December 31, 2009

Nothing but the ordinary

I think it would be a waste if I don't post anything today as this is the last day of year 2009. A year that we would not have any chances to go through again..My friend asked me to go for steamboat tonight in their room.I'll go..

In this post, I want to talk about the thing that my family always complain about me---> of course it is related to my appearance, the clothes I wears and the untidy me.. It's actually not so bad....but simply wear is just not enough in the eyes of my family especially after knowing the fact that I'm in my 20s..

"Gadis muda suka bergaya"-- this is what people thought about when mentioned about girls at their 20s..But you can't relate that statement with me....yet.At this stage, I still don't have tendency towards liking or wearing any make-up, lipstick and so on..Yes, it's lame! My impression about myself is still -- I'm still a child or I'm a student. People use compact powder with sponge and mirror. I use johnson baby powder whenever I feel like putting it onto my face. People wear nice expensive washing cream, I wear Fair and Lovely's just recently after I found out that it's hard to find papaya soap here in Penang. Before this, I even wear body soap to wash my face.kekekekeke...It will work just fine if u have a "tough" skin like mine..hahaha...

It's not like I don't care.It needs a lot of efforts.Plus, I don't think that appearance is that important for me at this stage.In fact, I don't flirt with anyone. haha! I still remember last raya, my sister took plenty of time preparing herself for the day. They wear accesories, nice clothes, wear make-up and even competing for mirror space with each others. They are so enthusiastic to appear the best that they can. But me, I'm the one who take bath the latest but I managed to be ready faster then them..I asked, when will I turn to be like them. They said, SOON!

It's almost new year. Maybe I should set this as my new mission for this coming new year..kekekekekeke...

December 29, 2009

An afternoon in hell..

My mom and my sis always say my hair looks like a nest, unorganized, messy and much more bad adjectives they have used to describe it. They suggested me to straighten my hair so that it will look nice and no longer nest-like or dawai-like. I just follow their suggestion.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to a saloon to get my hair done.. During the hair-do , I finally realize that it is not as comfortable as you might seen when two or three people have their hands on your hair. It's not a special treatment indeed! My hair being pull hardly, stretched, I feel like fainting... I patiently hold the pain and praying so that the session will finally over. Fuhhh...During the toning session, I can hear my hair stretched until it broke and finally fall off from my head..

I don't know how much hair that I loss..I thought that I may go bald during the treatment. I started to regret..but the outcome of nice straight hair cool me down a bit..I don't think that I'm going to have another hair rebonding session in the future...Goshhhh!!!

December 28, 2009

10th of Muharram.It's Tawau style!

Sunday...I thought it will be just an ordinary day . So, I asked my friend to go out for a movie with me.Planning to watch Alvin and The Chipmunk 2. But, I canceled it on the last minute because my mum woke me up early in the morning and she told me that we will go out to buy some stuff today..

It was 10th of muharram. My mom want to go to a store at Icebox in order to buy some utensils and what so ever..People believe that it is good to buy things especially kitchen-ware at this particular day..I don't really sure why..For sure, it is not included in the Empat belas perkara sunat dilakukan pada hari Asyura (10 Muharram).

Hmmm.... so, we went there.. I really shocked us to see there are so many people there.(the store is famous for selling cheap kitchen-ware). I just went there few days back with my dad. There's not so many people back then.

Here is some pictures...See it with your eyes..Everybody is busy searching for the great deal of periuk belanga..It is fun to watch..It just feel like I'm in one of those festival..Where free stuff are given to the public..It is so exciting!

It is actually a store but things are out of control as the store owner decided to put out large amount of kitchen-ware outside the store, maybe to make the store less crowded.Plus,it is easier for people to choose..

Wow...It's crazy!


Maybe you should call me a true tawau blogger...Wandering around just like a journalist finding good story to tell from my surrounding..hehehe...Another thing, I become better in snapping picture without people noticing. Is it a good skill?hehehehe...Finally, we went home with quite an amount of kitchen-ware..For your information, my mom is a collector of all these.

She said that,she bought excess amount of kitchen-ware so that it will be easy to hold our(me & my siblings) wedding celebrations in the!that's advance..hahaha...

December 18, 2009

Social skill?

I don't like to stand out.I don't like to be the center of attentions..I don't like crowds of people to look at me..Not when they are strangers.

I do think that something is wrong with me. When there are guests came to my house.I like to be invisible..I don't even like to be seen by them. I will immediately disappear..I rather be stuck in the room for hours, than watching my favourite TV shows in the guest room with a stranger guest. Off course I needed to meet strangers, sometimes. Especially when someone forced me to..Like the other day, my mom asked me to accompany her to a neighbours house..After being persuade, I finally gave up.

I feel awkward doing things like smiling and pretending to be enjoying the chat just to please other. I rather smile sincerely with people that I know that I really care. It doesn't mean that I'm cruel. I'm just didn't feel right while doing that. But I got a high respects for others. I'm surely not good at entertaining guests. Maybe, will also not really good at entertaining future parents-in-law perhaps..huhuhuhu..Once, my teacher said to my father that I am "arrogant". This is one of my weakness.

I will practice though, so that I will be the pleasing-people type! Likeable by others and got friends everywhere, just like my brother. He treats people well. Even laughing and have a really great chats with the elderly. The person who girls easily fall for..I want to have those qualities. (not the last one though..haha!)

December 4, 2009

Rubik's cube

Someone asked for my opinion about rubik's cube. The person told me to publish it in this blog. So, here it is..

Frankly, I don't know how to play one. But I believe, there are strategies applied to solve rubik's cube. I have a perception towards people who is too obsessed with it. As it is not a game where partner or opponent are needed as basis. It is a simply an "alone" game. Eventually, related to the word "nerds"! Or even anti-social. I'm not saying all people who play it are nerds. It's just that, when people are around, it is a little bit off if you take a rubik's cube from your bag and start playing it instead of chatting with the people around you. Plus, it is a lot worst when you take it where ever you go. By doing this, you seems to admit that you will be lonely wherever you go. Where, when you have nothing to do, you are ready to spend your time to solve that thing anywhere! Instead of being confident that you will have a nice trip,where you should be too occupied to bring that thing along with you to play with. Besides, the thing itself prevent you from socializing with people around you if you are too obsess playing with it.

One time, me, nad and cath went to watch 2012 movie. Back from the movie, we took a Rapid Penang bus that seems to be a almost full. A couple went inside the bus when we are already got inside the bus. There's no two side by side unoccupied chairs left. So, the guy sit at one place far from his girlfriend, and his girlfriend sit beside nad. Just as the guy sat down, he opened his bag and started playing a rubik's cube.Poor him..His girlfriend is not near him.He is too bored and need the rubik's cube to make him happy.Maybe! that's why it is in his bag---to occupied him when he is lonely. Such a geek! When me & cath watched this, we laughed..But not that loud to avoid his girlfriend to notice us.She is just beside!

No, it is not like I'm hating people from doing what they like. What I'm trying to say here is, playing rubik's cube is fun and even good for your brain, but just find the right time and place to play it. So that you will not look like a friendless or anti-social individual. It's not good for first impression, man....