November 13, 2009

Semenanjungian language

Is there really a word semenanjungian?Anyway, I have a story to tell..

Few days ago,on last Wednesday to be exact, I'm on way back to my hostel after spending more about 6 hours at the library.Then, someone that look like a chinese student asked me a question when I'm still walking."Berapa lama dah belajar di USM?" I stop walking and give an answer to his question. He continue asking me whether I'm interested to participate in his survey, I said yes. (I know how it feels when someone don't want to answer my questionnaires during my research.Huhuhuhu...It really feels BAD!)

He asked me to write my name and phone number on a questionnaire (I thought that it will be a private one).I just write and sitting at the chair at the DK foyer.He started asking questions and waiting for my answers.Then, he started writing it on the questionnaire. The questionnaire is really long, no wonder he do all the writing instead of letting me answering it by myself.

The survey is about the comparison between the three major of mobile phone network suppliers, digi , celcom and maxis.

During the asking and answering session, he asked me.." Awak asal mana?".I answered "Sabah".He replied,"Patutlah..dapat dengar sabahnya..saya pun dari Sabah jugak.cakap Sabah jak la kita ya..".Then, he continue asking me questions with the more familiar language.I feel a little embarrass for not using my sabahan language when first meeting him. But, I have my own reason for that.

Like what me and my bf have discussed, that the semenanjungian language will be a necessity sometimes. Especially if you don't want people two ask you the same question TWICE or even THRICE. The language also make people more comfortable talking to you as they don't need to put a real effort to really understand what we are trying to say.And no!!It is not for showing off or to not admit myself as Sabahan.

The pen got yellow highlighter at its back

Back to the story, after all the questions have been answered, he gave me a pen as an appreciation for my cooperation. Only then I knew that he is not a student. But he is actually a worker from a research and consulting agency. As the pen stated "CARDAS RESARCH AND CONSULTING SDN. BHD.".The last word that he said to me when I'm leaving is "Terima kasih.......orang sabah".

I love chillies <3

Hehehe...This will be my third post for today..I have been collecting many ideas to be poured on this blog since my study week.But, I have never got a chance to write about them.Below is one of those..

I really really love eating chillies or chili (US)..(cili padi ka cili besar kah..semua aku telan..hahaha)

I got objections from many people for this eating habits of mine especially my mom. She is worry that I will get certain illness for the excessive consumption of this favourite delicacy of mine especially the risk of suffering from appendicitis.

Apart from my mom, my bf also objected. He got a really unique reason for that.hehe...One day, I went to the cafe to have my meal and I saw chillies floating inside the soy ketchup. What a temptation!! But I manage to resist from putting it onto my plate after thinking about what my bf just said. The next day, I'm off with that, continue eating joyfully..Well, it is so addictive..I'm helpless!

My report..

I have finished 7 out of 8 of my exam for this semester. The last one will be on this Monday. A three-unit-subject.The day after the last exam,it will be the time that I finally can go back HOME!!

I have left this blog without significant input for such a long time.I will start talking now..haha..

First, I will talk about my worst paper among these 7 that I have gone through. It is the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology paper. Couple of hours before I go for the exam, my brother called and he told me that his motorcycle has been stolen the night before. During the exam, I'm thinking about him a few time.It's so unfortunate! The event is a nightmare for him.

The red motorcycle has been stolen in Shah Alam

Everyting is up to me actually. I shouldn't have thinking too much in such condition. Your emotion is up to you to control. It is your own responsibility to handle. No matter how hard your situation is, it is up to you to handle. We can't just simple blaming other for ruing your "mood" because the one who responsible maintaining the mood is YOU! You are the one who should figure out a way to not thinking too much about it. It can be done by distracting your mind with another thing instead of thinking about something that seem to be never ending.

I admit that I used to be a hot-tempered person. But I will only show the true me to somebody that I closed to. It seems unfair right? It really is. I believed that it happens to most of us.Why? Because when we know the person well, we are convinced that they will not do something bad to us or even abandon us although we shout at them. This is also an evidence that shows that human is full of hypocrisy.

Something happens to me these few days. I hate "someone" when she makes too much noise while I'm studying. She likes dropping her pen hardly on the table over and over again while she is studying, maybe she is thinking or something, or it is too spontaneous for her to even realize what she is actually disturbing someone. Sometimes, she also purposely drops her books on the table, keys and everything that can really makes a really loud noise.Loud enough to disturb me. It is really uneasy for me to stand that. I'm really shocked every time she did that. I can feel my heart is beating hard, finally I realize that I have lost tract of what I just read at the time.

I need a quiet place to study. I wish that I could be like everyone else who can works on their brain while listening to loud music. I never told her about this. Why? Because I'm afraid this will hurts her and I simply can't accept the possible bad outcome especially during the crucial time like this (exam week). Does it makes me a fraud for smiling at her, and chatting with her even though I'm not really into her behavior?

One more exam to go...Wish me luck!

November 8, 2009

Around my hostel...

Notices/reminders around my hostels....I was really shocked when I saw the first one below..