October 14, 2009

Evil Ikin

Few days ago, my mom called.She said that she miss me. She only called for less than 5minutes. She cried at the end of conversation when she asked me to do something for her in the future. For sure, I will work in my hometown after graduating from USM. Nowhere else better than my own hometown.. Huhuhu...

I miss my home and I miss my mom. She told me to study hard and to do the best. But I think that I'm not really doing what she really hope for. Not really studying that hard here. Besides, I rather waste my credit top up for something else rather than calling my own mom to know her condition.

I'm glad that her hypertension has gone. Alhamdulillah.

I'm really missing my home.....Miss my brother. Miss my mom..My dad.. My sis..My pet fish..

My bro laptop crashed.I don't even have a single photo of my mom.

It has been 4months since the last time I be at my home....Be patient ikin! 1 month more to go...Just 1 month left! Just for your info, I already bought 17Nov flight ticket home.A day after my last paper for this semester exam.I miss my home.....

Nothing significant here...

Been thinking to update this blog few times, but I just can't .I'm not really in the writing mood while the internet line is great.When I finally want to write, the internet goes off. Nothing feels alright these few days.

Today's quotation:
"If you don't like something change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain."Maya Angelou

I'm dying asking someone to change a small habit of his but he is not interested. Already begging him for almost 2 weeks, but he just won't listen. At last, I gave up! Trying to change the dislike, to be something that I like, at least something that I have no offense of. Just like the above quote.

Past few days, I finally knew there's also other person that have same problem with me. All these days, I thought I am the one who care too much or being too sensitive. I do cried for this small matter in front of a friend before. Haha!! Now, I realized that the way I feel is a normal thing.

I laughed a lot in today's English class. Especially when the seniors present a forum with "Money can buy happiness" as their topic. They do have sense of humour.

Sometimes, I feel that I shouldn't know things too much. When you have the knowledge, you can't withdraw it from your mind, or acting like you don't know. It is better to know what you should know and don't bother to know something that you shouldn't. Being the innocent little girl is a lot better......

****Am I forcing myself to accept something that I really can't ?? Currently, I'm just looking forward for the outcome.