August 26, 2009

Endless activities with my gang..

Two weeks ago,my Sabahan friends and also juniors invite me to join them for steamboat.It's not just an ordinary steamboat, we make it ourselves!!hahahaha...By electrical devices such as water heater, rice cooker ,plug extension and etc. DUP is our maracas,we misuse the place as not many people in USM, they all went home for the mid-sem break,surely..not for us!

It's actually Cath's idea..We spent about RM100 at Tesco to buy all the needed ingredient such as prawn ball, sotong ball, fish ball, crab sticks, meat ball,chicken ball,tom yam and chicken paste,carbonated drinks,chicken,vegetables and etc....and we manage to feed more than 10 peoples, FEED THEM FULL!!wahahahaha..

Wanna learn how we make the steamboat??hihihi...first, we boil water using water heater..Then, we transfer the boiled water into the rice cookers.two of them actually.It is quicker this way.After that, we add in some of the ingredient together with the tom yam paste.Some salt is also added(belongs to Erhan) to make the soup taste better. We just waited beside the rice cooker, and start eating them with rice(also cooked by Erhan)when it is cooked.Make sure all of the raw ingredients are washed properly before cooking them yaahhh..

I'm very full that night.My breathing also turn out to be uneasy..After all the eating, we still have many leftovers...We forces my friends to take it back for breakfast..Hahaha... They just like wanna thrown up due to excessive eating. We also drank special drink made by Erhan. chrysanthemum tea..Tasty!!We want to do this again next time...wahhh...Picture will be uploaded later (internet prob!)

Last week, I also went to many places in Penang..Including batu ferringhi,chocolate boutique,padang kota,fort Cornwallis,komtar,queensbay... wah wah wahh...also, bayan lepas industrial area (seem to be lost when wandering around Penang with a rented car) and again etc!!

Banana boat(the 3rd time) at batu ferringhi..This time it is far extreme..My outfit wet almost entirely

My super duper lazy fish

I bought a fish 3 weeks ago..I've planned to have one in my room for so long and I already bought a cute aquarium that cost me RM15 months ago.Hahahaha....I went to a pet shop,just in front of USM Sg 2 gate to buy the fish.With me are Ifah and Nor.Ifah also bought four fishes but unfortunately they all died last week.She said that maybe she put excessive anti-chlorine that cause all the fishes to die.

Having a pet really excites me..I show it to many friends.Invite them to my room just for them to see the fish.Their usual question will be, "kenapa ikan tu tak gerak?".Hahahaha...This is what I'm gonna explain in this post...Hahaha..

My fish is super duper lazy..It will move and swim if only there's foods or you did something to scare it(noise or touch).If not, it will just lie down on the base of the aquarium doing nothing.Sometimes, it just let the blue stones in the aquarium to cover its body while it is "sleeping".I don't know why it is so lazy.Last time when I bought it, I choose the one which swims very fast and mischievously chasing other fishes.But eventually, I also don't know why, it behavior turns out to be opposite of what I have seen. My friends recommends me to buy a "friend" for the fish..I'm still considering their suggestion.The aquarium maybe not big enough for two fishes..See what I can do to change the laziness of this fish..

My fish..cute right?

It is sleeping..zzzzz...

August 16, 2009

I love bears...

Yesterday,I'm on duty for Pharmatrade in the afternoon for two hours,6pm to 8pm.Most of the time, I just sit there,chatting with Shaiful and laughing as other boys make jokes,they just like having some kind of party there.Don't know why, the schedule for duty for the afternoon are filled with boys' names..I mean, Malay boys.While on duty,they bought sate,cucur and eat them together.I just listen to Shaiful's plan on spending JPA scholarship money and other plans in life.Some of his statement really shocks me!especially when he encourage me to plan for marriage as early as possible.He's one of the earliest person that close to me,because he is my study group's leader.We also talked about blogs and some other things..Sometimes I feel like I'm more like myself when talking to boys.

In these few days convocation expo,many stalls selling big bears are opened.It attracts most of us...Some friends bought them as present for their loved one, some of them got from someone and others,bought for themselves.I look at the cute bears and started imagining wouldn't it be nice if someone would give this to me..Then, I smsed my bf,telling him to bought one patung for me..big that I can hug it.I rarely request something from him.Don't know why, I feel like I really want him to give me one.It's not like I don't want to waste my money for it, it just that I want the patung to be special--a gift from my beloved.Buying for ourselves and getting it from our loved one is two different situations.You will see difference in appreciating them..I always see how Nasma took care the bear that she got from Loban more carefully than other more expensive bears that she already has.She won't even let me hug it!hehehe...

I walk by the bears stall every days in these few days on convocation week..I really want one!Don't care if someone think this is a pathetic way to get something.He's my bf anyway..hehehe...He already bought it for me..a chipmunk!

I love you abg..

August 13, 2009

Lab report?

Yesterday, I went out from my room before eleven right after finished doing my part for medcam assignment.I went to Ifah's room, we went to school together, to meet our supervisor for another assignment for antimicrobial therapy.Then at 2pm,I replaced Nasma for Pharmatrade duty.It finished at 4pm.At 5pm, I went for my English class that supposed to be 2-hours-class.But it turn out to be just approximately 1hour, minus all the waiting and talking..After finished the class, I went to PERSIS cubicle to help out for the preparation of the dancers.We finished all the make-up,nails,clothes and other final preparation at 8.40pm.Then, the dancers are ready at the backstage of the Convocation Stage just before 9.They are invited to perform for the Convocation Expo.

After watching the performance, spending money on foods,talking,laughing,taking photographs,we on our way back to our room before 12.I go to my friend's room first at Tekun to take something,then went back to my room.My mind is still thinking about the lengthy lab report that I haven't started.The worst thing is,the due date is tomorrow!!

Meteorologist predicted that there will be meteor shower at 1.30a.m..All my friends have planned to meet at dataran kawad after resting for 1 hour.But me, due to the tiredness and unfinished lab report,I didn't go.Although I have promised to some of them that I would come.Eventually, I slept..wake up before subuh.huhuhuhu....This morning, my senior graduated,and I can't meet her for the last time at USM because of the lab report that I haven't finished.Huh!!I'm kind of disappointed.But,academic is the priority here!!Lab report contribute to a significant amount of marks for the final!!I must finish the lab report!So, alhamdulillah..I have finished it after spending about 6 hours to do it.And at 2 pm,I will have lab.It will finished at 5 when the KOK started(don't know whether it will still go on or not).I want to go to Convocation Expo to eat laksa sarawak..Hopefully,it will not sold out yet.

Gwen just told me that the meteor shower really happens.A lot of meteors can be seen.and she said that they all lying on the dataran kawad to see it together....It is beautiful!Huhuhuhu...I'm jealous!!

August 1, 2009

My cousins

I have an unbelievable fact to tell you guys....
I has many first cousins from my dad site..5 of them are my dad's younger brother's chidren..
I've only met them last week, for the first time of my entire lifetime..Hahaha...The oldest is only 18years old..and the second is only 14.But they look very mature and I hardly believe that Syamil is only 14!!He's taller than my bro and off course taller than all of us..The other 3 are stil can be considered as kids, and they like to fight between themselves!hahaha..Kimi,Jami and Dina.

I only been in KL for 1 and a half day last week.The first day that is Friday (since I have no lab and I did not join the orientation week as the commitee),my sis fetch me from Pudu and we shopped for clothes.The second day, we went to lowyat to accompany my younger brother to buy a laptop. After buying the laptop, we went to my uncle house near Ampang and stay there until 9p.m. Although my elder brother only lived somewhere in Shah Alam,he couldn't make it...He said he's busy...That's fine!

When I look at my uncle, I can see my dad in him.It's not just simply because of their similarity in their looks but also their behaviour and the way of presenting themselves. We siblings burst into laughter for a few times when my uncle do things exactly like how my dad will did.It's really odd yet exciting to see it..My dad's siblings all stays in peninsula, we hardly seen them..So, to be in this situation-to observe the similarities, is really really fun.

When really focusly observed , actually there are also similarities between us cousins.I like to look more about behaviour and I can spot some of it, while my aunt prefer to observe our looks.She compared three of us siblings,are our looks more to our dad or mum..She said that we are more to our dad's look. Then, she compare us as cousins..and she said that Zulaikha's face is more like us,more to my uncle side..and syamil look nothing like us because he look more like her.

We cousins took a bus to ampang point at the afternoon. Nothing much there. I see Zulaikha holding his bro's hand while walking, and I also did the same thing, holding my brother's hand!! Can it be count as a similarity?? I think so..."closeness between siblings"

Me,my bro and my cousin,Zulaikha..My bro really look a lot thinner..Don't know why my cousin like to make that kind of face..Hihi..

Hope to see them again next time..With more money and time to spend..hehehe!!