May 30, 2009

Another Issue..?

I go to town today with my mom and sister. When we passed through a groceries store, my mom being greet by a chinese aunty, a friend of my mom and also the mom of my primary school classmate, Hii Yii Yew..Nothing more exciting than talking about our studies..She told me that that his son is now studying at HELP University, somewhere in peninsular,study law..and I told her about mine also..Luckily I still understand chinese language well..Haha..and be able to talk also.

Then, the aunty started to talk about the opportunity for chinese to enter matriculation college under KPM. and she said that just a few of S.M. St. patrick chinese student be able to enter it..and she asked me, whether there are lots of chinese back in my matriculation academic session and I said that there's quite a number but there is a "kuota" for non-bumi to enter the matriculation.

She started to say that government don't like them because they don't be supported financially by the government.I just kept quite and a little disagree with that statement and my mom started to say simply say that,because you all got lots of money maa, unlike us..need to depend on the government's help. Hehehe..Then the aunty said, you see..I have to carry all these boxes (filled with stuffs) to earn money to support my children's studies.(For your info, she owned that groceries store).

I noticed that chinese prefer to enter private college and that's why it costs a lot..and also they don't prefer to take LOAN unlike us which need to borrow money to further study..There's no difference, it is only the matter of paying the fees now or later..and also, private college or government's.To enter government university is not difficult, it is only the matter of interest to proceed study there..If they can't get into matriculation under KPM, they still have form 6, there is no "kuota" for non-bumi in form 6.The aunty is very friendly though..

To know the truth, we must hear from both side right? I think about the aunty's complain and I also have my own personal thought on this issue..Training myself to think rationally..:-)

So...What do you think?

Tooth Paste Issue..

Did you notice contradictory between different brands of toothpaste commercials in tv these days? I wouldn't notice it if someone hasn't told me about the "floride issue".

Few weeks back, someone asked me about the brand of toothpaste that I used.I just answered him truthfully, and he eventually tell me about the negative effects of toothpaste that contains floride. I started to give him feedback by telling him that I have growing till this time, all my childhood I've been exposed with tv commercial that stated,floride is GOOD for teeth. I can't simply change my mindset about it. He started to give me many websites url about this issue.. I surfed a few, it was quite convincing and once, I have try to look for the toothpaste without floride while shopping for groceries with my mom. Unfortunately, I can't find any.. Then, I started to ignore the issue, still using toothpaste with floride, the same brand that I have used as long as I can remember.

My friend told me that when we brush our teeth,off course we will swallowed some of the toothpaste, and if the tooth paste contains floride, that means we swallowed some amount of floride EVERYDAY. Floride is toxic for body in a large dose. Due to the consumption of floride daily, plus drinking the tap water (mixed with floride during the filteration process), there is a high risk that our body accumulate a large amout of floride that eventually leads to many health risks.

He suggested some brand of tooth paste that not contain floride. As I said earlier, I've tried to find it, but I didn't manage to get one.Maybe I don't really give real effort to that.

Why don't you all start to focus on tooth paste tv commercial these days....
There is one brand of tooth paste commercial that emphasize about the NO FLORIDE in their product possibly because of this issue and another one shows a scene where a customer have problem with their teeth because all these days they have used NO FLORIDE tooth paste, then a man wearing a white coat started to give advice and suggested that they should use XXXX brand of tooth paste because it contains FLORIDE which is GOOD for teeth..So, which one should we believe then?

There's an episode of CSI where a wife consumed two packs of EXTRA-FLORIDE tooth paste, and she dies due to overdose.I've discussed this with my bf, we do believe that overdose of floride can kill someone, but about just brushing teeth can cause health risk?? I have not believe in it totally..Still in search for an answer.

I will look for more information about these issue. When talking about BELIEVING, I think it should be EVIDENCE-BASED. Shouldn't it?

May 25, 2009

Today is mine...

I slept early last night..really tired after going to town to buy veges and other groceries,also helping my dad preparing a meal today - Kari ikan pari. My father suddenly mentioned about wanted to eat ikan pari, so I suggest him to cook.It is a very long time since I eat my dad's cooking..My dad rarely cook, usually on special occasion only.I mean the day when I request him to..wahahaha..Ikan pari is not really major choice here as Tawau is one of the fishing town, there are other choices of fish with good price here. We always eat good quality fish,fresh from the sea. Hehehehe...But time passed by, few days back I really shocked to see that Ikan Basong is sold RM4 per kg.It used to be just RM1.50. Wow..I started to talk about fish right now..Hihihi..

Helping my dad on the kitchen is not a really tiring task. Usually I just helped to stir,wash all the foods before being cooked and also wash all the dirty dishes and clean up all the mess. But yesterday, my dad ask me to prepare the "sambal",with the help of pestle and mortar (it's not for preparing dosage form)..I'm very good at this.Hehehe..I prepare a lot and very very "kick", causing my dad in search for water while eating it and asked me,"setengah kilo kah cili padi yang ko guna ni kin?". Hehehe.. The sambal that I prepared finally defeated my dad who is the king of spicy food in this house. Wahahaha... (dictator's laugh)

I woke up in the middle of the night because my phone rang. My bf wish me birthday although it is not yet 12a.m.. Hehehehe.. Thanks abg.. Then, my sis and bro started to sing me the birthday song with a cake. They never try to surprise me before.. Don't know where my bro bought this after 10p.m. I slept after 10 and there's nothing in the refrigerator yet..

Small cake but it is more than enough for me

Happy birthday to me!!I'm already 20!Huhuhu..Thanks everyone for the wish..I really appreciate it..

My sis requested me a laptop skin long time ago..So, I bought one for her for RM20 in Prangin, with abstract theme..Her laptop has lots of scratch marks on it although it is not yet two years old. I took some times to stick it on..It look like an easy task but actually it really need accuracy and patience..Fortunately it turns out to be okay..

It is like shining!

More stories in the days ahead!!

May 22, 2009

Somekind of thing..(SOMETHING)

I experienced this in semester one....

I don't even focus in the lecture hall, don't really do my work and assignment properly..Just get it done without quality..and still remember Prof Pazilah (Thanks Aida..Hehehe..nama lecturer pn ble lupa) said about the drawings of agar plate in the lab report that not look like one because it is not "round" enough! I think my drawing is one of those.Hehehehe...She started to talk about students should show their effort in the lab report.She suggested that we should have use anything round to guide us to draw a circle..Hehehehe..

The drawing should actually be like this

At that time, I'm still adapting to the new environment.I came to the peninsular for the first time..Still not having that much friends..Plus,my bf is far from me..There are too many things going on in my head that I barely focus in my study.. Pak cik Omar always asked me "Do you got problems?" and he also asked Catherine about me.Hehehe..My face obviously showed my worries.

I can't simply burdens anyone with my problem, they all have one. I don't want to trouble my family..I'm not the kind of person who simple call my mom and say "mom, I have problem" and then cry!!I know that my mom can't take this..She maybe shocked and can't sleep thinking of me if that happens.She maybe 100 times worried than me myself..All this time, I just pretending that I'm strong enough to handle all the problems..Never ever cry on the phone when talking to my family since in matriculation.

I attend the POM study group with NOTHING!! I bet Nabila still remember that moment (Do you? hehehe..).Just simply listen for what they said and they actually know A LOT! Gained a lot of knowledge from these kind of session. But unfortunately, they gained NOTHING from me..

And when the time the first semester result came out, I got above 3. I'm taking pharmacy course, here everyone is struggling (I really mean STRUGGLE) to get good grades, and me without much effort manage to get above 3 pointer.Me myself also shocked..the prayer that seemed impossible that I did actually came true. Thanks Allah! Alhamdulillah..

And then people that knew my lifestyle at semester one and they started to say that I'm a genius and some of them simply was not satisfied with my result..Others making the fact that "I used to be a physical student" as a reason to should not have better grades than them who are life science students at matriculation. I just remained silent.

This experience really teaches me a lot..especially people you should and shouldn't trust. People that sincerely befriend with you or it's just only about the advantages that they can get from you.. Impression and expression.. What happened when you give the wrong impression and how to give appropriate expression so that other people will treat you the way you should be treated.I've gained a lot since I've entered USM. Lots other yet to come..

It's me toward the future!!

May 18, 2009

The event...

I went to KK 14th May to attend my brother's police training closing ceremony. The bus departed at 8.It is a really tiring..It is about eight and a half hours until we arrived at Sepanggar.We arrived when the sun hasn't rise yet..I haven't gone through such long hours in the bus since I finished my studies at Labuan Matriculation College,where we usually spend about 13 hours in the bus from Tawau to Menumbok before taking ferry to Labuan.Anyway the experience is far different because the bus I used to take is filled with matriculation students that I familiar with.. The 13 hours not really seems that long when being around them..

We stop at Sepanggar,before arrived at Inanam Bus Station..My pak cik picked us there..We stay at my pak cik house waiting for 16 Mei where the ceremony takes place. While waiting,we just stay at my pak cik's house,playing with his childrens,watching tv..There's nothing else to do..

At 16th May, we woke up early because my brother said that it will start at 7a.m.. The journey from my pak cik's house to Kepayan took about half an hour..We arrived there and it is really hot although it is still not yet 7a.m. I'm thinking that the sun may not rise yet in Penang at the same particular time..The marching band started to play many rhymes(can't really call it a song..When the squad started to march, I can't spot where my brother was..They all look the same.All BLACK and about the same HEIGHT.As a result, I didn't even catch my brother's picture when he's marching.

When the Pengarah Bahagian Logistik finished making the official declaration of this closing ceromony, explosion happened behind the big board,making a child among trainees family screaming out loud due to the shocking "Boom!!".All of us spontaneously laughed and we then saw the rainbow-coloured smoke came out from the site of explosion.It's beautiful..The trainees remain stood still with the M16 on their hand. Wow! If me, I will definately shocked of that explosion and run..Hahaha.. My brother told me that they didn't be informed about the explosion either and also shocked.Haha..At least they didn't ran or screamed.Here are some pictures of the event.

The board

The tentative

Pengarah Logistik PDRM sedang memeriksa barisan

My brother manage to snap this

Leader kawalan kehormatan

Asap yang kuar selepas letupan

Aku dgn abg aku yg dh hitam sgt2

3 bradik yg x seiras(my sis was at home)

My mom and I

In the afternoon, we went to the 1 Borneo shopping mall.. It's nice. I'm quite surprised to see the McD ice-cream that they sold there is more expensive compared to Penang's.Isn't it supposed to be the same? hehe..I bought it anyway..

We went home on 17 May,we took 1.00p.m. bus.But the bus depart on 1.30pm, one of the passenger was late.The bus took an hour longer to Tawau compared to the bus we took previously --- 9 and a half hours in the bus! Waaa....But, I'm still grateful that we manage to arrive safety at home..This tiring journey worthed anyway.My brother is happy that we can come to see him "graduate". His happiness is more than enough for me.:-)

May 14, 2009


I used to hang out with my friend and then "couple" will be the topic. Some of my friends are single and they really don't believe about love before marriage and prefer love after married. So, sometimes they are really curious about something about people who is in a relationship. One of the thing that they asked before includes " What do you talk about everyday when hanging on the phone? After married, what left should you talk about then?(as everything is being told before marriage)". As I'm one of those who have a boyfriend. I somehow feel condemned when they say that. But actually talking to the phone is not saying EVERYTHING but at least somehow it is important to maintain the relationship. But anyway, my friends still got their point..It's up to us to accept it or not..This is just my thought and I didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings.

Although some of my friends have that opinion, for me as the person who involved in a relationship, when I know nothing about my bf, I feel like craps. So, talking many things to each other at this stage is a good thing and crucial for me. What about you? Just imagine, when your bf is go up to the MOON, and everybody know about it but he didn't tell you. What should you feel then? or he didn't tell anything that you think is you RIGHT to know and you eventually figured out yourself? So, I still think that informing and talking to each other is the important in a relationship. Sometimes, thing as simple as "going out to town" is my RIGHT to know. For guys who's reading these and think that I'm talking nonsense here, I just want to tell you that...This is how a female react..Huhuhuhu...

Maybe female just care too much..But we care because we love. If we don't love, then we will ignore.. It's not a sin TO LOVE and also it is not a sin at least TO KNOW. Caring is really hard, it's really bothering..Huhuhuhu...That's all..I will be offline for two days..I'm going off to KK in two hours left..See you next time..

May 13, 2009

Funny crime..

Few days ago, my mun told us about her friend that live in Taman Sri Indah, lost her CAR'S BACK TYRE.Hehehehe...I don't know how the thief stole it.But somehow it seems really funny..Because usually people lost a car, and not just one tyre.hehehehe...Suddenly I realised that moving out to that area (I got a house there) is somehow not that safe. Also, my mum told me that there are already couple of cases of robbery happened there.In fact, the residents were being tied up before all their belongings are taken out from their house. I'm thinking, living in this "caged police residential area" is safer somehow...

Shockingly, just now my brother told me that a policeman has lost his MOTORCYCLE CARBURATOR..again I mention, ONLY the carburator..Again!! I still think it's very funny.. Hehehe..I just passed the place where he always parked his motorcycle (next to my dad's motorcycle), he still in the search for the suspect, asking the few "budak balai" there if they have saw someone seems suspecious last night. I heard they talk about "finger print" to threathen the "budak balai'. Everyone is suspected perhaps. But I believe that residents here would not dare to do crime as we live happily here before.No one ever did criminal cases here.Because the "Lock Up" is just few steps away.(For people who still didn't know me, I actually live in the Police Headquarter Flat.)Hehehehe.... The "budak balai" told the policeman that they saw few unrecognized faces last night- the outsiders..They suspected that they maybe responsible for this.But everything is still unclear.I kind of excited, because I will know the outcome of this investigation soon...The policeman who is also the victim live in the same block of building with my family..Obviously I will be getting the news later on.

My family still didn't decide when to move out from here...For the safety reason and also for my dad. It is easier for him to go to work here..His office was just again..FEW STEPS away..The persons who still didn't agree to move out are, both of my parents.They have "kuasa VETO". So, we can't do anything...just keep on waiting for them to be ready to leave this area where we have lived for 15 years. All my friends here already moved out for their own desire or because their dad has retired (It got the rhyme.hehehehe). I got no friends to hang out here anymore..But I got a very enjoying childhood here before..Really missed the old time where bicycle is my "vehicle". I'm the champion. I played all the game no matter if it's a boy's game..Hahaha..(I noticed that children now is not as though as we are before).

Looking forward for the days to come here in Tawau..More than one and a half months to go...Yeyeyeye...

May 11, 2009

Am I guilty?

--[Scene 1]--
One day, I opened my ym and signed in..I saw one of my friend's shout out is something like --> "Save the turtle..". Then, I buzzed her just to greet and to ask about the shout out..Then, she told me that she feel pity for the turtle that nearly extinct.

--[Scene 2]--
I went to a meeting of PERSIS . I already forgot which meeting that I heard Erhan and Gwen chit chatting. Erhan said that last semester break, someone sold turtle eggs near his house for a very cheap price. He mentioned the price for each egg but I already forgot how many sen each of it costs..Erhan said that he bought many and eat all of that ALONE. Then, one of us mentioned to Erhan about the turtle extinction. Then Erhan simply replied "Tapi sedap ba".Immediately we all burst into laughter after heard he said that.

--[Scene 3]--
I'm home. Then my mother told me something about her trip to Sandakan and she said that she bought telur puyu. So, I just said ok...I'll eat it later..Hehehe..Actually, my mum has bought telur PENYU not telur PUYU. She just simply say it out without noticing that she actually referring to other thing. Then, I started feel a little nausious, imagine myself eating a TURTLE. My mom boiled three eggs and ask us to eat.hehehe.." looks like that"-I started refreshing my childhood when I actually seen it before..My sister is the first person who dare to eat it and she said it is quite okay if it is eaten with soy sauce. Then, I tried, it is NOT that delicious.. In fact, I read a journal saying that it contains 10 to 15 more cholestrol to chicken's egg. Fuh??!

Still in my refrigerator..Too many..

Huhuhuhu... I just eat it because my mother tell me to.. There's many left and my dad and brother don't even interested to consume it.. I HAVE to eat it all..Am I guilty for supporting people to steal the turtle eggs for sale ??

May 10, 2009

Nothing is something...

Some of my friends have contacted me and start planning about going out to town, go for movies and also for foods!Yantie also smsed me just now, asking me about these plans. I haven't contact my other friends yet.. I hope that I will have wonderful time with all of them.

This morning (9/5/09), I go out to town with my dad and brother.. And....I meet my brother's girlfriend when my dad is looking for parking..I really don't know what to say to her, so....the cold side of me shown..Hehehe..then when I think back, I realise that I don't even smile to her.It's not that I don't like her or what.Just that, I kind of blur at that time..

My sister will come home soon..Yeyeye!!We will go to the airport to pick her up..Can't wait to see her.8 more hours to go... :-)

May 8, 2009

Part 2 : I'm home.So,what's next??

I arrived safely in my house..looking at my house condition that seems not changed a bit..The raya card that I posted last raya still sticked on the wall of the living room.I look at the computer table, there's something new on that. A set of Altec Lansing speakers with subwoofer added to complete the PC. And also, my hifi was gone. I asked my bro, he said that my dad has send that to be repaired. He also say that my dad is the one who make the damage to the thing.. I completely understand for sure. He is the only person that used that..

The next day, my brother wears a white coloured t-shirt.With the colour,it became obvious that he really gained weight.. The T-shirt that I bought him last semester also seem to be a little fit on him, not like before. I really missed him so much.. I hug my parents in that morning because the previous night at the airport, there's to much things going on.. In addition to the presence of my pakcik and makcik.

We went to Tanjung Batu to visit my makcik that day. I see my cousin with the same age as my brother really grown up and it really shocked me.She is really pretty..But I do not have a chance to even say a word to her, she is too busy with her own stuffs. That afternoon, my another cousin came to my house. His voice is so husky.Grown up also.. Can't believe that they already reach this age. I used to play hide and seek with them years ago and at that time, they still in kindergarden or so..Everything just seem to change in a blink of eyes.

I'm waiting for my sister to come home to accompany me. There's so much thing that I wanted to tell her. and also, I really want to meet my elder brother, haven't seen him for nearly a year. I'm also waiting for my friends from other universities to come home, really want to hang out with them.. Masna already planned a lot of activities for us..Some of it are really childish .Anyway it seems enjoyable..

I want to spend a lot of time writing posts in front of the PC. But I have to compete for this seat with my brother. He obviously stronger than me. a grab to my arm, and I surrender..huh?! VIOLENCE TO WOMAN!! Sometimes, it really annoys me when he turns on this speaker out loud, can't even hear a thing from the tv. Watching tv is not that enjoyable when my brother is around..And there's another thing, don't know why,he really enjoy listening the korean RNB songs lately, and it really hurt my ears as I don't like to hear loud music..(I prefer using headphone for sure:p)

My brother

May 6, 2009

Part 1: The way home....

I wake up in the morning,feeling uneasy because my arm is very painful-due to the rafting activity the previous day. I give out all my energy to "mendayung" without "memanaskan badan" first.hehehe... I just sort of lying on my friend's bed,did not even open my bag from the previous camp after I came back from Nur Lembah Lenggong Camp in Perak..But this morning(5/5/09), I have to be ready to go home..So I started to get the dirty and still wet sport shoe out from the bag..But it seems to let for it to get dry..So, I ask my friend that will stay until 7th May,to put this to the store after it dried.Thanks dith!

We (Me,Nasma & her bf) go to the airport with the help of a kakak,also USM student that own a car.She charged us RM18 for that..We arrived at the airport and it is far too early..So, we just have a sit.Nasma & her bf just spending time together before the flight time.Hmmmm...Seeing them together really reminds me of many things..

After check in, we remind sitted..waiting...It's quite a long time for me, but I think it just feel like an instance for Nasma & her bf..They will be far apart for 2 months after this..This is the time and place where they meet for the last time until the third semester..As I expected, after boarding, I started see Nasma crying..waving at her bf at the entrance of the hand luggage check.. I just feel hopeless..I just able to calm her down,I know this is the first time for her to experience that situation.I experienced it many times, so I know exactly how she feels..

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur as expected in the schedule..There's another flight to catch,so I rushed out after taking all the my luggages and also Nasma's.But unfortunately...our flight to Tawau delayed until 6.55pm..Huhuhu...huh?!We just wait in front of the flight schedule board..There's nothing else that we can do..Nasma just keep asking me whether I want to buy a meal or not..Actually, I'm very hungry,but then my mind is occupied and I do not in the mood to eat..

Finally, we flew to Tawau after the tiring waiting..We arrived at Tawau Airport approximately at 10pm.My family already waits me there..Nasma's family also already there to pick her up..After taking all the luggages, we meet..bersalam-salaman between our families..I finally meet Nasma's parents and it just like a "long-lost family meeting session".heheheheheh...

We look at my brother..what a huge change..He wear a short pant..dyed his hair..gained a little course,gain height also..really different from before..I hold his hand, it is really soft like lady' is a proof that he never ever did any work or even help my mum to do the houseworks..And, he denied that! hahaha...but I know exactly about him..

On the way home, we go to buy "tomyam campur".As soon as I arrive at my house,I immediately have my meal.I'm so hungry!!The only thing that I have eaten the whole day is just keropok from tesco that included in the hamper from the camp..Fuhh...I'm really glad that I'm home..I love my hometown!!

May 4, 2009

Buying ole2..

Going home to Sabah is not as simple as we thought it will be. It also means that we need to buy few things as gifts to family and also friends. I accompany my other friend going around Penang on 24th April in order to accomplish this purpose.

Nad bought a lot. So do Arthur...First we went to Chow Rasta and then Batu Ferringhi.. As I have calculated, I spend 12hours at that day until I got back to my hostel.Such a long journey..hehehe..

Pictures at Batu Ferringhi...

Is the person is really yours?

This question always lingering in my mind..I always ask myself, especially when I read something and my response is "When that the person do that?" or "I didn't know about it" or just simply knowing that that particular person just spend more "happy" time with others than with you and you don't even been informed about it until you figured it out..Is the person is really yours?

When you think negatively, you will be mad inside. Where it seems that he is not yours, or totally yours.

But when you think in a positive way, you will realize that no one is belongs to someone. For example, now...I do whatever I like here, all according to my desire, no more asking permissions from my parents that used to make all the decision for me. If a children really belongs to parents, supposedly a child must do anything in a thinking that we are belong to our parents, lets do something that really show that we are really belong to them. But, That's not what really happen..So just accept the fact that "no one is no one's".We are all God's creation..Let's do anything in a thinking for HIM instead..


I just got back from a four-days-camp in Nur Lembah Lenggong Camp in Perak this afternoon..Still tired plus I experience a backache right now..Must because of the rafting activity yesterday..but anyway, it's really enjoyable..

Here are some pictures from the camp..No pictures during flying fox and rafting..I simply don't want to risk my camera..

Hehehe..really enjoying these days..