu juga dengan diri kita. Yang dahulunya kawan yang kita pentingkan, tiada lagi dalam kehidupan kita.

Dia bukannya lagi orang yang kita selalu jumpa, bukanlah orang yang ada di sisi, bukan tempat kita berkongsi suka dan duka dan tidak berada di situ dalam saat-saat penting dalam kehidupan kita. Dalam tempoh masa sekarang, kawan baik yang dulu itu bukan lagi dalam kehidupan kita.

Dia ingat kepada kita.. Adakah kita masih mengingati dia? Sekerap manakah dia pernah muncul dalam benak fikiran kita? Hanya bila kita perlukan dia? Atau mungkinkah kita bahagia dengan teman2 dan kehidupan sekarang sehingga melupakan masa silam kita?

Peringatan buat diri sendiri. Bagaimana cara aku melayan orang lain, akhirnya kena pada aku sendiri. Sayangilah teman2 anda. Walaupun mereka bukan lagi selalu dalam kehidupan kita, namun kita harus tetap menghargai mereka.

Kehidupan kita ini seolah2 mempunyai radius yang membentuk bulatan sendiri. Berpindahnya kita dari suatu tempat, kita seolah2 di tengah bulatan itu dan bulatan itu akan mengikuti perubahan hidup kita. Anjakan dari mempunyai kehidupan dengan sekelompok manusia dan seterusnya berpindah ke kelompok manusia yang lain.

Apa yang aku merepek ni...cubaan berfalsafah..ehhh berfalsampah yang gagal..

Kla, jumpa lagi lain kali...

P/s: Post ini ditujukan kepada kawan baik aku, Noranisah Amat. :-)

March 8, 2011


USMhotspot buat hal pulak...xdpt guna Updated blogger editor. Xpala...old editor pun jadi laa...

Aku ni seorang yang kadang kala sangat panas baran. hehehe.. rasanya kebanyakan orang pun macam ni kan.. lagi-lagi tekanan hidup yang ada di zaman globalisasi ni..hahahahha..entah la.. Tapi setakat ni, aku masih dpt mengawal sifat buruk itu dan boleh dikira bersopan-santunlah jugak...Wakakakakakak...Statement sebelum ini hanya bertujuan untuk menimbulkan loya.

Dalam post ni, aku akan bagi kamu tips2 untuk mengelakkan timbulnya perasaan marah dan juga tips untuk mengawal bahang kepanasan itu..

Senarai tips untuk mengelakkan timbulnya perasaan marah:

a. Tips pertama, kemaskini wall facebook anda.. Hide newsfeed mereka yang selalu memaki di status mereka,hah...nak senang, hide sapa2 yang selalu tulis perkara-perkara yang buat anda hangin x tentu pasal.. Step ini adalah penting so that, xdala benda bukan2 yang akan merosakkan mood anda di pagi hari yang nan indah..

b. Yang kedua, jauhi orang yang anda rasa tidak ngam dengan anda. Sebagai contoh, setiap kali si polan ni bukak mulut, anda akan terasa dengan apa yang dia cakap. ataupun, dia ni main cakap lepas or suka jeling or bipolar or moody. Ini adalah penting agar anda tidak menyimpan dendam dengan mereka seterusnya meng"trigger" kemarahan anda. Bak kata bapak aku, tak mati pun kalau x berkawan. (adalah beberapa orang yang aku elakkan)

c. Elakkan bercakap benda yang anda sensitif dengan orang-orang yang anda tidak rapat. Manusia ni pelik, even cakap "aku nak tahu pendapat ko, cakap ja terus-terang, aku x kisah", konon ar..padahal ambik hati..Untuk mengelakkan perkara sebegini, cuma berbual dengan mereka yang rapat tentang hal ini, kerana anda tahu mereka akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk tidak mengguris perasaan anda.

d. Jangan meminta tolong dengan sesiapa sekiranya anda ada keraguan dia akan berkata "ya". Menjadi seorang yang panas baran bukannya sesuatu yang mudah, even if orang kata "no'" ja, itu sudah cukup merosakkan hari aku. That's why, I like to do things on my own and by my own even if it's hard to handle alone. I dislike to hear a "no".

Senarai tips untuk mengawal perasaan marah:

a. Yang paling berkesan setakat ni, fikirkan segala perkara baik yang orang tu pernah buat dengan anda, kenangan gembira bersama dan benda-benda baik tentang orang yang anda marah itu. Step ini sgt berkesan. Kadang-kadang boleh menimbulkan simpati & perasaan sayu jugak.:-)

b. Tidur.. Ini kadang-kadang berjaya. Kalau berjaya, aku biasanya akan bangun tidur dengan perasaan menyesal.. Dalam fikiranku, "kenapalah aku perlu marah, apa yang dah aku buat ni?". Pastu menyesal seterusnya bertaubat.:-p

c. Mendengar lagu dan menyanyi. Ini lebih kurang cara menghilangkan stress laa...Selain itu, anda juga boleh menonton kartun, bermain dengan kucing yang cute, berjalan ke Queensbay sorang2 untuk mengurangkan kemarahan yang ada itu.

d. Buat sesuatu untuk "membalas dendam". Sebagai contoh, mendelete dia dari friendlist facebook, tidak layan dia 2-3 hari, tidak reply msg @ bole jugak membuat patung berbentuk orang berkenaan and cucuk2 pin atasnya..hahaha...xla..itu jadi mcm lain lah pulak. Betul2 childish ar aku ni....

Itu sajalah listnya...entahlah kenapa aku tulis post tentang ni. Sekarang aku tak da perasaan marah pon. Bahagia ja ni..

Oklah..Aku mau tido dah ni.. Good night.

February 25, 2011

College life

Hari tu, junior aku tegur, dia kata banyak sangat tempat yang aku pergi sem ni.. Aku rasa tidak pun.. Hmmm...status kewangan aku? Alhamdulillah masih stabil lagi.. Aku rasa , aku tidak perlu meminta duit family untuk sem ni..

Yalah...meh lah aku "summarize"kan aktiviti aku untuk semester ini. 

1. Langkawi (3 hari 2 mlm - cuti2 msia)

2. Pantai Kerachut ( 2 hari 1 mlm - camping)

3. Bukit Hijau (Day trip) + BBQ PERSIS

4. Ipoh & Taiping ( 2 hari 1 mlm - bermalam rumah kawan)

5. Akan datang : Titi Hayun @ Sungai Sedim (3hari 2mlm kot..camping) InsyaAllah klu jd

6. Perlis (Ahad ni), lawat Taman Herba. Hahahahahaha...

Hah...Yang atas ni kira big event luar USM. Kat USM plak...Aku join:

1. NPSC- National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (futsal, upih pinang, tuju kasut)
2. CNY Dinner @ Eastin Hotel
3. Inspection Day Green Lung
4. Akan datang - Malam Citrabayu
Bagi aku tak banyak..aku pernah join lagi banyak dari ini.. Sem ni aku tak banyak keluar ke shopping mall. Rasanya baru 2 kali ke Queensbay. Aku baru tengok 1 movie je di panggung sepanjang sem ni.. Tajuknya, Shaolin. BJ pun aku tak masuk lagi sem ni.. Sem ni selain aktiviti di atas, aku cuma pg lepak kat bawah jambatan Pulau Pinang ja dengan kawan2. Kesimpulannya, aktiviti sem ni tak la banyak :-p

I'm enjoying my college life. :-D How about you?

Plan untuk bercuti

Selamat hari Jumaat kepada semua..

22 Feb lepas bermulalah peperangan getir di depan laptop. Tak lain tak bukan, peperangan dalam merebut tiket murah di website Airasia. 22feb-27feb ada sales. For sure, semakin awal beli, semakin banyak tarikh yang available dengan harga tiket yang murah..

21 Feb tu dalam kuliah, kami sudah sibuk merancang destinasi.. Kali ni nak pergi melancong dengan geng Tekun pulak.. Tengah malam tu, semua stay up untuk online cek harga tiket. Tarikh 1st yang di"proposed' tidak ada promosi.. Terpaksa beli tarikh yang lain pulak.. Nasib baik ada jugak yang murah.

Destinasi pilihan kali ini - Kuching. cuti raya qurban nanti. Selepas beberapa hari beraya, kitorang akan terbang ke negeri Sarawak. Kami semua seramai 9 orang. Gempak tak? Ni bukan kali pertama aku akan ke Sarawak. It will be my second time but my first time going to Kuching.

Tiket pergi balik agak murah & bagi aku berbaloi.. Kawan2 lain ada yang beli tiket ke Bandung..Sumanya kurang daripada RM100. To be more precise, KL-Bandung & Bandung- KL cuma RM75 termasuk tax. Kalau nak ikutkan tamak haloba & nafsu berjoli aku ni, aku memang nak join.. Tapi bila difikir2 balik..macam melampau pulak..Berapa banyak tempat yang aku nak pg ni? Aku sendiri pun x tau..Iskkk...Teruknya...

Kawan lain seorang pulak, ajak aku pg Hatyai sem depan. Tapi ni senang sikit lah, sebab naik bas saja. Tak payah risau tiket flight. Hmmm... InsyaAllah jika tiada halangan, akan jadi jugak plan tu. Kawan aku cakap transport+hotel+tour (xtaulah makan masuk ke x), semuanya bawah RM500. Oklah tu kan..

Untuk sedapkan hati....Bila lagi nak jalan2 tempat orang kan? Nanti nak kerja kat Sabah & masa tu mesti dah mula sibuk, nak cuti pun susah.. Hah, sekaranglah masanya menikmati zaman muda ni..hahahaha... ( Konfiden ja posting kat Sabah nanti). Apa2pun aku berdoa yang terbaik saja.:-)

P/S: Kepada kawan2 matrik yang berasal dari Kuching @ study kat sana,Sila suggest tempat2 yang kamu rasa menarik.Hmm.. X maukah jumpa aku nanti?Bawa aku jalan2?Hihihi...10nov-13nov.:-D

February 21, 2011

Layan perasaan

Bapak aku ni bukan seorang yang suka meluahkan apa yang terpendam di hati. Dia selalu diam. Tapi sejak kami semakin dewasa, dia semakin suka membebel dan kadang2 bagiku agak moody..Perubahan hormon kali..

Sudah lebih kurang 2 tahun, kami 4 orang anaknya ni berjauhan pulak dari dia... Semua duk kat semenanjung..Tinggallah bpk & mak saja kat rumah. Telefon & Internet yang jadi penghubung..

Mujurlah bapak aku masih belum pencen lagi. Tidaklah jugak berasa bosan sebab ada kerja yang boleh dibuat. Bapakku akan berumur 49 tahun bulan depan..Mak aku pulak 47 tahun. Sekarang mak bapak aku agak kerap menghabiskan masa di rumah mak cik aku & keluar dengan sepupu2 aku kat Tawau. Ada jugak peneman diorang.

Hari ni, aku baca 1 post fb bapak aku.. Aku terus berasa sedih...Rasa rindu pun ada...

Panjangkanlah umur mak & bapakku ya Allah...Aku doakan kebahagiaan mereka setiap masa.:-)

Tak sabar balik Tawau cuti ni ....

February 15, 2011


Baru mengetahui sesuatu............

Aku mendapat tahun kawan sekelas aku semasa sekolah menengah, akan berkahwin bulan 6 ni..InsyaAllah. Macam tidak percaya. Seorang rakan sekelas semasa sekolah rendah juga telah berkahwin tahun lepas. Baru mendapat tahu tentang ni tadi.

Aku dan rakan2 telah berusia 23 tahun dah. Memang sudah cukup dewasa kalau difikirkan. Tapi aku... masih kurang matang. Masih tidak dapat membayangkan diri sendiri di posisi itu.  Aku masih melukis kartun di atas kertas sewaktu kuliah, menolak2 orang yang duduk di sebelah aku, main pukul2, membuli orang yang duduk di depan aku, berketawa dengan penuh asyik kebanyakan masa, berfikir tentang hal2 remeh, menghabiskan kebanyakan masa di depan laptop, masih tidak pandai mengurus diri: makan minum sehari-hari pun tidak terjaga, kain kotor pun malas nak basuh..........

Mungkin perubahan keadaan yang akan buat seseorang tu matang, kan?

Nota utk Noranisah Amat,
Ke mana ko menghilang? What happen to your fb?

February 14, 2011


Hah...sem ni kaedah komunikasi dengan parents bertambah lagi. Selain Yahoo Messenger, call, SMS dan MMS, sekarang aku selalu chat dengan bapa aku tidak lain tidak bukan, melalui Facebook.

Memandangkan aku selalu online FB ni, semakin kerap jugaklah aku chat dengan bapa aku. Kerap sangat sehingga buat aku rindu setiap kali chat dengan dia...Tapi yang bestnya dapat dengar cerita dengan aktiviti hariannya. Cubaan menjeleskan aku dengan makanan2 yang aku suka (selalunya berjaya) dan lain-lain. Kalau melalui telefon, ada batasan sikit kalau berbual, tidaklah open/berbual banyak sangat. Asyik2 dengan soalan tanya khabar &  "dah makan kah belum?". Soalan2 biasa mak bapak kepada anaknya..

Bila berjauh ni, baru rasa rindu dengan parents. Masa cuti hari tu, tak hargai masa yang ada tu..

Tak sabar pula tunggu cuti bulan 5 ni. :-)

February 12, 2011

Mengimbau kenangan lama

Aku baru habis membaca blog post sahabat yang bertajuk, Babi Islam. Sedikit kesedaran timbul.. Aku pernah mengalami perkara yang sama dulu.......

Perkenalan bermula dengan seseorang di matrik. Pertama kali bersapa di kafe tetapi tidak ada apa yang berlaku selepas itu kerana ada barrier yang jelas antara kami berdua. Namun, semuanya bermula selepas aku mengetahui yang dia telah memeluk islam. Ketampanan dia berbaju melayu berwarna hijau pucuk pisang pada pagi Jumaat yang indah menawan hatiku yang lemah pada saat itu. Seorang muallaf yang suci, tidak ternoda dan masih belum mempunyai tembok yang kukuh di sekelilingnya, goyah dengan kehadiran aku

12/2/2008 dia berkata kepadaku..."aku xingin bercouple, tetapi aku ingin mencintaimu". Term2 yang haram pun dihalalkan. Bermulalah kehidupan dua insan berkongsi hidup di Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan. Terus lalai ditambah pula diri yang jauh daripada keluarga. Semua hanya sementara. Habis matrik, semuanya berubah. Masih bertahan selepas 2 tahun selepas itu tapi porak peranda..Long-distance relationship? Pada pendapat aku, ia cuma dpt bertahan kalau scandal setiap pihak tidak terbongkar. Percayalah, ia penuh dengan kecurangan.

Ambik dr fb Eduard

Sedikit kelegaan timbul dalam hati ini selepas berakhirnya hubungan ini, walaupun ia tidak berakhir dengan cara yang baik.:-)
Sesungguhnya, jodoh pertemuan di tangan tuhan...


Baru-baru ni, banyak teman sepermainan masa zaman kanak2 add aku kat facebook. Aku pun tinjau2 photo album diorang, tengok gambar ahli keluarga & kehidupan diorang sekarang. Kawan2 pun sudah besar2, ada yang sudah ada anak pulak tu.

Terkenang zaman kanak2 dulu. Berlari bersama2.Konflik2 zaman kanak2, bertengkar, pastu lapor dengan parents, tak pun dengan adik beradik yang lebih dewasa(bukan aku).  Zaman yang tiada kerisauan.

Setiap kali aku tengok gambar parents kawan2 aku ni, aku rasa sedih.. Bukannya sedih sebab anak diorang jahat dan layan diorang dengan tak baik..Anak2 diorang baik... Aku sedih melihat perubahan usia.. Aku sedih melihat orang yang dahulunya muda & cergas, kini kelihatan tidak bermaya. Kedut2 pada muka...Senyuman tidak lagi semanis dulu..

Mungkin aku terlalu sayangkan dunia sehinggakan benda ni boleh buat aku sedih.. Kenapa manusia perlu menjadi tua? Huhuhu... Betul2 beri aku kesedaran bahawa dunia ni betul2 fana.. Betapa lalainya aku..

Ya Allah, semoga ibubapaku sentiasa sihat dan panjangkanlah umur mereka, ya Allah..

January 25, 2011

Never thought of

Is there still anyone reading my blog? haha.. sorry, frankly speaking .err..writing, I've loss my interest in blogging. Yeah.. by the way, who am I talking to here? I used to have few loyal followers. I think I don't have anyone I'm interested in talking to (blogging to) anymore.Nevermind, I'm now try to write an interesting blog post that I can think of right now. It's about things that I never thought I'd do or have.

Before studying in USM, never even cross my mind that I will own a motorcycle and I will ride to my lecture hall everyday.. Huh? It still feels like a dream.

 Hihihi...miss that L sticker.

Next, I use to think that bag pack, I mean the traveler's bag pack is ugly. Yeahh.. obviously!! You can see the misshaped figure of the thing when it's loaded with stuff, carried by people on their back which is so huge sometimes even higher than the person carrying it. How is that so-called cool?? But now, I've actually own one? unbelievable huh? I bought it online last week. Had quite a good deal, just about RM92 including postage. Hahahaha..

It looks small but actually it's 50L

Next, I involved in martial art. I got my yellow belt. Although it's just yellow, but it's a big thing for me. Never tried martial art before. I'm quite good at it I think. Especially the part where flexibility is needed. Hehehe..

The next thing that I never thought of is quite an embarrassing thing for me, yeah.. I speak like people here when talking to any the locals. Ehemm...Hope you know what I mean. It is my dream to study in peninsular.  I've also imagine and promise myself that I will keep my "sabahan slang" when I'm here. But I've lost that due to several logical and for me, acceptable reasons. I think it's a necessity. Don't blame me!

I'm a captain + goal keeper for a futsal team. I will be representing USM for National Pharmacy Students Sports Carnival this Saturday. But to be honest, I suck at it. But still, I'm trying my best to keep the pride of USM pharmacy school. Hahaha.. I love living an active life. Don't you?

I've also never thought of me go camping with my friends solely just for fun? Me? camping? Unbelievable, I have just went camping twice before, once is in my school  which was later canceled due to the rain and we were forced to sleep in the classroom. The other one is in the Perkhemahan Kadet Polis Peringkat Negeri Sabah, Kota Marudu. Obviously it's for the purpose of competition. But this time, it's us purposely planned one and voluntarily live in a camp! haha..

I'm now being close friends with a group of active people. Hahaha.. Still planning our next activity. But still don't know when is it. But surely, it's soon...and the number of activities is expanding....

January 18, 2011

Trip hujung minggu

Lama dah x update blog.

Rasa semakin kurang berminat dengan blog sebenarnya..

Apapun, aku nak cerita, 7 Jan hingga 9 Jan aritu aku pergi melancong ke Langkawi. Maklumlah orang Borneo kan. Sementara study di semenanjung ni, ambil peluanglah untuk round2 sini. Lagipun dekat saja. Naik flight lebih kurang 20 minit saja. Best2..

Hah...aku bawa adik aku untuk join sekali.. Memandangkan ada tiket murah, alang2 kan. Yang best tentang Langkawi, pulau ni kecil. Senang nak ingat jalan. Takkan sesat punya lah.. Rasa aman tengok sawah & pemandangan kampung. Banyak jugak lah tempat yang boleh dilawat. Yang paling best naik cable car, jalan atas mat cincang skybridge, main air di sungai, tgk penguin di Underwater world & pergi Island Hopping. 

Melancong di Langkawi ni kira economical la jugak.. Huh..menyesal x beli banyak2 coklat.:-)

Lepas ni nak pg ****** lagi..yeah!!! Pengarah projek, sila bersiap sedia. :-p

January 2, 2011

Tahun Baru

Cara aku menyambut detik tahun baru. Malam tu kami rancang untuk buat steamboat di bilik Cath. Sebelum tu, kami pergi Tesco barang2. Tesco memang penuh. Maklumlah public holiday. 

Malam tu apa lagi, bersteamboat la kami. Siap rebut2 lagi. Tapi bab rebut2 ni biasanya memang akulah pemenangnya. Hahaha..aku guna senduk dorang cuma guna chopstick. Apa kaki?? hehehe.. To sum up, steamboat buatan sendiri memang mengenyangkan. Buncit perut sbb makan byk.

10 minit sebelum midnight, kami naik ke bukit HEP. Tengok bunga api dari situ. Ada budak-budak lain.di situ Sekurang-kurangnya kami tahulah ada jugak orang yang terperuk di USM ni untuk celebrate New Year dan bukan kami saja. Yalah, kat jalan raya dalam USM hampir takda kenderaan lain malam tu. Ke mana agaknya mereka menghilang? Itulah persoalannya..

Best gak la..yang penting dapat nampak bunga api secara live. Dapat rasa jugak sedikit bahang sambutan tahun baru ni.

Keesokan harinya, aku kuar lagi dengan kawan2 aku ni. Shopping  YES di Queensbay. Rugilah kalau tak beli apa-apa sempena YES ni. Banyak jugak duit aku habis. Aku beli apa yang aku perlukan saja. 2 pasang seluar jeans, sepasang jam tangan BUM & seunit pemain mp3 sony. 

Lepas ni, malas dah nak kuar. Tak nak kering-kontang di hujung sem nanti :-P