November 30, 2008

Attending A Wedding Celebration

I went to attend a wedding last night.My mom forced me to,actually..hehehe..It's just a typical local people wedding celebration.It was fun and exciting.So many people came to there to share their happiness with the bride and groom.The celebration was just held in on a large space of land in Tanah Merah. Many large canopies was set up .It provide quite a wide space for the celebration.

On the "pelamin"

The bride and groom


My mom!

The things that interest me the most is the participation of kids in order to make the celebration to run smoothly without any problems..They take responsibility to collect the used plates and utensils at the celebration area, where guests are serve with many foods. I used to go to many wedding ceremony and this is the first time where the kids that served as "dirty/used dishes" collectors really did their job well.Last time, at other wedding celebration, I saw the kids being scolded by the elderly that ask them to collect the dishes although they have been told to do so earlier.

Hardworking boys

The kids are doing their job


They are cute,yet hardworking..

Lastly, I go to meet with the bride and groom..I got a "bunga telur".A really nice one with a orange-colored flower.Nice!hehehe...

Somebody's wedding

Ready to meet the married couple.So many people line up

Bunga Telur

The bunga telur,with no telur already.hehehe..

November 28, 2008

Wandering around the town..

Today, I'm really enjoying my day..wandering around my hometown..Hihihihi...Gwen drives us to many places..There's only ten ringgit in my pocket this morning.I borrowed it from my sister.So,the first mission of the day is to find an ATM machine.I need it urgently because I'm broke.Hahaha..We passed through so many banks but unfortunately..There's so many people queue up to use the machines..and also,the parking area near the banks were full..Wasting about an hour just to find an available ATM machine..Finally,we manage to find parking area but it's quite far away from the bank that we want to go - CIMB Bank. We just realized that today is 28th.The end of the month,where government workers will get their salaries..No wonder so many people using ATM machines in all the banks..

Nisa my bestfriend..

My bestfriend,Nisa!

We then go to Giant supermarket that just opened here in Tawau.4 miles from the town area.While waiting for our turn to buy the KFC meal in the supermarket,we notice a sign board outside -- ATM MACHINE.huhuhu...The three of us shocked and kept quiet for a while.We don't really expect that there will be ATM machine in the new Giant..We just finished up our meal..go inside the supermarket..then perform my solat after that..

Membeli coklat..

Chocolates sold in Giant.Nyam2..

Then,we back to the town area..To eat ABC!!

Gwen&Nisa mkn abc..


The last interesting activity that we did is sitting at the seaside (with only stone and no sandy beach).Eating junk foods and listening to songs..Doing that for about half an hour..Then we get bored,and finally we decided to go home...It's really a happy day for me..


Tawau seaside known as "highway"

November 26, 2008

10 days at home..What do I spend my time for??

First....I slept a lot for these ten days time..late sleeper and for sure,I woke up late almost everyday in these ten days..Besides,I also take my time to sleep in the afternoon.and it is not simply an "afternoon nap" but it is more than a nap.hehehe..Second...I spend my time a lot..In front of the PC.FS,FB,Tagged..mailing..and the priority of all....IMing with yahoo messenger..I slept late because of this IM things.Especially when I got a good companion to chat with..It pissed my bro off..then he tried to block my view from the pc monitor..Actually he want to use the internet but I am taking too much time using the PC.Thirdly..I eat a dad seems to spend money just in order to provide me with food that I wanted to eat..hehehehe..

My bro trying to block my view..

My bro trying to block my view

My favourite biscuits..

My favourite biscuit

DVD to be watched this holiday

DVD to be watched this holiday

I give this to my bro..


16/11 I'm come back here,in my lovely hometown..Tawau..really looking forward for this..It is quite a long journey home from Penang..But I'm with my three friends and a senior that I just met,have the same flight from Penang to KK..Some funny things happen among us when we are together..Nasma,is eventually my third cousin.I knew it just now..hehehe..Just seem unbelievable..We have quite an exciting journey home,back here in Sabah..Finally,I'm here..spending my holiday..I hope that my days ahead will filled with more fun that the ten days passed..With the presence of my sister, I'm sure the holiday WILL BE an interesting one.I'm glad that she's finally home..

Funny picture of Nasma's cat..I really laughed a lot after seeing this.

Pic of Nasma's cat

Me and Nasma at the Penang Airport

Me and Nasma at Penang Airport

On the way from the airport to my house

On the way from the airport to my house

I miss this bike's owner.

I miss this bike's owner

New Blog's Template

I've just updated my blog's template..I take quite a long time for it..Struggling to find the suitable one,the one that I like,download it..extract it from the zip file..upload it..and change the setting as told in the attached "read me.txt",then I need to add back some widgets that I deleted before...Before this,I thought that changing the template of the blog just simply like changing the friendster layout..and eventually,it is not true!!Haha..but anyway..I kind of love this template..It change the mood of this page compared with the template before..Don't you think so?

November 25, 2008

Sacrifice??What it really means to you?

Sunday afternoon..I walk along the street in Penang alone.Just few days after raya.I'm on my way back to the Police Headquarter in Penang.My friend works there..Seeing some beggars lying beside the streets..Then..A group of foreigners that I believe stay in this country to work and enjoying their weekend day's off at the time..What really inspire me is that, although they are just workers from the industrial area..with small salary I guess..But they are the one who give some penny to the beggars..Malaysian just walk through the road and simply pretending to not notice the beggars' existence. May their good deeds will be repay by Allah..

Staying far away from home just for one purpose - To find some money and send it to their family. Change the ringgit currency into other currency especially Indonesia's rupiah is a great deal..Their family really can live comfortably in their hometown with that. What the foreigners did I think was a really blissful things..what do you think??

My passion in writing..

Hello..Me..just call me Adrenaline..I start to notice that I really love to write when I attend English Tuition Class organized by my beloved Form 3 English teacher--Teacher Murni.. I really like to write essays especially those related with opinions and thoughts. And guess what? I got full mark in my an English writing test while I was in form 4.I still think that that is unbelievable..I'm still doing many grammatical error till now..But I'm improving myself.. Anyway..Thanks Mdm Nini for the marks..It really give me the spirit to learn more about writing skills..

Formerly, I used this blog to express my feelings,disagreement and problems. Because at the time, I can't really manage my own emotion well. But now, I think I'm matured enough to hold & solve the problems by myself.Just need to keep it to myself and solve it.And I don't need to write about it anymore....Now,I think I want to write more about my point of view of life...How I look at life in various aspects and by different perspectives. What I feel about everything that happens around thoughts..and what I feel about the road ahead of me (my future).. Just leave your comments if you have some..Thanks for viewing my blog!