August 28, 2010

PWTC- breaking fast with Sabah Chief Minister

Not that I sat at the same table with the CM. Basically we are in the same hall, eats the same foods with thousands other students from Sabah.

Just click this link if wanna see the photos => PWTC

I just want to tell all of you who I met there. I saw my adeq, Mohd Hafiz but he didn't sees me. Then, I saw a group of  students, I recognize some of their faces including Ishak the budak surau back in LMC. But I am too ashamed to smile at him (he recognize me as my ex, gf). Then, my brother's gf came and shakes hand with me. I met her few times before at Tawau. We took a picture just to make my brother jealous.haha.. She's taking Math for education in UTM. She is a nice girl. But I seems to hate the uni though. But, she chose that just because of my bro. What she doesn't know is my bro is really flexible on the uni choices after he finishes his diploma. I have influenced him to continue his degree elsewhere. The one closer.

After solat tarawih and the desserts, I walked around the hall with my bro's friend. Her name is Eka. She is my model that night. I told her to stand everywhere just to take pictures of beautiful background with her inside. She's nice. She's taking pure biology in USM and she staying at Restu.

Basically, the best thing about this event is, each of us got RM50 of duit raya. Thank you datuk!hehehe..We sleep on our way back to Penang with a smile on our faces. We reached USM at 5am.

August 26, 2010

Kedatangan classmates baru

Setelah 2 tahun lebih menjadi pelajar USM, kami dikejutkan pula dengan kehadiran 38 orang pelajar dari Kolej Teknologi Pulau yang menumpang belajar di USM kerana kursus farmasi di kolej mereka ditutup.(dirahkan oleh Pharmacy Board disebabkan masalah dalaman dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran) Kursus mereka adalah di bawah usahasama USM, oleh itu USM perlu bertanggungjawab terhadap mereka semua. 

Kedatangan pelajar-pelajar baru ini membawa pelbagai reaksi daripada kami semua. Tetapi kami perlu berfikir dari sudut pandangan mereka juga. Mereka juga tidak ingin menumpang dan mengalami suasana yang sesak sebegini. Namun, mereka akur juga kerana ingin mendapat sarjana muda yang diakui. Dahla mereka bayar lebih RM10 000 satu semester untuk pendidikan yang sama dengan kami.huhuhu...(Thanks kerajaan sebab bagi biasiswa & subsidikan yuran pengajian kami)

Reaksi dari pihak saya pula? Saya cuma ingin mengatakan bahawa saya tidak suka berubah tempat duduk. Agak sukar bagi saya untuk mengulangi proses berkenalan dan mengingati rupa/nama seperti ketika di tahun satu dulu. Saya amat susah mengingati rupa orang..Harap2 segalanya berjalan lancar. 

P/S: Saya dah ingat nama & rupa 2 orang - Elyana Yazmin & Ila (bkn nama sebenar).2 orang ini sebab mereka 1 group lab dengan saya.


Kenapa saya tulis kebanyakan entry saya dalam bahasa Inggeris? Ketahuilah, bahawa saya berbuat demikian bukanlah kerana ingin show off. Jika anda tengok dari punggunaan kata, grammar, comprehension entry2 saya, anda mungkin menyangka ini adalah tulisan kanak-kanak tadika. Jadi, ini sebenarnya hanya memalukan dan show off itu jauh sekali.

Saya menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris kerana:
1. Semua exam saya dalam bahasa Inggeris dan berbentuk esei. Pernahkah anda melalui saat2 di mana anda terlupa translation english suatu perkataan? dan seterusnya anda pun berfikir dan terus berfikir dan enggan mengalah. Akhirnya, baru anda sedar bahawa anda telah membuang masa untuk mengingati perkataan remeh itu. Di situlah menulis esei inggeris secara berkala membantu anda mengatasi semua ini. Seperti yang lecturer saya selalu kata, bahawa pelajar bijak tapi ketika exam mereka payah untuk "express" apa yang ada dalam kepala otak mereka. Tidak percaya?cubalah..

2. Menulis dalam bahasa inggeris secara berkala memudahkan anda untuk "apply" perkataan2 baru yang anda belajar dalam kuliah. samada perkataan biasa mahupun medical jargon mahupun kata-kata makian yang anda pelajari dari rakan-rakan. Dengan ini, anda lebih mudah memahaminya.

3. Ia juga membuatkan anda tidak salah ketika menggunakan grammar yang mudah ketika bercakap. Contoh ckp, "she have" instead of "she has".

4. Membuatkan anda lebih yakin menggunakan bahasa Inggeris ketika menulis memo kepada mana2 lecturer dan juga membalas pesanan ringkas mana2 orang. heheheheh...

Walaupun post2 saya menggunakan bahasa Inggeris yang kebudak-budakan, namun saya tetap bangga dengannya. :-)

August 23, 2010


Hmmm....I'm now less interested in blogging. My surrounding and  the time changes me. I'm now more interested doing "real" stuffs.

I just got back from a program in Taiping. Arrived at USM at 2am. It's fun but tiring. I didn't finish my lab report before the program then I decided to skip 4 hours of lectures just to do the lengthy lab report. Off course, no attendance was taken. All lecturers seldom take student's attendance. That's how it is. But the lecture hall is always full every single day during lectures. Yes, pharmacy students are all very honest and come to lecture hall for the knowledge and not simply to avoid being bar from exam.All of them except me.

I really regret this. But this is how it is. Non-academic activities do interfere with academics and stuffs. We just need to choose to attend which one and know how to arrange everything. I'm lack of this skill. 

I'm third year already. I should know how to arrange my time. and sadly, I don't.

I'm now full of regrets. I hate it!

August 14, 2010


When I was browsing through my academic files last sem break, I found a printed piece of paper of my UPU application. I look at it and wondering what was I thinking when filling the application. How can I be such under-knowledge on what I’m supposed to take based on my academic performance.  I said to myself that I must write a blog post about this. It’s just crazy to think that if I’ve got my second choice, I will definitely regret it .Plus, there are some other weird selections that I don’t know why I chose those.

The printer other colour ink has run out when I printed this. just blue and black left.

I still remember, few days after I have finished my matriculation, I went to my school to take the official SPM certificate and I went to see my chemistry teacher and I asked, “What is the best course to take in university?” My chemistry teacher just told me to choose whatever I’m interested and have passion in. I’m clueless. I have nothing on my mind. I can have interested in so many things as long as I’m good at it. I just thinking about learning something, I don’t really care as long as I continue my study and learn something and get a job afterwards. I asked my friend, Ramadana who was studying TESL at Maktab Gaya at that time. I told her that I want to take engineering course. She gave me a devastating fact that female usually left out in this field. She said that it’s hard to get a job. I’m just kept on thinking and it’s real hard for me to decide.
Few days before the due date of this application, I asked my sis:  “what do you think about pharmacy?“ She answered: “ok jugak”. Immediately, I put it on my first choice and that’s what I’m taking now and I’m glad. I thank Allah for this.
Now, I really think that parents should guide their children on UPU application. I know that parents usually give excuse that they will just let their children to choose based on their interest. I just realized something. Actually, when I’m at that age, I don’t really know what “interest” really means. I thought that interest is almost equivalence to “something that I’m actually good at”. At that age, some of the teenagers don’t even know much or don’t even have a clue on things that they said they are interested in. How can they decide? That’s why parents should guide but not to force them to choose a specific course. Just give them some suggestions on what is good and suitable for them. This is just my opinion.hehehe..
P/S: tighten & strengthen your fist and move on and don’t look at the road that you have past, because there is no turning back. (Because it’s a one-way highway. hahaha)

Planning a vacation

Last night, I just bought tickets for 4 persons- 3 of my friends and me myself. Guess what? we plan to go to Langkawi early next year. I know that It's far too early to buy the flight ticket. But plan can change easily if nothing hold it together. That's why we agreed to bought ticket first, so that we will "make ourselves free" at that particular time. It's just like a deposit to our commitment to go there for 3 days 2 nights.

In addition, it will be the last chance for some of my friends going there before they are graduating(their course only take 3years). We have planned this since we are in first year but there are so many things that get into our ways when we feel that it's the right time to go. The ticket for a round-trip is cheaper than taking a ferry from Penang to Langkawi. This return flight tickets only cost RM98 per person. Great right?

Hotels? Hmmm... we probably book it early next year. or simply look for it when we are already there.

Hoping that  everything will go as planned..:-)

My room

After a while occupied by my commitment and everything that I have dragged myself into, finally I have the chance to update my blog WITH an idea of what I'm going to write..

In this post, I will just talk about what I have done to make my room a comfortable place. Hmmm... I have bought two floor mat, a big one to cover half of the area in between the beds, and a small one just to put in front of the door. Plus, I also have an existing floor mat but my ex-room mate just ask me to keep. So, basically almost all part of exposed floor in my room is now covered comfortably.

Besides, with my current roommate's agreement, I've also bought a dustbin (Saujana has took away this for unknown reason) and another thing is, we recently just bought a small three-storey-rack and place it in between our study table. It just cost RM20 but the process of carrying and assembling the plywood together is real hard without a SCREWDRIVER. We just used alternative equipment available in our room such as, small scissor, forceps (from my dissection set) and a cutter. I injured my finger during this assembling process. But it proved to be fun and challenging.


My room now full of stuffs. It feels like home...No matter how furnitures in my room are increasing, my part of the room is still messy..:-p

August 8, 2010


I just got back from "Round Island" with some PERSIS members.It's an annual activity to introduce juniors some famous places in Penang. It's not as interesting as when I was in the first year. Yeah, off course. I've been going to some of the places multiple times. Nothing new there for sure.

The first destination is the Kek Lok Si. This is my first time but I'm not that excited to climb up the stairs all the way up the temple. I've less stamina now. Too much sleep I guess. The next destination is the Penang Hill. But without us even knowing that it's actually closed for some upgrading works. Such unfortunate.. Other destinations include around KOMTAR, Rumah P. Ramlee,Botanical Garden,Standing buddha Temple and another Thai temple(I forgot the name). 

The most interesting part of all is when we went to lunch at a real famous Nasi Kandar Stall. There are too many people lining up to eat Nasi Kandar there. At beginning, I thought it must be reasonable in price because so many people are there, but the price is actually beyond my prediction--RM7.10(exclude drinks, better eat KFC). During the waiting, lining-up in a queue, we saw some facts about that Nasi Kandar stall that makes us want to close our eyes just to PRESERVE our appetite..

-First, we saw the cook talking and yelling loudly to one another when he is actually cooking.(We bet there must be saliva dropped into the cooking) 

-Next, we saw another staff holding hati ayam masak lada with his bare hand. I can still can tolerate if the food he was holding is fried and dry. But this one, it's like gravy but still....I don't wish to continue this part. 

-Then, Cath saw another worker simply took water from the tap(without boiling) plus it with ice, and it is ready to be served as AIS KOSONG. huhuhuhu... This is not western country. We don't trust the cleanliness of the tap water!

All of us keep on laughing, simply can't believe what we have saw. But still, we keep on lining on the queue, nothing can stop us to ease our hunger at that particular time.wahahahaha... So, there we are, eating like monsters with a big slice of chicken on our plate. Everyone there all looks like humans with BIG APPETITE with that size of chicken on everyone's plates!

Near Rumah P.Ramlee 

 Kek Lok Si

 Taman Botanical

This maybe the LAST TIME I will be eating there again!!, we got an extra experience to share now. It is a really awkward, funny, disgusting experience for Cath,Gwen,Amani,Nad, Arthur and me. Guys, do you wish to go and eat there again? Wahahahaha...

August 7, 2010


I just back from the BBQ dinner. I smell like roadside, with a little bit of garlic smell. Hmm.... Overall, the activity go on as planned, the most important part of all --- the foods are enough for everyone, loads of leftover that eventually brought home by others including me. (I give it to my cousin). Plus, we did birthday bash for few friends at the same time.Happy birthday Kak Ina, Hafzan & Amani.

Convocation week is a busy week for me..I have to go for my duty at PHARMEX exhibition booth every single day there, standing there on my feet for at least two hours with the hot temperature, crowded place. I can feel the sweats is like thick honey poured all over me. Yucckkks! I spend a lot on drinks during convo week. Foods, not so much because I'm to stingy to buy less tasty food with higher price. I prefer foods from the cafeteria or just simply ask other people for their foods, hahaha.. Thanks to Shaiful for giving me satu cucuk bebola ketam & Hong Huei for a popia and other friends for lekor and et cetera.

Convo weeks means no commuter bus around campus. People with no vehicle had to walk everywhere, to lecture, duty on the convo expo.Sometimes, it is just sad to see student's parents or even grandparents walk from the hall to the exit gate.huhu.. Me, I use this time to do good deeds to others. With my motorcycle, I'm able to help out people with no vehicle to go around campus. That's what I did every single day during the convo week because I know how it feels like to walk on the pavement for half an hour under the hot sun.:-(

I'm just hoping I will be a good human being....
p/s: I'll go for "round island" tomorrow. More activity, less misery.

August 3, 2010


Hai ni kurang mendapat perhatian daripada saya sendiri selaku tuan punyanya.. Aktiviti seharian buat aku semakin kurang berminat dengan blog ni. Sekarang saya baru sedar yang menghabiskan masa di luar lagi best daripada menggunakan masa tu untuk update bendalah ni..Tapi ini tidak bermakna saya akan berhenti dari menulis blog..

Banyak perkara yang berlaku awal tahun.Termasuklah peristiwa apabila saya tersentak setelah mengetahui hakikat yang saya tidak pernah  sedari selama ini. Namun saya bersyukur kerana semua itu berlaku. Jika tidak, saya pasti masih buta, tidak menghargai orang sekeliling dan lalai dibuai kenikmatan perasaan. Kini, saya melihat kehidupan dari perspektif yang lebih luas, mengambil kira pelbagai sudut dan mempunyai masa senggang yang lebih banyak. Selama ini masa rehat untuk saya telah terisi dengan kegelisahan berfikir tentang sesuatu yang tidak pasti dan kerisauan yang tidak berpenghujung. Akhirnya kegelisahan dan kerisauan ini disudahi dengan ketenangan jiwa dan peristiwa itu telah merubah saya menjadi orang yang sangat mensyukuri segala yang ada di sekeliling.

Pada hari Jumaat yang lepas, saya telah mencuri sedikit masa untuk keluar membeli sesuatu di Queensbay Mall. Terima kasih Nad kerana sanggup menemankan roomate kamu ini. Di Queensbay Mall, saya telah membeli barang yang saya cari2 itu. Ia berharga RM350. Hati ini begitu berat untuk mengeluarkan duit sebanyak itu. Namun disebabkan perasaan sayang kepada adik dan rasa ingin menunaikan janji, saya redha untuk membelanjakan duit ke arah itu. Harap saya agar adik saya menyukai pilihan saya itu. Peristiwa ini pula menyedarkan saya bahawa membeli barang untuk orang lain adalah sangat payah. Kerana, biar berapa lamapun kita cuba memilih, belum tentu mereka akan menyukainya.

Saya baru pulang dar Genting semalam. Overall, trip tu memang best. Cuma permainan yang berputar membuatkan kepala saya pening dan saya terasa sangat loya Mujurlah ia sembuh dengan cepat. Tetapi yang paling teruk, saya akan mula berasa loya apabila mengenang kembali Genting secara keseluruhan. huhuhu.. (Hah, sekarang saya dah loya..)Seperti biasa, travel  bersama geng memang best! Saya menghabiskan masa perjalanan dari Genting ke Penang dengan melayan petikan gitar Mik dan suara sumbang Bahar. Saya juga turut "menyumbangkan" suara sepanjang tengah malam semalam. Daripada trip ini, saya mengetahui suatu fakta tentang diri saya, iaitu..saya akan hilang kawalan terhadap kelenjar air mata saya apabila saya ketakutan/gembira ketika menaiki game Flying Coaster & Cockscrew. Tidak, saya bukan menangis!

Destinasi pilihan lepas ni...Langkawi & Cameron Highland InsyaAllah.. Jalan-jalan melihat dunia luar memberi peluang kepada kita untuk berfikir "di luar" imaginasi yang ada sebelum ini dan membuang takuk lama pemikiran yang menghalang diri daripada terus maju.

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