February 8, 2010

The weekend

Saturday night, my 3rd senior SMSed me, she told me that our 4th year senior to take us for dinner at Sunday night. The location will be at Gee Tom Yam at 8pm. As planned, I went there with my junior, Ainina. My 3rd year senior SMSed me at the very last minute, and told be that she can’t make it.

I feel a little bit uneasy, because I am not that close to my 4th year senior. I seldom meet her. And now she is the one whose buying us dinner..huhu...But the good thing about this is, finally I have a chance to pay her my debt.hihihi..I still not paying my share ringgit for last year convacation gift for my super senior.I know it is terrible. But the problem is, I hardly meet her.

My 4th year senior is going to leave USM Penang to go for practical at USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. That’s mean, she will only come back during her graduation. I wish that I were closer with her. I realized that, when people is leaving, that’s when everyone started to regret for not spending more time or be closer with that person. This how human is like.hmmmm.....

Malam Citrabayu is quite a success. But something still need to be improved especially in satisfying the needs of students from other university. This includes their place to stay, their transport, food and etc. Before the event, we lack of cash. All sponsor is inside the USM treasurer account. To take out every ringgit is not easy. You need lots of letters, receipts and time.Although those are PERSIS’ money. Some committees have to use their money first to make this event a success. Thanks to them. The event went great.

My work as a secretary is not over yet…..I’m still writing letter although the event is over.fuhhh...