April 30, 2010

Finally...Exam is over

Exam is over.I'm counting the days for 2nd of May. Finally, I'm going home...It has been 5 months since the last I step foot in my house. I just can't wait!

April 26, 2010

I've became worse

Hmmmm... Just don't know how to describe. I'm feeling that I'm not who I used to be anymore. I used to be great, people look up to me, I never fails.I was a perfectionist. But now, in this competitive and unfamiliar environment, I just unable to adapt and keep on failing to do the anything perfectly. I'm happy here, but I lost the ability to perform my best in any task.

I've sit for organic chemistry & introduction to phytochemistry last week. It was my worst paper ever. In school I always got the highest mark in my entire batch for the chemistry subject.In matriculation, even my tutorial teacher, Mr Mark noticed me in class because I have passion for this subject. But, I lost my focus on this exam. Unable to memorize the mechanism of actions that well. Other subjects seem to go well though.

Even the person I loved the most cheated on me for some other girl. My disappointment  just exceeded my feeling for him, then I dumped him and I don't regret it. The girl is a bitch somehow. Another case, my room mate won't be my room mate for next semester anymore. Now, you can obviously see my failures. Fail to retain what is mine.

Just now, I failed my motorcycle JPJ test. Just because of the stupid "titi". I'm too scared and feel a little shaky eventually unable to maintain my balance.There you go..RM45 wasted for test repeat!

The person I hate used to say, it is a pathetic thing to voice out your feeling in the blog.Nobody will feel sorry or listen.He said, they will just laugh at you. I didn't mind though. But I think that, he is the "biggest condemner" among all my blog followers. Can I say this. Can you please stop reading my blog? I don't welcome you here. Just treat you SALASIAL well. Don't ever interfere in my life, you cheater!

I don't care if people that I don't really know me read this. I just care about expressing my feelings.

Dear readers, just don't take anything in this blog personally.I just love to write anything that reaches my mind. This is me.....

April 25, 2010

Saving my 30 cents

In USM, no cafe gives you polystyrene if you want to take away the food that you bought. Some cafes offer you transparent container that are reusable to replace polystyrene, some others gives dark colored polystyrene-look-alike-thing but it actually made up of parts from palm tree and some others will give you some kind of oil and water resistant paper so that it can be use to wrap the food that you bought.Just like in nasi lemak case. Either ways, it do fulfill the requirement of the university to prevent the usage of not biodegradable polystyrene.

The cafe that I like to go is Solihin Cafe. But each time I want to take away the food with their transparent reusable container, they will charge me 30 cents for it. Everyday I went to the same cafe and buy foods twice a day there. I take away the food most of the time. Can you imagine my wasted spending of this container it I am to buy it every single time I took away foods from the cafe? So, the solution is....I bought my own container to buy food there. Every single time.

Giving options of wrapping materials, the plastic transparent reusable containers and "fake-polystytrene" do responsible for the fading away of the culture of bringing food containers. As I have observed, students rather spend their 30 cents each time they went to the cafe, rather than bringing their own container. The choice provided just like giving them option to "escape" from the previous tiring USM campaign of bringing your own container when buying foods in the cafeteria.(it's just tiring to wash it and to hold it all the way to the cafe..kihkihkih..) When I was in the first year, I can see many people do support this campaign. But now, I feel like I'm the only want that still doing that.(Not purposely being green,I just want to save my money:-p). Plus, sometime I feel ashamed because it just looks like I'm the only one that who is still "care" of this container thing.

In addition, the cafe that sells drinks also take advantage by charging extra 10 cents every time I took away the drinks from their cafe. It just a plastic? They really can earn a lot from this plastic-selling thing. Whereas, some other cafes provide cup-like drinks container for this purpose. But of course it costs more than the plastic.

As a conclusion, let's bring our container to the cafe and also let's bring bags to Ushoppe and Supermarkets in Penang (Monday to Wednesday) or else, they will charge extra for containers and also the plastic bags!!

A money-saving tips from Ikin, the nonsense talker.

April 16, 2010

Why you spend more when you are in love?

Reasons why you spend more when you are in love.

One day, I talked to a friend about my financial status. And she just simply doesn’t understand why I spend more although we got the same amount worth of scholarship. I said to her, people that in love spend more than the single one. She just takes it as a joke.hehe…

So, here I am explaining what actually happen to your money when you are in love. Again, this is only based on my experience and if you want to disagree with me, it’s up to you.

1. The first reason will be due to the mood elevation when you are in love. You feel happy (most of the time) and you don’t care spending your money on other people. For me, I spend a lot to my brother and sister. Besides, you love giving gifts to people around you just because you feel happy.

2. Next, you care how you look in front of your love one. You bought new clothes just so that you look good in front of him.

3. You must gives birthday gifts to him. You start thinking of what to buy and that “what” is not cheap. Plus, anniversary gift is another burden.huhu...

4. You spend lots of your money on your hand phone credit top up just to talk to him. To tell him everything that happened to you in recent days although he didn’t care.

5. You can’t take your eyes of cute stuffs. For example like keychains that got “love” on it, couple keychains, couple t-shirt, photo album that have a big love on it’s front cover, picture printing..and other stuffs that look stupid and you actually forgot why you bought it at the first place.

6. Whenever you go for a window shopping at the mall, when you see something that you think he would love to have, you’ll buy it. Unnecessary spending again..lalala..

7. Holidaying with him is the major contributor of money crisis. Money just flow like tap water everytime we went to shopping mall together. Although I only paid for myself and sometime he paid. Buy still, we went to so many places every single days of one week holidays.

Now, I started to realized that it is not WORTH IT. It just like a waste for an investment- to get your TRUE PARTNER. It's costly.:-p