August 6, 2011


Here I am again, visiting this dusty blog. Wow.. I didn't write any post in July although I'm having my holiday all month long during the month. Anyway, it's still not too late for me to say welcome to the month of august, which is also the fasting month that we are patiently waiting for.

Running away from something will not solve your problem, in fact you might end up being closer to the thing that you keep avoiding for, for so long. Acceptance is the true solution in order to solve things and not simply forcing yourself to forget.

When I'm trying my hard to run away from something. Thing seems to making its way back to me. I approved Erna's request as a sister and pictures below were shown on my facebook wall. You see, the first picture, my ex is so BIGGG, conquering the picture.. Where else can I run..? No matter how clean my handphone, online accounts and laptop are from his stuffs and pictures, somehow, he will always be there somewhere, as a part of my past.

Few days ago, I've got a really weird dream. It is made up from two parts because I woke up in the middle of it but end up resuming the same dream. Hahaha.. Actually, I'm hoping to dream of someone else but I don't know what got into my mind that night, I end up having a dream about my ex. The dream is a sad story end up with someone dying. I don't want to get too details about it. But it seems to me that the dream is persuading me to forgive him. I woke up with indescribable calmness and soothing feeling inside of me. And still, up until now, I kind of like struck by a realization that hating someone is not going to get me anywhere. And now, I'm calm like never before.

Hehehehe..this post seems like too dramatic. But it's the truth. :-D

That's all. See you in the next post!